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Scientist Seeks Investment For "Alcohol Substitute"

olip85 I think (328 comments)

you should drink for the taste and not the feeling. If you drink only for the feeling, you might be looking at problems no too far in the future..

1 year,15 days

Myst Creators Announce Obduction

olip85 Should read (103 comments)

Cyan, the company behind Myst, is taking another shot at an game in vain

about a year ago

China's Web Surveillance System Employs More Than 2 Million

olip85 I wonder... (63 comments)

I wonder what percentage of the US population works in things related to the NSA spying program.

about a year ago

When it comes to Slashdot, I normally:

olip85 Article? (157 comments)

I stopped reading the summary some time ago. Now I often don't even read the title, I just start reading comments and get an idea of what it's about. It's like joining a conversation.

about a year ago

Small Town Builds Its Own Gigabyte Network; Cost To Citizens $57/month

olip85 Re:never happen in the states (269 comments)

It's like the batshit crazy ex who doesn't want to be with you but also doesn't want anyone else being with you.

Either way, you're screwed.

And not screwing.

about a year ago

Tar Pitch Drop Captured On Camera

olip85 Staring at the drop (142 comments)

I would so have put a screaming zombie appearing from nowhere right in the middle of that video.

about a year ago

Mount Everest Gets 4G Connectivity

olip85 fb updates (125 comments)

I'm the king of the world LOLL!!!!11one

about a year ago

Biologists Program E. Coli To Patrol For Pathogens

olip85 End of the world (38 comments)

Zombie apocalypse in 3, 2, 1......

about a year ago

Irish Supreme Court Upholds 3-Strikes Rule For Copyright Violation

olip85 Re:I'm beginning to wonder... (82 comments)

We rarely see such wise words on Slashdot.

about a year ago

I'd most rather, of the following, search with:

olip85 That's like asking someone... (277 comments)

... I'd most rather, of the following, have:
- gonorrhea
- chlamydia
- syphillis

about a year ago

ARM In Supercomputers — 'Get Ready For the Change'

olip85 Re:IMHO - No thanks. (238 comments)

One size doesn't fit all.

You've never been in the army I suppose? ;-)

about a year and a half ago

Of 1000 Americans Polled, Most Would Ban Home Printing of Guns

olip85 Re:Personal Responsibility? (578 comments)

Whatever happened to the concept of Personal Responsibility? Of being held accountable for your own actions, instead of the knee-jerk reaction of "it's the firearms fault, ban them everywhere we can."

You mean like drugs?

about a year and a half ago

Used Game To Survive? EA Plans To Drop Online Pass

olip85 Feature? (74 comments)

Unfortunately this appears to only be for future released games, those previously released will still be subject to this feature.

How can that be called a feature?

about a year and a half ago


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