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A Windows-Based Packaging Mechanism

oingoboingo Windows apt-get was developed years ago (451 comments)

The idea of bringing Debian-style package management to Windows is not a new idea. Indeed, members of our own Slashdot community have been developing apt-get derived tools for many years, and have been responsible for a number of major advances in the field, including:

These projects truly are a testament to the true flexibility and power of apt-get, even within a Windows context. Side efforts, such as an ncurses based implementation of Mac OS X's Expose feature for dealing with multiple apt-get sessions, a SIMD/MMX accelerated apt-get, interplanetary control software with apt-get, and last but not least, a dselect-based implementation of iTunes.

While I applaud the efforts of those seeking to bring a more GNU/Linux-like package management experience to Windows, we should not forget the efforts of the early pioneers.

more than 7 years ago


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