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Switching From Sitting To Standing At Your Desk

npistentis Second for the Floor Mat... (312 comments)

Agreed - I've been standing for 9 months. Bought an anti-fatigue mat and it's made a world of difference. Also critical that you ease into it - the first two weeks were rough, I did about 50/50, then expanded from there.

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Linux Support In Universities?

npistentis We did... (432 comments)

When I worked at a major US university, we would test new student-facing systems against Windows, Mac, Fedora and Ubuntu. There wasn't a ton of demand, but we never wanted to invest a ton of money in a solution only to find there was some percentage of users - likely the savviest of them - were guaranteed to be left out in the cold. My team made a genuine effort to engage the uber-geeks on the network - they could either be your staunchest ally or your loudest critic, and I never felt that their requests were unreasonable. In terms of "support", we all had a bit of knowledge and could help if need be, but we rarely got support requests from Linux users - if they had the skill to install and run a linux distro they probably didn't need much of our help.

more than 3 years ago

How a Leather Cover Crashes the Kindle

npistentis Re:Yikes! (280 comments)

I've been noticing this for about a month, and haven't had the time to research the cause. It sucks the most when it crashes after you've read a few hundred pages, and the thing forgets where you are in the book. Good to know I'm not alone and that there's apparently some sort of remediation available...

more than 4 years ago

Behind the Cogent-Sprint Depeering

npistentis Re:Holy Shit (325 comments)

Feel free to correct me, but I seem to remember Cogent and Level-3 having a similar disagreement a few years back, with Cogent being just as intransigent then. Peculiar that a major peer like Cogent would be unable to resolve peering contracts twice in such a short period of time - were I a Cogent enterprise customer I'd be pretty concerned with the pattern that's developing here.

more than 6 years ago


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