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Microsoft Plots Future of Xbox and PC Gaming

oldwolf13 Re:Upgrades, schmupgrades (44 comments)

If you will recall, when windows 95 came out, it's requirements drove people to upgrade their hardware, which in turn sent the prices down a lot (especially RAM). Although this sucked when you HAD to upgrade to get it to run decently, in the long run, it benefited all of us. I don't know if you remember RAM prices before that, but it was huge. I remember paying $400 for 16 megs.

Nowadays though, I don't think it can knock prices down as much of course (if at all). I will fight this upgrade as long as I can, just like I did XP, until games finally won me over (they seem to run better under XP).

Then again, maybe it'll knock down the ridiculously high price required to purchase video cards capable of running 3D games at a decent resolution/framerate. The last nvidia card (I got burned on) I bought for around $200 (CND) was such a piece of shit and couldn't run anything (Geforce 5600 XT). Part of that was my fault though, as I assumed XT was a higher version then just plain 5600. Although I am still mad at nvidia for their fucked up naming conventions. The card I had before this was a ti4200 8x, which was a hell of a card for the time, at basically the same price. Incidently, the ti4200 outperforms the 5600xt by quite a margin.

I do have a radeon 9800 Pro as well, which cost me a small fortune ($400 CND), which is now showing it's age, and I have no idea which way I'd go to get better performance without costing an arm and a leg. I think both Nvidia and ATI are releasing too many products these days, with too many different naming conventions intentionally so they can confuse the buyers.

anyways, hopefully vista will make better video cards come out cheaper.

more than 8 years ago


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Ancient Lost Code Projects

oldwolf13 oldwolf13 writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Ever lost track of an old code project?
Been searching for your debut into the computer programming world?
Wish you could look back at when coding was still just fun to you.
How does one go about finding his lost programs on old systems to which the media is long gone?

It bothers me to say that I'm missing a 6 year period of my hacking life, from the late 80's until the mid 90's. Before most people were on the net, never mind resources such as writable optical media and websites such as Sourceforge.

I used to code for the Commodore 64 (assembly) and the Amiga (assembly & C), mainly doing things like intros, intromakers, and demos. Generally graphics & sound programs.

I coded for both the Commodore 64 and the Amiga when I was a young lad, and when I decided to get rid of those computers (for next to nothing) it never dawned on me that I might want to keep some of those old projects for nostalgia's sake. I live in Vancouver, Canada, which was never a huge hub for the demo/intro scene, and the few people who I still know have no idea what happened to their own legacy code.

I coded under the name "Mein Freund" (taken from the ORIGINAL Wolfenstein!), or "High Lord Moran". The release groups names were "The Legacy Lords" (C64) or "The Shades of Darkness" (Amiga). I can't remember what all we released, but two stick out more then anything... "Demonwriter" (C64) (of which I think went to v3.0a), and "Demon Intromaker" (C64), which was released up to a late beta.
These were both for the Commodore 64, and were both my babies.

Demonwriter was similar to Futurewriter or Hellwriter... a cool way of entering/viewing text/docs with graphics (raster interrupts!), animation, custom character sets and music.

Demon Intromaker was a way of making your own standalone intro. It could use mod music, rasters, sprites, bitmaps and modified character sets.

Incidently, pre-release of Demon Intro Maker was shown to a "friend" named "Striker", who I had done some intros for. He released it under the group name "Crackers of Magic", claiming authorship. All WITHOUT MY CONSENT, although I'd be interested in seeing this version as well.

So now I turn to you, probably the biggest horde of digital packratters around, to help me find my lost gems... and maybe dig up a few of your own as well!

I've checked out most of the search engines, and emulation sites I can find.
I would just really like to see these apps again, I know no "source" exists.

** This was an "Ask Slashdot" story rejected by the /. editors. I figured it'd be a nice start to my journal here. **

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