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I expect to retire ...

nullhero Re:how many of these people don't want to retire? (341 comments)

It's definitely a by choice thing. I've gone back to school to learn everything that interests me about Computer Science. I'm 46 years old working on my Bachelors and my goal is to have my PhD and either do research, teach, and write. Or just research and write. Or just write. I'm not sure about that. I do know that I do not EVER want to retire. Everyone I know that has retired by 65 has become bored with life and either an alcoholic or a zombie. I don't ever want to be bored. For me its not even about money. If I'm at least teaching at a community college and making peanuts I don't care. It's about having something to do and instilling a sense of purpose.

I can't remember my history too well but it seems to me that when FDR instituted Medicare & Social Security it was to help our elders so that they wouldn't be in poverty and living on the streets. It was to help them, and possibly educate them, to save for a future without a job. It has become much more then that and a lot of people never really saved their money (or couldn't because they were trying to make ends meet). But everyone I know that has retired seems to have just given up on life and they are bored. Heck, I get bored watching more than two hours of television I can't imagine what I'd do if I didn't have a job or work to do. I don't need the college education though I just want it. I have a good job with a large company that has no problems employing people over 60+ years of age. I can stay here until I'm tired of cube life but I'm ready for a third career and something that is different and fun.

So no I don't ever want to retire. Coming home after a full day of working and simply fading one night when I'm 110 years old just sounds great to me.

about 9 months ago

Parallels Update Installs Unrelated Daemon Without Permission

nullhero That is why you have something to remove... (170 comments)

unwanted software. CleanMyMac2 to the rescue. Found all the Parallels Access files and good-bye. No hunting or anything!! Left Parallels alone just removed the PA that I asked not to install. Though I wish everyone would just create an app that keeps it's files to itself so when I trash it EVERYTHING is gone. But then those that make CleanMyMac2 would not be selling their software.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Most Secure Browser In an Age of Surveillance?

nullhero Re:actually it's pretty irrelevant (391 comments)

... I use it with Firefox and also NoScript, Ghostery, RefControl, and CookieMonster, and that set does a fairly decent job of having a more privacy-oriented (and faster) browsing experience.

FYI: Ghostery is created and used by advertisors :

...Originally developed by David Cancel, Ghostery was acquired by the privacy technology company Evidon (previously named The Better Advertising Project) in January 2010. Currently, through the use of a reporting function named "GhostRank" that users can opt into, Ghostery provides reports to Evidon about advertisers and data collectors, which Evidon then provides to advertising industry groups including the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Direct Marketing Association, parts of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA).[3] These agencies then use those reports to monitor how Online Behavioral Advertisers operate and, when needed, refer them to the Federal Trade Commission.

Source: wikipedia So they are still receiving tracking information.

about a year and a half ago

The Two Big Problems With Online College Courses

nullhero From a Student (215 comments)

Having just spent some time at a Community College and was successful in receiving my Associates to continue to a Traditional Four Year school, and being someone who needed to take Online Courses. The biggest problem that I had was that the instructors did not take it as seriously as their traditional classes. They would spend the face to face time in the classroom and even in their office. But they wouldn't spend the online time with their online students. I've instructors that stated they could be reached by email and there would be 48 hour turn around time, others stated that they would use Skype and even have office hours for that. But most of my emails were answered a week after I needed assistance. And forget about ever finding the instructor on Skype at the times they stated.

Now, the best online instructor I had ran a forum and that really worked. Everyone could see someone's questions and even respond to it but the biggest thing was that by each Saturday afternoon the instructor had responded as well. And if he felt that it was something that needed to be one on one, we would receive a detailed email. But he was, unfortunately, the exception.

With the problems you could take it up with the school but ultimately I never received answers just my grades seemed to be better than I expected, which I felt wasn't the right way to handle it. I think the schools are a little out of touch and nervous about online classes due to the testing of the students. Mine packaged the class and rotated the tests every other semester but the test pool came from the publisher and it wasn't hard to gain access to it. I didn't feel that some of the classes I was taught as just repackaging the answers from the book.

My best online instructor, well he had actually made us write in the answers. No multiple choice, nor true/false, according to some students who took his class in person stated he hated them, and nothing seemed to be coming from the publisher, we had to truly think about our answer and give an answer. So no instant knowledge of the answer and when we received a grade we all felt that we earned it and learned something. I actually understood the subject which happened to be Physics. BTW: I received a 'B' in the class I missed an 'A' by a few points on an online lab but I still felt that I learned more in that online class than the other dozen courses I took online.

My experience, if a school has an online course, then the instructor has to run it just like she was face to face and make time for the students questions because there seemed to be a lot more questions online than the students who were face to face. Why? I dunno but I think it had more to do with the course being a one size fits all packaged course versus the instructor actually has to have a discussion of the subject. I think that schools need to make sure their instructors are teaching and not use those publisher online courses. I don't blame the instructor for the online material just not being 'there' with the students.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: CS Degree While Working Full Time?

nullhero Similar Boat... (433 comments)

Background: I worked as a Data Analyst for a small Healthcare company for about 8 years. I learned computer languages (perl), MS-SQL Server, Access, etc. I built a data warehouse from the ground up with only a book, which I lost and it was a great book on data warehousing. I quit that job to be with my partner. His job moved him to a new state and new city. I was unable to get a job doing what I was doing regardless of my experience. I wouldn't get in the door because of no degree in CS or CIS.

Now, I'm 44 and entering a four year university as a Junior. I have spent the last couple of years working hard full time for a bank, and going to community college. I graduated with my Associate's Degree. I've used it to transfer to the university. It was hard. I had to adjust my work schedule, a tweak here and there. Started later, and went home a bit later, and studied my a** off. I worked hard at both of my jobs. Work and School. The result, I'm happier, I was able to find a better job at the bank, using my experience and the fact that I have just an Associate's Degree. It was the combination that helped. And work is still working with me. It is to their advantage that I continue my studies and receive I higher degree.

If they value you and will help you with a degree with tuition reimbursement then they should work with you as you go to school. You may not be able to do more than a couple of classes at a time per semester and it will be hard. It will also be more rewarding than you can imagine. First talk to your employer and let them know your dilemma. Work with them towards a solution, and then apply to school and go. You won't regret it.

about 2 years ago

Why We Need More Programming Languages

nullhero Re:Pffft. (421 comments)

Hear Hear! If you need a new language learn C make a new yourself, and keep it to yourself!!

more than 3 years ago

What If Aliens Came To Save the Galaxy From Mankind?

nullhero Re:A 50's Movie (534 comments)

It was actually different. The aliens in that one was concerned with Man destruction of Earth. In the 50's movie it was seen as Man destruction may infect the rest of the galaxy. It was more about nuclear weapons that we were developing in the 50's. The original is, IMHO a much better film. Less special effects and more plot driven. The remake just sucked air.

more than 3 years ago

What If Aliens Came To Save the Galaxy From Mankind?

nullhero A 50's Movie (534 comments)

Same scenario as the movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still" sans Keanu Reeves. We win, why? I don't remember but I do remember that we are on borrowed time. Surprised that Hollywood as tried to do a sequel of the Aliens coming back after 60 years and saying:

"You know what Earth? We screwed up last time. Say goodbye to all of this...and hello to oblivion."

"Hello Oblivion, how's the wife and kids."

more than 3 years ago

I would pay ___ monthly for a good online newspaper/magazine

nullhero Good is hard to come by (315 comments)

For most magazines, and newspaper articles, most of the content is just informative rehash of information that can already be found somewhere else for free. It's just that that particular writer accumulated to present it a bit differently but it's still the same information, so I would necessarily care to pay for that.

Now, information that actually teaches and brings knowledge of how to do something that may be complicated, a DIY project, a new or old computer language, something that, again there are sources, but it represented in a way to actually help the reader gain knowledge or how to do something, I would pay for.

Back in the day there were computer magazines that taught me how to program in a particular language, it meant not to only inform me, but to teach me the ins and outs of doing something useful. I bought those magazine, but National Geographic, which I read because it is a annual Christmas present, is informative but I still could have done some of the research myself to learn about this or that. The articles tend to be more narrowly focused in their thesis but still the information is out there for free.

I pay for the practical, not the informative.

about 4 years ago

Help Me Get My Math Back?

nullhero Re:If you can't handle calculus, science isnt for (467 comments)

I've gone back to school to specifically get my degree in Computer Science. After watching this lecture I have to say that I made the right decision. He's not the best lecturer in the video, maybe he's improved, but I now know I picked the correct field. Thanks for the link.

more than 4 years ago

iPad Launches, FCC Teardown Leaked

nullhero More than an eReader... (617 comments)

Everyone is clamoring over the iPad calling it a Kindle-Killer but the device is more than an eReader. It's not a replacement of the notebook either. I think it is Apples Netbook, an expensive one in comparison, but a netbook just the same. It has limited functionality but allows the user to access their documents via iWork (Apple is expanding iWork to the cloud, currently in beta) as well as create their own. It gives a user access to their email and then all those iPhone/iPod Touch apps. But what it really does is kind of free the user from the computer, from sitting at a desk and working at their computer, it is easier for her to go to coffee shop and just read the web. She'll then decide to go grocery shopping or do other things neatly tucking the iPad a way. If she has some ideas during the day she can take out her iPad and write up the ideas. As thin and mobile notebook computers are they still are chore to lug around everywhere. I'm not saying carrying a 1.5 pound is easier, but it sure beats having to grab the power cords, put everything in a bag. With the iPad, you just have to unplug it and go. I can't wait to get mine.

more than 4 years ago

House Passes Massive Medical Insurance Bill, 219-212

nullhero Co-pays? Can 32,000,000 afford those too? (2424 comments)

Ok, now that supposedly everyone will now have insurance what about the 32,000,000 people having to pay the co-pays? And what about the costs of prescription drugs? I know people on some regimes that cost them $300+ a month in bills. They have pretty good jobs and have a Health Savings Account that helps them pay those bills but can the 32,000,000, who couldn't afford to purchase health insurance, be able to afford those costs? And another question, for those Americans that couldn't afford health care and had jobs and had assistance via Medicaid, will they continue to receive assistance via Medicaid. Medicaid already did help keep some of those costs down that I just mentioned but the government considers health care insurance as part of your income in this new bill (I believe - if I'm wrong then just ignore and I'm sorry) which means that would raise some people AGI so that they would no longer receive Medicaid.

Did we need Health Care Reform? Yes, I agree that we do. Is that what we received with this bill? No, I think that we didn't. I think we just helped the government raise taxes for everyone. When congress and the senate sit down and work through the tax issue it will be brought up that raising taxed for the higher income people would not be very democratic and that everyone should help foot some of the this bill. Even if it they don't, and I don't have that much faith in our government not to, people with high incomes have usually had great loopholes to lower the AGI.

Did you know that you can donate almost up to 50% of your stuff to reduce your AGI? So, a single person making $100,000 donates up to $25,000 (charity, IRAs, etc) will have an AGI of $75,000 minus $5,700 for the standard deduction making their AGI $69,300. Now figure out any deductions for mortgages. Agreed this is an overly simplistic view of the situation but if you are making more the $100k a year why aren't you protecting it?

I just hope that during this current recession that details of this bill and the trillion dollars it will cost in the next 10 years is something that America can afford and it will help continue to slow our economy more.

more than 4 years ago

Free Software To Save Us From Social Networks

nullhero So long facebook... (249 comments)

I've already deleted my Facebook account. Got tired of all the boringness of it all.

more than 4 years ago

Iran Hacks US Spy Sites

nullhero Spy Websites?!? (149 comments)

I thought the idea of being a spy was to stay hidden. Why would you have a site if you are a spy? Oh...I get it to prop up the idea of a cyberwar. So when you get hacked you can tell everyone , "See I told you it was true!". Of course my next question is for the Iranians: dude why would the United State operate a spy website? Do you really think that the US government would put sensitive info in a website? Of course we are talking about the United States so anything is possible.

more than 4 years ago

Code Bubbles — Rethinking the IDE's User Interface

nullhero Innovative!! (198 comments)

Now can I get a plugin for Xcode? Great idea!

more than 4 years ago

Programming the Commodore 64: the Definitive Guide

nullhero I miss my Apple ][e! (245 comments)

I had the monochrome green on black monitor that came with the set up. I remember the huge boxes that the computer & the separate one for the monitor was in. (Compared to the slim box that my MacBook Pro came in.) I loved peeking and poking my way through programming in AppleSoft Basic. I even cut my teeth learning assembly. It was fun! It was what I loved about learning to program. This article reminded my of the long gone days. I still enjoy learning new languages but I miss my Apple ][e in so many ways.

more than 4 years ago

AT&T Moves Closer To Usage-Based Fees For Data

nullhero Usage Details (441 comments)

Per AT&T website: $60.00 for 5Gb data plan. That breaks down to $12 per Gb. So , why are they charging $35.00 per 200 MB. So why are they charging $35.00 for 200 MB which would be just 0.2 GB? I think that the FCC should look into that. I have no problem paying $15.00 per Gb. And an additional $5.00 per half Mb. It would work out that if I use 1.25 Gb I would pay that month $20.00 = 15 for the first Gb and 5 for going almost to the halfway mark. I pass the half way mark then charge me $30.00. That would be reasonable and would keep me a loyal AT&T subscriber. Of course that could increase subscribers on their network. A network that they haven't upgraded to deal with network usage. Look at their 3G map. Yes the cell network covers a very large area but not their 3G network. And the next generation network is being built by everyone but them. It's a shame that when Apple listens to their consumers and leaves AT&T there may just be a massive exodus of iPhone users. Are they prepared for that? Most people don't mind paying for extra things but give them a good reason. Their messed up network and penalizing their users for it isn't a good reason.

more than 5 years ago

Why Isn't the US Government Funding Research?

nullhero Re:Its simple.... (599 comments)

The government exists to pave roads, protect the borders, pick up the trash (at least in my city), and maintain parks. Public water is a good idea too.

I agree but I also think that the government as to spur innovation and competition, and that is something I think the question is posing. The United States used to invest in the basic research and that was made public for anyone to use. Any company could take the current research and embrace and extend using their own money. They could then market their new product to the consumers but any other company could do the exact same thing. Somewhere in the past the United States stopped all this investing because it was viewed as being wasteful and now we no longer are at the forefront of innovation. We have become too fat and complacent and the world around us is still competing and moving a head. On top of that all the private research is being sequestered behind copyrights and trademarks so that only one company owns the idea and process. That is not spurring competition so the company charges a ton of money to make back all that research it invested making your product available all to a small consumer set. If the basic research was already done and put out into the public domain then multiple companies can design competing products at cheaper prices. This would attract more consumers to buy and spur innovation so that one company's product is viewed more valued then the others. And this formula could keep America ahead of the game. So government spending into research is very necessary for us to stay innovative and competing, unlike now.

more than 5 years ago

Music Streaming to Overtake Downloads

nullhero If only I could stream specific music.... (254 comments)

then I would change to all streaming. I think it would be great to enter an artist or album name and stream all that music or to be able to pick and to create a playlist of specific songs that I can stream to my devices. Until then I'll download my music and create my playlists on my iPod. Give me more options is what I, and it seems a lot of people, want. So, I'll continue to stream music to find new artists and download them to create my perfect playlist.

more than 5 years ago


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How secure are we??

nullhero nullhero writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I found this disturbing, she paid a man to marry her, and both the FBI and CIA did background checks to allow a potental (and allegedly) terrorist spy into the midlevels of both those agencies. The War on Terror is like the War on Drugs, all talk and no substance. A quote from an official, "As a special agent," court documents said, Prouty "was granted a security clearance" and assigned to a unit investigating crimes against U.S. citizens overseas. Bush would love to make the United States more of a survillence state yet the watchers are those that would hurt the United States.

Full story at ABC.com http://abcnews.go.com/WN/FedCrimes/story?id=3859991&page=1


On being a Moderater

nullhero nullhero writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I have to first say that I've been reading Slashdot for almost 10 years. Almost, when I have such an low UID number (2983)? Well, I haven't been around for a while. In fact I was looking over my Fans and Foes. And realized that I have only one fan, and on top of that the last time I posted anything interesting comment wise, was in 2004. I've been busy..,and now here it is the end of 2007, and I begin my subscription with Slashdot, I really don't care for the ads but understand the need to make money, and I find that I can now moderate. Very cool.

What's is interesting is not that I feel I have power, because after reading the guidelines I now know that I'm not the only one who can moderate anyone can, but is why I haven't been a more active user of Slashdot. I've always enjoyed Slashdot, it is the reason that eight years ago I left Windows for Linux, and then went back to Apple (my first computer was an Apple ][e). It is the reason that I became a libertarian. Heck it's the reason I picked up Perl, though because of my most recent job change, and move to North Carolina, my Perl skills are weak, trust you stop programming, and you lose your skills. It's one of the reasons that I've started to blog myself, though I don't view Slashdot as much as a blogging site as a site for news, and information.

So I will not become a more active member of the slashdot community. I will moderate whenever given the chance. And I'll start posting more stuff in this journal. My time is limited, I've gone back to school to complete my degree in Computer Science, but I will always take some time for Slashdot.

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