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Can you afford to cut up your credit cards?

null_session Re:I never owned one in the first place. (718 comments)

don't want a Visa debit card because if someone steals it and starts running to stores....the cash is gone out of my account until problem is resolved unlike if a true credit card is stolen...I don't lose money out of my account while problem is being resolved, and at most I'm only liable for $50.

I hear that all the time from people who haven't been through it. My wife and I use Bank of America and her debit card was compromised about two years ago. $800 of purchases were made, but as soon as we found out about the problem and reported it (to the Bank, the local police and the FTC - it was an ID theft case) the money (all of it) was replaced. This was in less than a day. BoA was extremely helpful and easy to deal with on the whole thing. So to get to my point, having been through the ID theft/bank account fiasco first person, I worry not at all about using my debit card for everything or making online purchases. I see it as being no problem whatsoever.

more than 6 years ago


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