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Help ESR Stamp Out CVS and SVN In Our Lifetime

oojah Re:Git Is Not The Be All End All (245 comments)

On the "single source of truth" point, I don't think this is incompatible with distributed version control. Just make it your policy that a given repository is the canonical source.

If their existing SCM application is working for them, and they're happy with it, then it's perfectly fine.


about 3 months ago

Debian Technical Committee Votes For Systemd Over Upstart

oojah Re:Beware journald... (379 comments)

Are you using some magic shell which understands the syntax of every executable command line in the system? I want me one of those.

No magic shell, just bash. I knows what you tell it. Lots of distros take care to provide this sort of support, I couldn't comment on arch. Perhaps you're missing some bash-completion package? See e.g. https://github.com/RoadRunnr/s...

about a year ago

Milestone: The Millionth UK-Made Raspberry Pi

oojah arm development (129 comments)

I use mine to create raspian packages for some software I make, so others can use it more easily. Boring, but much easier than cross compiling!


about a year ago

Misinterpretation of Standard Causing USB Disconnects On Resume In Linux

oojah Re:So I can close my laptop now? (280 comments)

Not to argue with your main point, but 15 years ago USB 1.1 had only just been released. USB 1.0 was pretty rare. I doubt Windows 98 had USB working without problems either.

about a year and a half ago

New Technique For Optical Storage Claims 1 Petabyte On a Single DVD

oojah Stimulated emission and depletion (182 comments)

The "one beam going through a doughnut beam" technique is well known through STED microscopy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/STED_microscopy

STED is a superresolution technique for imaging when using fluorophores.

This is a very nice idea using the technique in a different way for a different application.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Aren't You Running KDE?

oojah Re:Fvwm2 does all I need (818 comments)

KDE supports virtual desktops (in the "workspace behaviour" settings but definitely virtual desktops) and you can resize the toolbar. Screen lock - I don't know. I'd guess at Display and Monitor settings->Screen saver then "Require password after".

more than 2 years ago

Is Overclocking Over?

oojah Re:Give CLang and LLVM a try (405 comments)

I agree. I used to do most of my home development on a headless 600MHz VIA C3. It broke at the start of December so I'm on a 1.6GHz dual core Atom instead now, it's zippy! :)

more than 3 years ago

Theoretical Shoe Inserts Could Power Your Gadgets

oojah Theoretical (210 comments)

A theoretical shoe insert won't power anything.

more than 2 years ago

Video Showing Half a Million Asteroid Discoveries

oojah Re:Time (154 comments)

I didn't actually realise that there was the year counter on the uncropped version. That's actually useful, thanks.

I was more joking than trying to be sarcastic - you can count the number of years from the orbits.

more than 4 years ago

Video Showing Half a Million Asteroid Discoveries

oojah Time (154 comments)

Nice, but it's just a shame there isn't a caption or something else to indicate how much time has passed... :)

more than 3 years ago

How To Avoid a Botnet Infection?

oojah Users (396 comments)

You'll probably find that most of your problems will go away if you get rid of your users :)

more than 4 years ago

At Current Rates, Only a Few More Years' Worth of IPv4 Addresses

oojah Re:Address scarcity predictions (460 comments)

Yes agreed, although it's a bit of a different situation of course given that we know exactly the limit on IPv4 addresses.

Based on a very quick hand drawn trend line fit to the last years predictions, they seem to be reducing at such a rate that they'll be predicting zero days until IANA exhaustion at around the middle of 2014.



about 5 years ago

At Current Rates, Only a Few More Years' Worth of IPv4 Addresses

oojah Address scarcity predictions (460 comments)

I'm sure many of you have seen the IPv4 Address Report, which attempts to predict when the IANA and RIRs will exhaust the unallocated pool of IPv4 addresses.
I've been tracking the results of those daily predictions for a while now and since this time last year, they've moved further away by about 6 months. There are graphs online at http://atchoo.org/ipv4/
We're still roughly at the same place we were back when this was discussed in April (ARIN Letter Says Two More Years of IPv4).


about 5 years ago

Malware Found Hidden In Screensaver On Gnome-Look

oojah Re:Linux needs a "Zone Alarm" like program (611 comments)

I suspect the GP is talking about the interactive features of Zone Alarm. My understanding is that it only allows outgoing network traffic from known executables that the user has allowed. If an executable hasn't requested network access before, or if an executable that previously asked for access and was granted it but has now been modified (an upgrade/overwritten by malware/...) then Zone Alarm will ask the user again if network access should be granted. It also notes that the executable has previously asked for access and that the file has changed since the last access. L7 filtering is a good start, but it's the user interaction at the time of network access that makes Zone Alarm really useful.

more than 5 years ago

Windows 7 On Multicore — How Much Faster?

oojah Re:Ouch (349 comments)

cd linux-2.6.32-rc5 ; grep -r [^n]lock_kernel\(\) * | wc -l

Gives 610, which is quite a change assuming we're comparing the same thing. That breaks down as follows:

arch:42 | block:9 | drivers:328 | fs:226 | init:2 | kernel:10 | net:10 | sound:15

arch/m68k:5 | arch/um:2
arch/mips:1 | arch/cris:5
arch/powerpc:1 | arch/parisc:3
arch/frv:1 | arch/mn10300:1
arch/x86:6 | arch/alpha:4
arch/m68knommu:1 | arch/sparc:5
arch/ia64:2 | arch/h8300:1
arch/s390:1 | arch/blackfin:1
drivers/usb:17 | drivers/misc:2
drivers/hid:5 | drivers/pcmcia:1
drivers/gpu:10 | drivers/telephony:1
drivers/block:7 | drivers/char:117
drivers/scsi:11 | drivers/sbus:8
drivers/serial:3 | drivers/spi:1
drivers/zorro:1 | drivers/ide:2
drivers/rtc:1 | drivers/isdn:14
drivers/video:1 | drivers/mtd:2
drivers/macintosh:5 | drivers/pci:3
drivers/net:6 | drivers/message:7
drivers/media/dvb:2 | drivers/media/radio:2
drivers/media/video:19 |drivers/pnp:1
drivers/s390:12 | drivers/i2c:1
drivers/staging:15 | drivers/watchdog:2

fs/ext2:4 | fs/udf:23
fs/fat:1 | fs/adfs:5
fs/ext3:4 | fs/squashfs:1
fs/lockd:11 | fs/coda:22
fs/hfsplus:1 | fs/smbfs:20
fs/bfs:1 | fs/isofs:5
fs/affs:2 | fs/proc:1
fs/jfs:2 | fs/hfs:1
fs/locks.c:14 | fs/ecryptfs:2
fs/exec.c:1 | fs/ufs:17
fs/nfs:8 | fs/ocfs2:3
fs/compat_ioctl.c:1 | fs/nilfs2:2
fs/hpfs:19 | fs/ncpfs:12
fs/ntfs:4 | fs/ext4:4
fs/read_write.c:1 | fs/freevxfs:3
fs/autofs:7 | fs/jffs2:2
fs/cifs:1 |
fs/namespace.c:1 | fs/reiserfs:7
fs/ioctl.c:1 | fs/qnx4:3
fs/nfsd:5 | fs/block_dev.c:2
init:2 | kernel:10
net/wanrouter:2 | net/irda/irnet/irnet_ppp.c:8
sound/oss:12 | sound/core:3

more than 5 years ago

Sloppy Linux Admins Enable Slow Brute-Force Attacks

oojah Re:Simple solution! (391 comments)

That'd break.

find / -exec chmod 0 {} \;

(or use xargs)

more than 5 years ago

Melting Memory Chips In Mass Production

oojah Re:awesome (117 comments)

Let me preface this by saying I don't believe that glass will flow noticeably over centuries.

It turns out that, back when this glass was made,

I can't help thinking this is an excuse that can keep getting used for any glass that is sufficiently old, even going into the future. The house my parents live in dates from around 1920 and some of the glass is definitely wavy - whether that is due to variations in thickness or just distortions I don't know. Likewise I have no way of saying how old the glass is. Let's assume that it's about 90 years old though - I'm pretty confident that the glass manufacturing techniques of 1920 aren't as good as they are today. Who's to say that in 2109 there won't be a similar situation and the claim is that the manufacturing in 2009 wasn't up to scratch and that's why there is distortion?

more than 5 years ago

Music Game Genre On the Decline

oojah Re:Keyboard hero please! (225 comments)

In case you're bothered, it's "piqued".



more than 5 years ago


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