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What You Can Do About the Phone Unlocking Fiasco

nyteroot Re:Hate to be a troll or anything, but... (416 comments)

This is absolutely false. The regulation was promulgated by the Register of Copyrights, who is an executive branch official.

about 2 years ago

Staying In Shape vs. a Busy IT Job Schedule?

nyteroot Re:In a bind (865 comments)

Lots of people are suggesting quitting. Here's a better idea:

Are you really working all of those 12 hours? I imagine not. Probably taking a lunch break, right? Eat at your desk, use your lunch break to work out. 30min a day of strenuous stuff is all you need. Here's an example:

You don't need to go to the gym; you can do it all with bodyweight exercises: pushups, pullups (get a pullup bar that sits in a doorframe without being attached to anything, like Iron Gym, so you can put it up when you're working out and then take it down), Hindu squats (google it) and crunches will get you 90% the benefit of a more thorough workout. If you want some variety, do yoga.

5min to change, 30min of circuit training (google it) with these four exercises, 5 min to change back. If there's a shower onsite, then +10min to shower, and you still have 10min left to relax and start your lunch.

more than 5 years ago



Harvard Law School digitizes the life of Oliver Wendell Holmes

nyteroot nyteroot writes  |  more than 2 years ago

nyteroot (311287) writes "After years of work, Harvard Law School's Oliver Wendell Holmes Digital Suite is live. As The Harvard Gazette explains, "[T]he site aggregates multiple archival holdings into a single, hyperaccessible digital suite that anyone with a computer can search, browse, and tag. (The library uses the word “suite” to mean a collection of collections.) In the new suite, users can search and browse across five manuscript and three visual collections." Oliver Wendell Holmes is "one of the most widely cited United States Supreme Court justices in history.""


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