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Brian Stevens Resigns As Red Hat CTO

oldcodebetter there is probably more the story (39 comments)

When guys like him (old timers, management, etc) leave the company, they are usually fed up of something. Just gotta find out what that something is. Either that or he has better things to do.

about two weeks ago

Microsoft Shutting Down MSN Messenger After 15 Years of Service

oldcodebetter Happens all the time actually (127 comments)

Well, I was a teenager when MSN Messenger was being touted to the masses in the early 2000s. They were giving it a big push with Windows XP at the time. Things were still much in dial-up. Broadband was not in yet. Neither was watching videos online, much less YouTube. There was no Google yet either. Google Search came about 5 years after MSN Messenger's big push. I was about to become upset until I realized that these things happen all the time. Some service you like get shut down for no good reason. I don't use MSN Messenger. I use mostly Yahoo Messenger (it was the other big contender to MSN Messenger, AIM was big), text messages (for people not into too much tech), or even just email (with my "techy" friends and FOSS stuff). I used to visit multiple times per day. They shut things down even though hundreds of thousands of users protested. They could have sold that thing for half a million. Somebody would have bought it--at least recover hardware and software costs. Since this will continue to happen, my solution is to keep an semi-offline repository of my goodies. When Bloglines went away, my sweet little collection of blogs nearly went away unless I did not save my list someplace. Now I have a list of bookmarks to all my favorite blogs, stored offline. Like that bookmark syncing stuff in new FF. I don't want it because the chances are good it will be taken away from me. And the issues of trust, and what are they doing wit my data. Human beings psychologically want a degree of control of their environment and life. I'm just doing my part to ensure I have a comfortable amount of it. Some of these services are hosted on somebody elses server (nowadays called the cloud). I'll host these files on my own computer and devices because I can control it better. I don't get to sync stuff? Ah, I'll think of something which works for me.

about two weeks ago


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