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Could a Category 5 Hurricane Take Down East Coast Data Centers?

orrorri Re:Risk compared to what? (214 comments)

West coast has earthquakes. Midwest has tornadoes. Northeast has blizzards and nor'easters.

I too live in VA... and we have earthquakes and tornadoes and hurricanes.

more than 2 years ago

In America, 46% of People Hold a Creationist View of Human Origins

orrorri Re:The reason Christianity has this problem. (1359 comments)

Not to say that the Pope speaks for all christians, but the catholic church is not opposed to evolution. Sure if you want to look back into the mid-19th century, but as of this and the previous century, evolution has been deemed as "ok" it is just the human soul which was created by god, the rest could have been a result of evolution.

"Pius XII has already affirmed that there is no conflict between evolution and the doctrine of the faith regarding man and his vocation..." - Pope John Paul II

The requirement of the Bible to be literal is from fundamentalists... which came into big popularity in America in early 20th century. So around the same time the rest of the christian world is starting to come around to logic, the US (in their infinite wisdom) are refusing to use logic.

In other words: your synopsis only accounts towards fundies. Christianity in large could not care less about evolution, as it does not break their beliefs. Stupid fundies.

more than 2 years ago

FBI Caught On Camera Returning Seized Server

orrorri Re:So What Was the FBI Supposed to Do? (267 comments)

The issue is not that it was inconvenient for several hundred people, the main issue is the warrant covered. Allowing the FBI to search not just the remailer, but giving the FBI full access to poke through and grab whatever information they wanted from the entire server.I would not want my apartment to get searched because someone else in the building did something.

And sure, you can justify it to yourself that it was to help other people, but the point is there is a precedence out there now [or was it there already? i haven't researched that]... if someone uses gmail and sends a bomb threat, confiscate all gmail servers, and have access to everyone's accounts. That sounds legal, that sounds right. That is NOT an invasion of privacy.

Even if you agree with the cause, you cannot give carte blanche to the FBI to do whatever they want with the entire server. Make the warrant be specific. They can only search the information about the remailer. If they want anything else on the server, that is a different warrant.

more than 2 years ago



Jonathan Coulton Picks Piracy Over Copyright

orrorri orrorri writes  |  about 3 years ago

orrorri (2560145) writes "Jonathan Coulton, known for "Still Alive" among other songs, tweeted about the MegaUpload shutdown, which led to a longer blog post.

In the post, Coulton sides with piracy over a disabling copyright regime. "I believe in copyright. I benefit from it. I don'(TM)t want it to go away. I love that we have laws and people to enforce them. But if I had to give up one thing, if I had to choose between copyright and the wild west, semi-lawless, innovation-fest that is the internet? I’ll take the internet every time.""

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