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DIY Microprocessor Sound Level Meter Demoed At MIT

not-admin Re:Ho-hum (81 comments)

It was probably designed this way because it wasn't actually MIT designed... It's an "educational" kit sold by some random, non-affiliated vendor that wants high-schoolers to buy it and "learn about electronics."

more than 5 years ago

DIY Microprocessor Sound Level Meter Demoed At MIT

not-admin Re:A little knowledge is a dangerous thing (81 comments)

It's neither "fun" nor "interesting" when your design is 8 times as complicated and expensive as one that works, and yours is neither stable, accurate, hi-fi, or immune to temperature changes, power supply noise or electrical interference.

Yes it's fun to mess around with parts and get them to do something, anything. But this is not an example of any kind of sane engineering. I assume most people going into $95,000 debt to attend MIT intend to try to be useful engineers. This item on your resume is a quick ticket to Palookaville.

Because, obviously, a company that pays MIT money to have their product advertised to a bunch of high-schoolers visiting MIT must be representative of the actual education MIT students get. MIT wasn't even INVOLVED with the creation of this thing, and they definitely aren't bragging about it -- this is just a great example of a slashvertisement

more than 5 years ago

U.S. Plan For "Thinking Machines" Repository

not-admin Re:Full Human Equivalence (148 comments)

It seems that computers with a capacity equivalent to human brains will be developed in the next twenty years or so.

OK. I know, this prediction has been made before, but now it's for real, because the hardware capacity is well within the reach of Moore's law. To build a cluster of processors with the same data-handling capacity of a human brain today is well within the range of a mid-size research grant.

An equivalent prediction is made, and explained in more detail, in Ray Kurzweil's book "The Singularity is Near" -- some of which is available as a preview on Google Book Search.

more than 6 years ago



Comcast Caches Web Pages

not-admin not-admin writes  |  more than 7 years ago

not-admin writes "A little over five years ago, Comcast received some major consumer backlash for their policy of caching web pages that users requested, along with the IP address of the requesting user. It appears now that this policy has been reinstated, at least for personal customers. While this does make practical sense for an ISP, it is unpractical in many cases where site content is generated on-demand. In situations like that a cache can cause problems, making a site cumbersome or even useless. In the evolving "Web 2.0" world of today, is caching a practical solution for ISPs or just another hassle for the consumer?"


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