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SCO Says IBM Hurt Profits

omeg Re:Hurt Profits? (174 comments)

Let me give a very short answer to that.

Um. Yes?

more than 7 years ago



omeg omeg writes  |  more than 8 years ago

omeg writes "I'd like to request Slashdot's help to make my computer experience better. I'm an ActionScript programmer who switched to Macintosh a while back. While I'm very happy with the 20" inch iMac that I got, I'm not very happy about the keyboard that came with it. It seems to be the typical modern junk that computer stores sell these days, not even using a spring to bounce back the keys. It's a real shame, since I remember the old G3 beige keyboards that they used to sell, which were great things that unfortunately can't easily be bought anymore. Which keyboard would the Slashdot crowd recommend to someone who types a lot?"

omeg omeg writes  |  more than 8 years ago

omeg (907329) writes "Surely, we're all acquainted with bad programming every once in a while, whether as user or as developer. The old NES game Mega Man, however, makes all that seem trivial, as the "perfect" speedrun of the game completely breaks it more often than not. Watch the authors, who used a special emulator to slow the game down in order to make this movie, jump into and travel through walls, hit bosses multiple times with one shot, and even move through enemies without being harmed. From their commentary: "It is very difficult for even an expert player to comprehend what's going on in this movie." The video is available via Bittorrent and the Internet Archive."


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