Apple Doesn't Design For Yesterday

oogoliegoogolie Re:Yosemite (370 comments)

The fact that the green button now fullscreens an application is another change I don't like.

Recent versions of BetterTouchTools can reverse this 'new and improved' behavior.

Here's my rant:
That change really pisses me off. I know I can hold the option-key down and it will still zoom, but the green-button zoomed since at least Snow Leopard so why change it now? More importantly, why make it default without any way to change it back.
Does anyone even use full-screen apps? Will reclaiming a few dozen pixels from the menu-bar change increase anyone's productivity?

You know, it seems that in every OSX release Apple inserts one ridiculous, boneheaded, unnecessary change in default functionality that leaves users dumbfounded why Apple would put that in.
In Lion it was the so called 'natural scrolling', in Mountain Lion it was hiding the scroll-bars by default, in Mavericks it was replacing Save-As with Duplicate, and now with Yosemite Apple changed the green-button's behavior from Zoom to Full-screen. At least Apple should put a toggle in system preferences so the user can revert the behavior.

about a month ago

When will the first successful manned Mars mission happen?

oogoliegoogolie Not going to happen in our lifetimes. (219 comments)

Not until a propulsion system is invented that can cut the trip down from eight months to eight weeks will we see a human mission to Mars.
The logistics are too difficult with current propulsion systems, which haven't changed much since the time of Goddard.
To coop-up a half dozen or more people in a capsule the size of a one-bedroom apartment for eight months, expect them to get along for that long, and to send along all the food, water, and supplies of life they will need for a 2+year mission is pretty much impossible. That's a lot of toilet paper or space-wipes alone.

about a month ago

VeraCrypt Is the New TrueCrypt -- and It's Better

oogoliegoogolie Re:Nope not suspicious at all (220 comments)

Someone has already given it a 5-star rating so you can put your suspicions to rest!

about a month and a half ago

What Will It Take To Run a 2-Hour Marathon?

oogoliegoogolie Re:more likely from Kenya than Canada (254 comments)

Saskatoon in November would be the optimal location. The runners would not necessarily be from Canada.

about a month and a half ago

Users Report Warping of Apple's iPhone 6 Plus

oogoliegoogolie Re:Not just iPhone (421 comments)

How dare you link to a site that shows anything other than bent is an affront to LEET android fanatics everywhere!

about 2 months ago

Babylon 5 May Finally Get a Big-Screen Debut

oogoliegoogolie What about Babylon Park? (252 comments)

It would be nice to see some new episodes of that.

about 3 months ago

Babylon 5 May Finally Get a Big-Screen Debut

oogoliegoogolie Re:Netflix Time Now? (252 comments)

They FX look old, they don't look awful. I look thru the 90's CGI and see that the fights are some of the best directed, edited, musically scored battles ever.
I still get goosebumps and my heart pounds when I watch the fights when B5 seceded from the Earth Alliance, the Shadow War, the battle to free Proxima, the fight with the Centauri vessel when B5 was protecting the Narn cruiser (the sweeping camera arc showing the B5 interceptors intercepting the Centauri shells) among many others.
That being said, I always thought that the PPG's look silly.

about 3 months ago

Overkill? LG Phone Has 2560x1440 Display, Laser Focusing

oogoliegoogolie Re:Wait for tha Apple zealots... (198 comments)

Remember when Apple came out with the Retina display and all of the FAndroids laughed at it and said 'No one will want, no one will notice, and no one needs, a display with such high PPI on a smartphone'?

about 5 months ago

Swedish Farmers Have Doubts About Climatologists and Climate Change

oogoliegoogolie Not a damn thing will be done. (567 comments)

Climate change is happening and nothing is going to stop it. The thing is, nobody is willing to make sacrifices to stop human-made climate change. Essentially we will have to cease being such zealous consumers of resources. That 's never going happen generally because very few people are willing to:

Give up your cars, including hybrids and electricals. Those may be low or zero-emission vehicles, but the factory where they were build isn't.
Cancel your annual flight down south each winter.
Give up your 300W 50" LCD TV, 100W/channel 7-speaker amplifier, and the rest of their electronic gadgets that soak up coal-plant produced electricity.
Endorse nuclear energy and be willing to allow reactors to be build nearby your homes.
Be willing to wait an extra week for your courier packages to get shipped by rail instead of fuel-guzzling trucks.
Give up tropical fruits & vegetables in winter months to cut down on the trucks (thus emissions) needed to ship those items up north from the tropics. Do you really need watermelon in January when it's -25C outside?
Get rid of your lawn so you no longer need to fertilize it. The nitrogen fixation process uses a ridiculous amount of energy, which likely comes from coal plants.

The point of this comment is that (if) climate change, sea level increase, melting glaciers & polar ice caps, etc. are caused by human activities, then we humans are going to have stop doing many of things that we normally take for granted in our high standard of living lifestyles. How many of us are willing to make these changes? I bet very few.

about 5 months ago

Swedish Farmers Have Doubts About Climatologists and Climate Change

oogoliegoogolie Re:Here we go again, and again, and.... (567 comments)

Uhhhh, so if a region's climate changes from wet to semiarid, the local weather is not going to change?

about 5 months ago

Game Industry Fights Rising Development Costs

oogoliegoogolie Maybe cut out the overabundant cutscenes. (111 comments)

The studios might save a few dollars. Making these has got to comprise a double-digit percentage of development costs because games are filled with them nowadays.
I play a game to play the game, not watch countless movie-clips.
Some games today have so many cutscenes that it seems the gameplay was added just to show off the 'fab' cutscenes.

about 6 months ago

Firefox 29: Redesign

oogoliegoogolie Re:Unless you change it (688 comments)

So many things are designed with form-over-function nowadays, nobody likes it, yet they blindly continue on.
I would say that the new UI designers come from smartphone or tablet backgrounds where screen real estate is at a premium so they have to hide all the borders, menus, buttons and such, and when they switch to designing desktop applications they seem to forget they are no longer working on a 5" screen and what works on mobile devices does not work on the desktop most of the time.

Even Apple started doing dumb things like hiding 'Save-As' and replacing it with a stupidly dumb absurd 'Duplicate' command that takes three times as many clicks to do a 'Save-As', reversing 20+ years of scrolling direction with their so-called Natural Scrolling, and hiding scroll-bars on 2560x1440 screens in order to save 10 pixels.

I like FF, but this redesign may be too much if I cannot restore it ALL back to before. At least there is still SeaMonkey.

about 7 months ago

Apple: Dumb As a Patent Trolling Fox On iPhone Prior Art?

oogoliegoogolie Re:bullshit clickbait (408 comments)

Looks exactly the same to me. Take your finger, touch the slider, and move your finger to drag the slider to change the state. If you think Apple's implementation is fundamentally different, then patent trolls have taught you well, young lawyer.

about 8 months ago

Apple Drops Snow Leopard Security Updates, Doesn't Tell Anyone

oogoliegoogolie Re:Is anyone actually stuck on Snow Leopard? (241 comments)

Snow Leopard is the last great version of OSX so I'm not surprised people still choose to use it. It looked nice-everything wasn't low contrast dark grey-on-light grey, performance was snappy, sure seemed more stable than Mavericks, and didn't suffer from Apple's failed 'let's fill OSX with useless IOS features that have no place on the desktop' experiment.
OSX has steadily gotten worse since SL in design, usability, and reliability, and I still have two older machines that run it.

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Should I Get Google Glass?

oogoliegoogolie Re:You'll regret being an early adopter. (421 comments)

Whaat? I always assumed GG was given out to a select few just to get feedback. So Google Glass is still experimental, is a solution looking for a problem, has a high chance of being suddenly dropped by Google if it doesn't take off, and people still are willing to pay $1500 for it?
Holy Crap! I thought Apple's fanboys were insane!

about 9 months ago

New DOOM Game Not Dead: Beta Comes With Wolfenstein Pre-Order

oogoliegoogolie Re:I remember Doom 3. (108 comments)

1. it was way too dark
At times, but having something jump out of the darkness , even though I knew it was going to happen as soon as I opened the door or picked up something, made me have to change my shorts more often than any other game I played. I remember playing it in with the lights off and somehow a CD case fell off my desk onto the hardwood floor. I hit the roof! Then, another time my GF walks silently behind me and puts her hand on my shoulder as I am sneaking around a dark corridor. OMG, I think I jumped so high that both of us required a change of underwear after that.

2. The gameplay was repetitive.
Isn't every game? From Pacman to Mortal Combat to to COD 14, or whatever they are at now, to Bioshock Infinite, once you get over the initial 'WOW, that's so cool to swing thru the city on your skyhook', each level of the game plays the same as the one before. Yes, it was walk into the room, lights go out, monsters come out, you shoot them, repeat. It was repetitive, but I never got tired of it.

3. The story wasn't very exciting
It's a FPS, what did you expect? You go in. You shoot monsters or bad guys, and kill the boss at the end.

A game doesn't have to be revolutionary to be fun.

about 9 months ago

Google Confirms Shut Down of Schemer

oogoliegoogolie Re:Here we go again... (170 comments)

'Cue the Google apologists' you mean.

about 10 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Do Mobile Versions of Websites Suck?

oogoliegoogolie Re:Wrong question (382 comments)

Exactly! There are no reason for mobile sites to exist nowadays. Most mobile sites are so horrendously designed that they end up looking like Gopher sites during the pre-www days. It's not like Desktop sites are designed to make full use of a 2560x1440 monitor anyways; content fills only 30-50% of the screen width-just right for mobile devices. Just fix the sites to all controls work in mobile safari or chrome and be done with it.

about a year ago

Google Cuts Android Privacy Feature, Says Release Was Unintentional

oogoliegoogolie Re:Ups and Downs (324 comments)

Oh jeez, you really need to stop looking at Google through your Android-colored glasses!
Google was a cool tech company a decade ago when they came up with products that benefited the users, namely an email product that offered 1GB of space free when others gave you 20MB, and of course search. Since then they've morphed from a tech to an advertising and data-mining company, and all of their products reflect this.
Google:"Do you want to sign up for G+" or "Do you want to use your real name on Youtube?"
User:clicks NO
Google:"OK, we'll ask you later"

Do No Evil hasn't existed at Google for a decade, if it ever did.

about a year ago



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