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Cameron's IP Advisor: Throw Persistent Copyright Infringers In Jail

oo_00 Throw cameron in jail (263 comments)

It would solve many real and all imaginary problems. Just like that.

about 8 months ago

Futuremark Delists Samsung and HTC Android Devices for Cheating 3DMark

oo_00 Re:3DMark cheats, so no wonder it is cheated (188 comments)

OK, I take 8-cored Galaxy S4 and other dual-core phone, both 1.6GHz, then I get exactly same score in 3DMark.

Now, how stupid I was I paid like 3 times more for the galaxy S4!
I could get the cheaper phone that works exactly the same (at least 3DMark says so).

3DMark is broken in the very design.
Customers, and most importantly, some websites are too stupid to understand this and trust its scores.

Samsung did he right thing: broke the thing that was broken already.
They did what they could to get the best result. Every other manufacturer can do the same. And that will be unrealistic, but FAIR score.
Every other score is simply unfair, because 3DMark is a wrong tool to measure it.
There is really no Right thing to do, apart from throwing 3DMark to the trash bin.

about 10 months ago

Futuremark Delists Samsung and HTC Android Devices for Cheating 3DMark

oo_00 Re:3DMark cheats, so no wonder it is cheated (188 comments)

No, I wasn't talking about iPhone. It was just an example.
Besides, iPhone is almost non-existent in the market, so who cares.

about 10 months ago

Futuremark Delists Samsung and HTC Android Devices for Cheating 3DMark

oo_00 3DMark cheats, so no wonder it is cheated (188 comments)

3DMark does not understand what it it measuring, gives scores out of thin air, and blames companies for trying not to LOSE points.

Imagine this situation:
Samsung Galaxy S4 with 8 cores 1.6GHz each: to say it simply: it has algorithms to suppress usage of all of them for 'normal' applications to save battery.
And a ShittyPhone with a dual-core 1.8GHz each and no optimisations for battery life whatsoever.
Which one is better?
3DMark will give more points to the ShittyPhone, because as a single application it cannot utilize the power of Galaxy S4.

What does it mean? That 3DMark is just a shitty benchmark, and that's what it is.
This example is just for CPU power testing, but you can find such flaws in almost all 3DMark tests.
Creators of 3DMark do not have a clue how to test modern multicore smartphones, but they do not care and release their product.

The real problem? People use this shitty benchmark and judge product basing on the meaningless score it produces.

Why should Samsung LOSE customers because 3DMark lied to them?
It's better to 'cheat' this crappy software into being at least a bit more FAIR in judging their products.

about 10 months ago

Microsoft Donates Windows 8.1 To Nonprofit Organizations

oo_00 This only proves how bad windows 8 is (224 comments)

Literally nobody wants it, so microsoft is going to give it away for free just to get some users for their statistics.
Windows is dead.

about a year ago

Microsoft and Facebook Launch Internet Bug Bounty Program

oo_00 Microsoft and Facebook are the biggest bugs (57 comments)

Microsoft is the biggest and most harmful bug of all time in computing quality and security.
And Facebook is the biggest privacy bug.

Where do I report them?

about a year ago

Windows 8.1 Rolls Out Today

oo_00 You mean 8.10? (398 comments)

I will wait for 8.11.

about a year ago

The Linux Backdoor Attempt of 2003

oo_00 = in an if statement should end in warning/error (360 comments)

Single = in an if statement should end in warning and should be considered error in production code. There should be compiler --switch for this.

about a year ago

Digital Revolution Will Kill Jobs, Inflame Social Unrest, Says Gartner

oo_00 Isn't Jobs dead already? (754 comments)

Leave him alone...

about a year ago

Google May Face Fine Under EU Privacy Laws

oo_00 Re:Now they're in trouble (88 comments)

By "them" you mean France? If Google instead decides to abandon France, it will automatically become a third world state with no access to essential Internet services. Congratulations, France.

1 year,2 days

Did NIST Cripple SHA-3?

oo_00 Pathetic. (169 comments)


1 year,4 days

Bill Gates Acknowledges Ctrl+Alt+Del Was a Mistake

oo_00 Re:What's wrong with it? (665 comments)

Probably bill telling lies again to cover up the shameful windows history.

1 year,6 days

Bill Gates Acknowledges Ctrl+Alt+Del Was a Mistake

oo_00 Start things up?! What?! (665 comments)

"However, an IBM keyboard designer didn't want to give Microsoft a single button to start things up, and thus the iconic three-finger-salute was born." Start things up?! I think he meant to stop buggy Microsoft's software before it crashes the whole buggy operating system of Microsoft. And there was a button designed for similar operation: Reset on the PC box. Used more often than all keyboard keys all together.

1 year,6 days

Middle-Click Paste? Not For Long

oo_00 Gnome is dead. (729 comments)

So who cares what they do?

1 year,8 days

The Greatest Keyboard Shortcut Ever

oo_00 Re:Doesn't fix the real problem. (506 comments)

about:config -> browser.backspace action (

about a year ago


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