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Sony Encourages Linux On Their Phones

nutznboltz PS3 business model vs. Phone business model (212 comments)

With the PS3 Sony was heavily subsidizing the GPU hardware expecting the sale of software titles to recoup the amount they were losing per PS3 sale. Along comes the world and makes PS3 systems into clusters that will never be accompanied by the purchase of a game and Sony starts bleeding cash.

With the phone there is no subsidized GPU and therefore no loss when Linux is used on the phone. In fact selling them as a Linux platform will mean more paying customers.

more than 3 years ago

Google Sues US Gov't For Only Considering Microsoft

nutznboltz Re:Did anyone actually read the complaint? (407 comments)

Microsoft simply said "you don't need to have the servers off site to be secure, don't worry about it!"

more than 4 years ago

Google Sues US Gov't For Only Considering Microsoft

nutznboltz Competition in Contracting Act (407 comments)

I just wanted one freaking post in this forum to use the phrase "Competition in Contracting Act". Now one does.

more than 4 years ago

Google Sues US Gov't For Only Considering Microsoft

nutznboltz Re:SYNTAX ERROR (407 comments)

"Google Sues US Gov't For Merely Considering Microsoft (you know what we mean.)"

more than 4 years ago

Are you working right now?

nutznboltz Umm, Multitasking? (338 comments)

I have no issue with working and reading Slashdot (and breathing and chewing gum, etc.) all at once.

more than 4 years ago

Apple Removes Wi-Fi Finders From App Store

nutznboltz Re:Why? (461 comments)

So instead of devs will complaining how it's Apple's fault that an update broke their apps they have users complaining that it's Apple's fault they pulled the apps. What an improvement!

more than 4 years ago

Largest Data Breach Disclosed During Inauguration

nutznboltz Good and Bad are Relative (168 comments)

As icky as this might sound, the longer it takes before we crash the higher the population.

Crashing sooner involves fewer people suffering.

about 6 years ago

New York Times Sued Over URL Linking

nutznboltz Re:X sues Y (74 comments)

Big corporations have to cover their @$$ while it's not worth the time to sue little guys who post links.


Muni Bond Sales Drying Up as States Face $42 Billion Shortfall ``The combination of the worst financial crisis since World War II and the collapse of the $330 billion auction-rate debt market will leave 41 states and the District of Columbia with shortfalls just as financing sources diminish.''

about 6 years ago

Facebook Nudity Policy Draws Nursing Moms' Ire

nutznboltz whois nudebook.com (904 comments)

If you want to post your breastfeeding pics why not do it where it's welcome?

about 6 years ago

Sex Offenders Must Hand Over Online Passwords

nutznboltz Re:Unenforcable (630 comments)

"I could never remember my passwords so I wrote them down. Then I ate the scrap of paper."

about 6 years ago

The US economy is heading toward ...

nutznboltz Caroline Kennedy? (873 comments)

The term is "dynasty" not "monarchy".

more than 6 years ago




The Solar Economy

nutznboltz nutznboltz writes  |  more than 9 years ago

"Sustainable energy" is very much in vogue. It is about reducing CO2 emissions to mitigate the increasingly dire effects of climate change, and can include the use of resources that will eventually be depleted. Physicists and engineers in pursuit of solar interests and projects often find the financial bottom line can be frustrating. In The solar economy Hermann Scheer critically examines the evolution and impact of our current energy companies and concludes that renewable energy sources have an economic advantage because of their much shorter supply chains.


Matt Simmons Flip-Flops On Computer Energy Issue

nutznboltz nutznboltz writes  |  more than 9 years ago

During a Matt Simmons on The Brian Lehrer Show, Lehrer mentioned people think energy usage is all SUVs and computers and Matt says that it's really long-distanst trucking not computers or SUVs that using most of the oil.

This isn't 100% contradictory to the previous statement since they compared computers to SUVs but the previous statement's context was about the evilness of computer energy consumption.


The Wise and Foolish Virgins (adapted for Peak Oil)

nutznboltz nutznboltz writes  |  more than 10 years ago The Wise and Foolish Virgins (adapted for Peak Oil)

Jesus told a story about the kingdom of heaven that relates to peak oil and the decline of western civilization.

There were ten young women whom Jesus described as virgins, or pure, undefiled young ladies, who took oil lanterns into the night to await the coming of the bridegroom. They all were to participate in the wedding ceremonies and were very happy to be included in the wonderful festivities that were about to occur. They had heard about the wedding which was to be the grandest that ever had occurred in the whole world. The splendor of the arrangements would be breathtaking. The ceremony and the feast were to be beyond imagination. This was to be the most magnificant event of all time.

Five of the young ladies, considering that the bridegroom might not come early in the evening, invested in alternative energy sources and designed their appliances to use less energy and designed their communities to reduce car trips and invested in energy efficient public transportation so that their oil would not run out. The other five who were foolish created suburban spawl and SUVs and priced oil so that it made alternative energy too expensive creating a demand for 80 million barrels a day of oil for their their lamps and things. They felt safe because they believed it when the House of Saud told them there was plenty of oil in reserve despite the fact that they had no proof of this.

The bridegroom was delayed in his coming and so the ten young ladies fell asleep while they were waiting. At midnight an advance messenger rode up to the ten ladies and called, "Look! The bridegroom is coming, go out to meet him!"

All of the young ladies arose and began to trim the wicks in their lanterns. The five foolish young ladies cried in dismay, "Look! We are running out of oil and our lamps are flickering. House of Saud, please give us some of your oil so that our lights will not go out."

The House of Saud answered, "We are committed to providing $25 dollar a barrel oil but not at any time soon."

The five foolish young ladies ran back into the village to get more money to buy oil for their lamps so that they could join the wedding party. While they were gone the Bridegroom came and the five wise young ladies joined him and went to the wedding. After they had entered the wedding pavilion the door was shut so that no more people could enter.

After a while the five foolish young ladies came and pounded on the pavilion door, calling, "Please let us in to the wedding. We are supposed to be in the wedding party!"

Nevertheless the bridegroom answered, "You knew that I was coming and that you were supposed to wait for me with your lamps trimmed and full of oil. I am sorry, no people can enter into the wedding pavilion because the door is closed and locked."

The five foolish young ladies were extremely sorry and went away weeping.


the Internet is the equivalent of SUVs

nutznboltz nutznboltz writes  |  more than 10 years ago

Matthew Simmons is the CEO of the world's largest Energy Investment Bank, Simmons & Company International. It has a web site located at www.simmonsco-intl.com. Its clients include Halliburton; Baker, Botts, LLP; Dynegy; Kerr-McGee; and the World Bank. Since 1993, it has underwritten or financed 18 transactions valued at more than $350 million. Of those, six were valued at more than $1 billion. Simmons is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and serves on the National Petroleum Council's Natural Gas Task Force. He has a lot to say about the Northeast power grid blackout, its causes, and what they imply for the future. He also has a lot to say about Peak Oil and Gas. FTW interviewed Simmons via telephone from his home in Rockport, Maine on August 18, 2003 source

The interview goes on to say this:

If you want to compare [electrical consumption] to vehicles and roadways, air conditioning is the interstate highway system and the Internet is the equivalent of SUVs.

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