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How Warcraft Doesn't Have To Wreck Lives

oscarm Re:I got a masters in Aerospace (274 comments)

Do you have any proof it requires "excessive amounts of time to be amusing" ?

My wife and I have played maybe 4-6 hours per week for almost two years now. Sure, we're just reaching level 50 at that pace but we've had fun without wrecking our real lives.

more than 8 years ago



Power Plnat CO2 Emission data now online

oscarm oscarm writes  |  more than 7 years ago

oscarm writes "CARMA.org is the most comprehensive, online source for power generation and carbon emission data available. Beyond the usual google map mashup to locate power producers worldwide, the site also allows developers to access data via a simple REST API. I'm curious to see what interesting apps users can cobble together with it."
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