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Real-World 3G Monthly Cost With Taxes and Fees?

omegashenron Eliminate Component Based Pricing (483 comments)

When traveling to California last year, that was one thing that I really didn't like - how prices are quoted exclusive of tax.

In Australia, the price quoted has to be the price that is paid by the consumer - the airline industry recently got into trouble for not doing this i.e advertising cheap fares exclusive of the fuel levy, tax and other surcharges.

In addition to this, the amount of tax that was charge very often ends up on the receipt so businesses can use it to calculate their GST credits etc

more than 6 years ago



omegashenron omegashenron writes  |  about 8 years ago

omegashenron (942375) writes "CNET Asia reports that LG intends on releasing a mobile phone similar in design to Apple's iphone.

The device, known as "Prada" retails for $776 (USD) and is set for European release next month. Is apple losing its edge?"


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