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Vista Activation Cracked by Brute Force

orderb13 Re:MS would owe at least the key (470 comments)

In which case there will be lawsuits and EULA's will be challenged and a companies responsibility to it's consumers will be better defined. Sounds like a win-win scenario here, as much as anything in regards to this can be called a win.

more than 7 years ago



orderb13 orderb13 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

orderb13 (792382) writes "My friend and I are developing a new website as a fun little side project. We are wanting part of it to be an AJAX application and part of it to be standard HTML/XHTML. We are both versed in standard web-development (he uses Java, I use .Net) but have no experience with AJAX. Neither of us is opposed to learning a new language if one present compelling reasons to switch, as we are firm believers in the right tool for the right job. We were wondering what the slashdot community's experience has been. Is there a programming language/platform that is head and shoulders above the other in terms of ease of programming an AJAX app? Is there a particular toolkit you find useful? Any books or web resources that you used to learn? Are there any pitfalls that we should avoid?"


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