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UK Wants To Phase Out Checks By 2018

oolon Re:Good Riddance (796 comments)

Bankers draft for that then! In the UK the maximum electronic transfer in a day is 10k, so not enough to buy a house. The problem with electronic transfers is the possibility of mistakes, with a cheque it is the responsibility of the person receiving it to check the details are correct. With an electronic transfer, if it is sent to the wrong place, tuff the money is gone. I use direct debts for bill, electronic transfers from between my own accounts, however give cheques or cash for Ad Hoc payments not to be repeated.

about 5 years ago

Nielsen Recommends Not Masking Passwords

oolon Cash Machines! (849 comments)

I wonder why they don't do this with cash machines, it sure would help with skimming easier, rather than having to look at those fingers! Idiots! Now we can crash a co-workers computer and get got watch the password being typed it.

more than 5 years ago

Australian Web Filter To Censor Downloaded Games

oolon Re:Unclassified games (200 comments)

Seeing as the Encrypted channel could be connecting on any port to any computer on the internet, how will they know it a game update download they are blocking? So they can block games they know about, how are they going to provent the access of proxies, vpns, and every other kind of tunnel out there. For services like steam how are they going know a bad game is being downloaded not a good one? I really wish politicians would atleast try to understand how things work, the internet is a network of peers not servers and restricted clients, and not every things is http!

more than 5 years ago

Dealing With ISPs That Use NXDomain Redirection?

oolon Re:Use Full Tunnels (264 comments)

The Cisco VPN client implements a full tunnel mode rather well, however I did notice the one thing it didn't block was "DHCP" broadcasts, I wrote a proof of concept to see if I could signal over it, I was intending to write a full tunnel, but ended up finding it easier to virtualise the laptop, then tunnel over a serial connection to escape from the jail.

more than 5 years ago

Dealing With ISPs That Use NXDomain Redirection?

oolon Re:Use Full Tunnels (264 comments)

The down side of this is people cannot use their local printers/file servers. I find it really annoying having to reverse tunnel out of corporate VPNs to get access to my local systems. Clearly as others have said any VPN client should change the DNS settings to use the internal DNS before any external one, I didn't know some didn't.

more than 5 years ago

On my current computer, I'm using ...

oolon Re:More then 1 computer and display (360 comments)

I also use 2 displays and 2 KVMs and a dual switch monitor, All my computers accept my primary one are connected to a KVM, This is then hooked up to a VGA doubler, one output is then sent to my second display (on the right), another output goes to my second KVM, which has the primary display of my primary computer on it. The secondary display of my primary computer is also hooked up to my secondary display via the input switch.

This setup has the effect that any computer display on my primary monitor as keyboard and mouse on it, this saves alot of confusion. My secondary display can either display any of my other computers or the secondary one of my primary computer, this allows me monitor any computer I wish with my secondary display, if my primary is the one I am wanting to monitor I can still to that via the secondary display, while using another on the primary display. This setup is worth while as I do have 7 computers in my study though most of them are not turned on at the same time (most of them are a san/fibre cluster testbed).

The KVM I have most of the computers plugged into, is infact an cat5/ipkvm, this means other computers arround the house can have their displays routed back to it, also have satelight adapters, I only use one cat5 to each room to do this. Oftain when I want to use my laptop at home I plug it in down stairs, out of the way and then work in my study.

I also have a TV to the left of me, which I am going to get rid of and replace with another monitor, which can take an input from my cable box as well as a secondary display from a media computer, this monitor will do PiP as well.

Of course adding to all of this I have vmware running on my main server so I always have access to a working windows image (and that can do remote displays as well), as my primary computer like many other peoples is aways in some stage of being broken!


more than 6 years ago


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