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Slashdot Anniversary: Eugene, OR, US

notanatheist Bazinga! (1 comments)

How do I say I'm going?

about 2 years ago

% of my digital storage that is solid-state:

notanatheist Re:The Windows Profile problem (280 comments)

Windows does however support redirecting ANY of the non hidden User subfolders quite easily in XP, Vista, and 7 (only taking into account most currently used versions of Winders). So, what is your reasoning? 100GB of crap in your temp folders? /troll

more than 2 years ago

% of my digital storage that is solid-state:

notanatheist Re:Percentage by what measure? (280 comments)

Uptoke this guy. Had the answer I was looking for before posting. Total storage vs total number of drives!

I have 5 SATA SSDs, 2 mSATA SSDs, a plethora of flash based storage in the form of thumb drives, SD, microSD, CF, etc and maybe only 10 or 11 spinning drives in regular operation. Discount the fact I have about 200 drives laying around the garage and my percentage by type is at 50% or better! By capacity it remains well under 25% though.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Shop For a Laptop?

notanatheist Re:Business only! (732 comments)

Shit, can't upvote but this is important!!! Having been in PC repair and sales for the last decade dealing with EVERY kind of machine from the crap people try to build themselves to the cheap Satellite and Pavilion laptops, and crappy oversized whitebox crap (redundancy intended) I have to say what works and what doesn't. It is very true that buying that RIGHT business class products get you a long lasting well supported laptop. With that said, here is what you buy: HP Elitebook! P series would most likely be ideal for your needs. Nearly every model of Elitebook except the bottom model has a 3 year warranty by default.That's a willingness to stand behind a product. Avoid the Probook line though. The Elitebooks are $1100 to $1500, right in your target price range. Next up, Toshiba Tecra. Not quite as good as the Elitebook but most of the models are a 3 year warranty as well. Asus does 2 year on their business stuff. Dell Latitude is obviously better than their other stuff but not as good as the above. I can drill it down further but I think the point is well enough made if you actually read this post. Good luck!!

more than 2 years ago

US Banks That Offer Transaction History?

notanatheist Alright, data pharming (359 comments)

So now that we know where you all bank, onto the next set of questions...

1. What password scheme do you use?
2. What hobbies do you enjoy (so those extra transactions won't be questioned)
3. Profit!!!

more than 3 years ago

Steam Not Coming To Linux

notanatheist Re:tl;dr what everyone else is going to say: (520 comments)

Not just "fuck" but "FUCK You Valve". You can port to the Fruit platform but you can't port to linux? WTF?! Linux is FAR FAR FAR more capable than Apple in terms of hardware support which leaves NO reason to not support Linux. Put the option on the table and watch it grow!! Seriously, I can find more Windows users willing to ditch Windows *if* their precious games ran on Windows. Besides, the money not spent on Microsoft software can be spent on games!
And Mac support, really? Oh, did you want to upgrade with that? You can't, you bought a fscking Apple! Ha!!

about 4 years ago

The Year of the E-Bicycle

notanatheist Twice the power? (494 comments)

Twice whose power? Twice the average slow poke pedaling at 12mph? Or twice the average cyclist doing 16+ mph? 250W doesn't sound like much to me. I can peak over that power output myself as I'm sure any avid cyclist can. Seriously, how about some real numbers and not this "twice the power" BS.

more than 4 years ago

Between last big computer upgrade and the next ...

notanatheist Hopefully most postponed upgrade (408 comments)

Seeing as how I ride the curve being in the industry I'm happy that I finally have a board that will go long than 18 months. Well, at least hopefully. The X58 chipset is supposed to have quite a lifespan so my motherboard shouldn't go anywhere for a while. Here's hoping!

more than 4 years ago

Simple, Cost-Effective, Multiroom Audio?

notanatheist Squeezebox family FTW! (438 comments)

Sonos = cheese when you factor in cost, flexibility, freedom. Squeezecenter runs on Windows, Mac, Linux. Web interface. Internet radio. Quite affordable. Very flexible. They're so damn good that most people don't own just one. I have four at home and two at work. One is the BoomBox which is perfect for the kitchen or other small rooms. The newest models have touchscreens which I'd love to get my hands on (literally too!!). You can keep a setup small and the sound big when you pair a Squeezebox with a T-amp and a nice set of bookshelf speakers. You could buy a unit with a speaker built in. You can even get a unit without a display and a pretty remote.

And flexibility in Squeezecenter is unmatched! You can stream FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, AAC, or darn near anything else and choose what to transcode and where to do it, server or client side!

Seriously, Sonos can even come close?

more than 4 years ago

The Problems With Porting Games

notanatheist Re:PORT to Linux!! (330 comments)

Kid? Get out of your mother's basement would you. I work in the PC industry. My own rig runs Sabayon but has run Gentoo and Arch perfectly well over the years as well. I've bought a number of commercial games for Linux and run a few under WINE. UT2003, 2004, ETQW, X-Plane, Descent 3, to name a few and plenty of free games to boot. I don't run Compiz or any other silly eye candy outside of E17. I like my computer FAST.

My rig is anything but run of the mill. It certainly isn't cream of the crop but it isn't a slouch either. FWIW: Intel DX58SO motherboard, Core i7 940, 6GB DDR3, Nvidia GTS250, 80GB Intel SSD, 146GB 10K Raptor, assorted other drives, DVDRW. And sound? Yeah, most Audigy cards work just fine. Pair with the Klipsch speakers on my desk they sound even better. Oh, and no working installation of Windows outside of Virtualbox.

more than 5 years ago

The Problems With Porting Games

notanatheist PORT to Linux!! (330 comments)

Am I the only one here wanting that? Seriously!! It's not like linux doesn't run great on high end hardware or anything. So, don't worry about the poor little consoles for a moment and PORT to Linux!!

more than 5 years ago

Science, Technology, Natural History Museums?

notanatheist Re:Boston (435 comments)

What? Not fans of the aquarium? The Boston Aquarium rocks eh! So, don't skip it if you're in the great Northeast!! While you're at it, take some downtime and drive up the coast of Maine and spend a day or two in Bar Harbor leaving all the science and tech behind for a moment.
Seriously, highly recommended!!

more than 5 years ago

Neuros LINK Mixes Quiet, Aesthetics, and Ubuntu

notanatheist Why not Nvidia ION platform? (121 comments)

Seriously, they took a stand microATX case, stuffed in regular desktop components, installed Ubuntu, and said "it's for hobbyists and hackers"? Wow. Gee. Amazing. NOT!!! Why not pick a slicker 17" wide case that matches existing AV components and work with a mini ITX Nivida ION based platform? At least then it would seem to be more than a computer. Throw in XBMC or Boxee if you don't want to deal with setting up MythTV and call it a day.

more than 5 years ago

First Beta of Opera 10 Released

notanatheist But there's no AdBlock Plus... (278 comments)

I'd probably use it more frequenty if it had some Ad blocking capabilities. Speed Dial is a pretty nifty feature. I can't remember how long I've used Opera (since about '99 I think) and it was only ever my primary browser way back then. Used Mozilla for years before the pre 1.0 Firefox browser came about and haven't turned back from Firefox since. I doubt Opera could change that but it could see a larger timeshare with the ability for Extensions to check my mail and block ads. If those exist please correct me if I'm wrong!!

more than 5 years ago

How Steam Revived a Dead Game

notanatheist Re:UT3 on Linux? (234 comments)

Don't worry, they promised to port it 18 months ago. Can you say "Epic FAIL!!"? Supposedly it works in Cedega but why pay a monthly fee to play a game or even a handful of games. If they can't port I don't play. Oh, and the reason it isn't ported.. some sort of crappy legal mumbo jumbo. Flippin' politics. I want UT3 on Linux LAST YEAR.

more than 5 years ago

Seagate Hard Drive Fiasco Grows

notanatheist Re:The firmware is on bittorrent (452 comments)

Well, you may think it is sad but it is very true and I've already downloaded and used the images. Just an FYI for just buying the drives, the firmware on the drive is printed on the label so you'll know right off the bat if you need to flash it or not. I had to flash one pair I ordered.

My next debacle is dealing with Adaptec who says "we don't support 1.5TB yet so don't buy them". Um, too late! Anyone got a spare 8 port SATA/SAS PCIe or PCI-X controller around?

more than 5 years ago

Did Someone Order a Bear?

notanatheist Scare it off! (2 comments)

Seriously, young bears scare easily. Run it off so it doesn't come foraging. The human species can be so dumb at times. While they may be cool to see the harm they can do to you or your belongings won't be funny. Oh, and don't threaten the young ones if mom is around. You'll get an ass beating for that.

more than 5 years ago


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