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Distance from birthplace?

nostrodecus 3115.12 miles. (1246 comments)

according to :
http://www.airport-accommodation.co.uk/worlddis tan ces.php

more than 9 years ago



Giving a Netbook to a 4yr old. What to load on it?

nostrodecus nostrodecus writes  |  more than 4 years ago

nostrodecus (65186) writes "I have a nephew who is very young, but who has the techie gene — he found the Gruffalo on youtube before anyone knew he could spell. Now he's almost 4, and I was thinking of giving him my netbook (Acer running XP), which i hardly use any more. So of course I will be deleting all the porn, but what should I load up on it? Are there tools/apps that I can load up on it to protect it and him from things he shouldn't see until college? Also, what apps or games could I load on it that a 4 year old will get some use out of?"


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