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nurightshu Re:Racist Attacks are Terrorism (264 comments)

Uh, hate to break it to you there, but if you're referring to the Tarika Wilson shooting in Lima, Ohio, by Officer Joseph Chavalia, you're leaving out some salient points (and, might I add, attempting to smear the victim with irrelevancies).

For starters, she wasn't just "shot during a drug raid". That implies that the target(s) of the raid exchanged fire with the Lima police department. What actually happened is that another Lima police officer shot and killed the two dogs that lived in the house. Chavalia mistook the shots of a fellow officer for incoming fire from a bedroom where Wilson was holding her infant son. Without stopping to identify a target, Chavalia fired blindly into the bedroom, striking both Wilson (who died) and her son, who — thank whatever deity you like — survived.

A jury concluded that the officer had a reasonable fear for his life, which is something that juries have been singularly unable to do for innocent citizens who, when their homes were unjustly invaded by militarized police officers, sought to defend themselves against people they believed to be criminal intruders. See, for example, Derrick Foster, Corey Maye, or Ryan Frederick.

Was the Tarika Wilson shooting racially motivated? Almost certainly not. Was Joseph Chavalia's acquittal a miscarriage of justice? I believe so.

If we hold police officers to a lower standard than the citizenry they are supposed to be protecting, we do nothing less than create a government-sanctioned criminal organization, one without conscience or accountability.

NB: Before you start calling me a bleeding-heart liberal or some such similar crap, I'm actually a former USAF Security Policeman. I just happen to believe that putting military hardware into the hands of police, giving them a macho name like SWAT, glamorizing their ass-kicking behavior in movies and reality television, and then expecting them to behave with restraint when they're sent out to serve non-violent drug warrants is a pretty damned stupid policy.

more than 6 years ago


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Back to the Max!

nurightshu nurightshu writes  |  more than 12 years ago

Well, it took a little karma-whoring, but I've pushed myself back up to the 50 cap. I plan to do some experimenting with the janitors and the mods to see exactly how much I can get away with while I pre-troll before the Blackout.

I know, many of you out there (all, what, five of you who read my journal?) are asking yourselves: why doesn't he just say, "fuck this karma shit, I should just troll my fuckin' nutsack off like a sonofabitch?" (Profane Motherfucker, I'm thinking of you here.) The answer is that I want to get as many +1 trolls in during Blackout week as I possibly can. I'll be enduring 72 hour sabbatical pretty quickly, I assume, but I still want to start out as visible as possible.

Of course, that could backfire and the idiots could mod me up. I don't put anything past the shitheads they give mod points to. I myself appear to have been $rtbl'd, probably because my first +5 comment was an attack on Katz (who isn't even fit to slurp the cum from my shit-encrusted cock, by the way).

So anyway, I'll be creating a temporary troll acount to field some weather balloons over the next two or three weeks. Look for VoxVictus to appear on here and immediately get slammed for his ultra-conservative (not to say fascist) viewpoint.

Toodles, and happy trolling!


New Troll Post!

nurightshu nurightshu writes  |  more than 12 years ago

I've decided that my troll postings will be in the form of rabidly patriotic, ultra-right wing screeds that veer wildly from some minor throwaway post an Anonymous Coward has made into the land of psychotic trolldom.

To that end, I posted my first true troll message on an older article, just sort of testing the waters. Let me know what you think of it.


Vacation Time!

nurightshu nurightshu writes  |  more than 12 years ago

Thanks to the suggestion from the Anonymous Coward in my last journal entry, I'm going to do what I can to preserve karma through to 21 April -- the opening day of the Great Slashdot Blackout. While all the people who care so much about Slashdot are abandoning the site, I'll be here, throwing out as much noise as I can from behind my happy little anonymizer. I fully expect the 72-hour ban to hit soon after I start, so of course I'll be posting anonymously -- but I'll still sign my work for all those who care to find it.

To prep for Troll Week 2K2, I'm taking next week off from work. I plan to write up some excellent trolls, some crapfloods, some spicy Slashteam stories, and of course some Fr15t P05t attempts.

Thank you, Anonymous Coward, whoever you were...


Now I will use the power of this journal to destroy you all!

nurightshu nurightshu writes  |  more than 12 years ago

It is with a light heart indeed that I announce my intention to troll. That's right, I've spent the past six months building my karma up to fifty -- slowly, a point here and there -- only to use it for the nefarious purpose of assaulting the world with +1 trolls!

Of course, not having trolled before, I'm a little new to the subject. Any old hands at trolling that can give me good pointers? I'm not looking to crapflood (although certain crapfloods do make me laugh), nor am I looking to simply pound out "34t my nu7z, b17ch3z!" I want to write good trolls: quality trolls that instantly slam their way to (5, Insightful) until the mods wise up and go, "What the fuck?" Holding out until metamod would be even better. So, any words of wisdom?

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