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US Copyright Czar Cozied Up To Content Industry

operator_error Re:This is Fucked (162 comments)

America has the best government money can buy.

more than 2 years ago

Europeans Needed To Create Broadband Performance Measure

operator_error Sam Knows You (47 comments) is the URL. Which is sort of a creepy sign right there I think.

Volunteers will receive a purpose-built broadband measurement unit which can be plugged into the existing modem/router. This is called the SamKnows Whitebox.

Will these folks be blessed with any rights of immunity, against anything that is dug up? Might be a good method for a TOR onion router perhaps.

more than 2 years ago

Teach Your Router New Tricks With DD-WRT

operator_error Re:Check your radios, folks (257 comments)

As a happy DD-WRT user for users, with many SO-HO routers and LANs to my name, I never buy any routers unless it shows up on the DD-WRT router support database first. To do anything less is probably a waste of time.

BTW, how is this word actually pronounced? Does is sound like rowter or rooter? /troll

more than 2 years ago

Adobe Pushes Emergency Flash Player Security Fix

operator_error Re:Does this effect Flash 11 beta? (56 comments)

Oh man, I hate replying to my own ./ post, but *that* ./ article headline and summary are completely false. If your read all the waaaay down to the bottom of TFA, on the linked-to slashdot piece, it says "Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 would be publicly available in early October, Adobe said in a statement." So no v11 Release happened at all.

Adobe specifically states "Critical vulnerabilities have been identified in Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris, and Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Android.". Hope this info helps.

more than 2 years ago

Adobe Pushes Emergency Flash Player Security Fix

operator_error Re:Does this effect Flash 11 beta? (56 comments)

Adobe released Flash 11 yesterday, so no need to use the beta anymore; and I'm assuming the security issue was addressed or the release wouldn't be happening.

TFA specifically calls out Flash 10.3 though, not v11. Also the Flash 11 beta on Linux doesn't mention the new release at all. I am using Ubuntu and using the Flash Preferences (in System > Preferences), I am not informed of any actual new release. Maybe because I am in Europe and Adobe's CDN hasn't woken up yet? (ha ha). I clicked the Advanced tab, and then Updates > Check Now. My browser opens a page at which tells me:

You have version 11,0,1,98 installed

Actually, I have Beta 2 installed from at least a week ago, not the Sept. 21 release.

Go Adobe! Go!

more than 2 years ago

Nokia Killing Symbian and S40 In North America

operator_error Open Source to clenched-fist model. (148 comments)

Dear Nokia, I love your engineers. But please ditch your marketing department, just soon as you fire your CEO Stephen Elop, the $hill from Micro$oft. I miss you lots.

more than 3 years ago

Breaking Motion Capture Out of the Studio

operator_error Re:So how long .... (39 comments)

Oblig XKCD to explain rule #34 in-a-click:, for those that provide relevant cultural references without one.

more than 3 years ago

Linus Torvalds Ditches GNOME 3 For Xfce

operator_error Re:I did the same thing. (835 comments)

May I point out there's Linux Mint for Debian XFCE for us to consider? It looks (and sounds) like a nice workstation OS, based on Debian testing. Arguably, the Linux Mint devs are competing head to head with Canonical, using Debian, while keeping a steady eye on Ubuntu releases.

FAQ # 2

2. Is Linux Mint switching to Debian?

No. Linux Mint is Linux Mint, it’s not based on anything per se. It provides different editions which include different upstream components. In regards to package bases and repositories, what’s happening today is that the Xfce edition of Linux Mint is switching two important things:

        It’s switching its package base from a frozen Ubuntu pool to the rolling Debian Testing branch.
        It’s switching its lightweight software selection to a more mainstream one.

more than 3 years ago

Debian Wheezy To Have Multi-Architecture Support

operator_error Re:nice link (135 comments)

I clicked it and now I cannot see. (Maybe my eyes are bleeding too!)

more than 3 years ago

Sub-Centimeter Positioning Coming To Mobile Phones

operator_error Re:Centimetre (70 comments)

At this time, only three countries - Burma, Liberia, and the US - have not adopted the International System of Units (SI, or metric system) as their official system of weights and measures. Although use of the metric system has been sanctioned by law in the US since 1866, it has been slow in displacing the American adaptation of the British Imperial System known as the US Customary System. The US is the only industrialized nation that does not mainly use the metric system in its commercial and standards activities, but there is increasing acceptance in science, medicine, government, and many sectors of industry.

Sort of off-topic I'll grant you, but ain't it an interesting factoid and source folks?

U.S. CIA World Factbook

more than 3 years ago

Adobe Released 64-bit Flash For Linux

operator_error Re:I hate flash. (274 comments)

As a web-Dev, I must disagree. For the logos, backgrounds, textures and whatnot I am called to deal with, GIMP is perfectly adequate for the task. In fact since I work with Drupal hosted on Debian/LAMP servers, I dig on Ubuntu as the Power-Client (free!) because the OS is so similar when I work for clients (actual, paying clients).

What is not cool is having to stop work and having to ask the client paying for my time, to also fund a Photoshop purchase (even Elements which costs $/euro 100 at the local office supply store, but this takes time folks). Since Ubuntu offers GIMP along with native SSH/SFTP, (etc., etc.) I'm ready to work, and get paid.

And of course VMs run really well on a project too, and are extremely portable across hardware workstations, with excellent Developer snapshot facilities, but I digress.

more than 3 years ago

Thunderbird Unseats Evolution In Ubuntu 11.10

operator_error Re:BFT (283 comments)

Yes I agree. And while we're ditching Empathy, can we get Ekiga back for SIP calls that 'just work', or otherwise Jitsi?

more than 3 years ago

Jailbreakme 3.0 Released

operator_error Re:Android pod touch (102 comments)

I would. But what's the Android counterpart to an iPod touch?

An option might be to use Nokia's upcoming N9 Linux phone, with Android running in a virtual machine when you really want it. The phone is supposed to come with Alien Dalvik installed (an Android VM compatibility layer). Available in a single solid block of black, blue, or pink polycarbonite with curved Gorilla glass and no buttons on the face.

What kinda excites me as a developer, besides it being linux and an upgrade to my N900 and all that, is the GUI is worked out for single-handed usage.

In the U.S. the store seems to be the best place I've seen so far to buy such unlocked phones.

more than 3 years ago

VoIP Data and Google Maps Mashup Shows Live Calls

operator_error Re:Interesting, but... (34 comments)

Been using them well over 1 year, they are a betamax company:

When I buy in 10 euro amounts, I get 10 free days. Seems I only my use credit to call Dutch mobile phones at $.06 per minute. The free days cover pretty much cover all my landline calls in 'most modern VOIP countires' such as NL, US, UK, etc. Check out the rates yourself. I don't limit how much I call or for how long and my costs are like a few euros over several months, not tens of dollars.

Bought a Polycom IP-650 phone, but the codecs also work great using my Nokia phones. is #2 in my book.

People flinch at the betamax voip service, but no one seems to bother to sort out the correct asterisk settings, although the SIP termination configuration is fairly well documented on all the betamax sites. My quality is perfect, and my callers/callees agree.

more than 3 years ago

Mozilla Releases Thunderbird 5

operator_error Re:Who uses Thunderbird? (154 comments)

I do not WANT to give my email to Google. I really don't. But I need a multi-PC/mobile solution (i.e. an IMAP server), and I ran my own (hosted) server for my own domain for years, until the spam completely overwhelmed me. I used Tuffmail for awhile, although their spam controls are not-user friendly and I find their documentation very hard to apply. Tuffmail is reasonably priced, although not long ago I went on a cost-cutting spree and Tuffmail got hit.

To-date I use gmail, because they are managing my spam effectively, and for free. (Except for the privacy thing, so I must 'trust' the GOOG for what they claim). I still don't like Google Mail though; they are an advertising company, and I am the product being delivered to their clients.

I use Thunderbird mostly, via gmail IMAP. I wish fighting IMAP-spam were easier.

more than 3 years ago

Among the Costs of War: $20B In Air Conditioning

operator_error Re:Solar Power? (409 comments)

The word Hajji means a person who has made, or is in the process of making a religious pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina. This pilgrimage itself is called the Hajj. The Hajj terminal in Jeddah is the largest airport in the world.

In the context you have used, you are referring to a violent person. Hajjis have nothing whatsoever to do with violence, they are religious pilgrims.

more than 3 years ago



Nokia announces MeeGo 1.2 for Developers w/ N900

operator_error operator_error writes  |  more than 3 years ago

operator_error (1363139) writes "Jukka Eklund at Nokia writes to the Meego Dev list: "I am thrilled to announce a little thing we started at Nokia. Basically we want to have MeeGo running in N900 device, so that it's really usable as your daily development device. Basic Handset UX should work, phone calls, SMS, web browsing. So we are concentrating on a few selected features and polish those to be "perfect". It might mean that we leave out some things in MeeGo 1.2 trunk for this edition, but that is not the default intention.

We are doing this fully on the open, and I hope this is an interesting project where we all in the community work towards the same goal: have a great MeeGo edition in the N900. This work is naturally based on the great work done already by N900 adaptation team lead by Harri and Carsten.

The wiki is up here: It will populated with more information as we go, thanks for the patience.

Developer Edition product manager" ...Also folks, be sure to stay tuned for the new Nokia N950 meant only as a (likely) unsubsidized Developer's hardware refresh of the N900. Only rumor has it that it will not arrive with a slide-out keyboard. How important is having a N900-style keyboard to you, along with the new Meego Love Nokia software continues to offer?"

Link to Original Source


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