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option8 USB on appleTV? (1619 comments)

since there wasn't any mention of it here or any of the live coverage sites that i watched, and none on the apple site, does anyone have any ideas what the USB port on the appleTV would support? syncing with itunes, i would presume - like a big ipod, or as an external hard drive. on a related note, on the apple store and main site, they have the appletv grouped in with the ipod and itunes, which makes sense to me, though only after some thought.

anyhoo, it also wouldn't be a bad idea to be able to hook the appleTV to the new airport extreme (802.11n) base station as a shared drive.

or, for that matter, be able to extend the appleTV's storage with one of the myriad mac-mini-form-factor hard drives out in the world. i don't know about most folks, but between movies, tv, and music, i've got about half of my home server's 500gig RAID full. i suppose i could stream all that, but having some serious storage in the living room would be nice with the flaky wireless reception in my house.

maybe sync ipod appleTV?

i'm getting married soon. i wonder if i can register at the apple store?

about 8 years ago


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