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Journalist Arrested In Greece For Publishing List of Possible Tax-Evaders

ostiguy Re:Get out of Greece now. (344 comments)

Who lent the Greeks the money?

German Landesbanken, among others. The Greeks own a lot of responsibility, but their enablers have been bailed out by the EU trying to avoid debt write downs.

The EU would have been far better off if the Germans had gotten a dose of reality by experiencing more bank failures. The average German thinks the problem is the Greeks, when it is a combination of Greeks and dumb lenders reaching for yield.

more than 2 years ago

Airlines Get Billions From Unbundled Services

ostiguy Re:Unbundling without choice (432 comments)

"free, competitive marketplace"

If I need to fly Boston to Newark, what are my options?

Hint - the only direct flight is Continental, which is the same if I fly out of Providence.

more than 4 years ago

Airlines Get Billions From Unbundled Services

ostiguy Re:I like it (432 comments)

Having luggage you can manage on your own has nothing to do with nothing.

Most of my domestic flights are business. Invariably, the tickets are purchased 10 to 3 days in advance. This means, invariably, I am in the worst location on the airplane, while having paid the most.

I am the last to board, by virtue of the seating group assigned to my section on the plane, and it can be hit or miss whether I can actually carry on my carry on as the bins are full of crap from vacationeers who paid 1/6th what I did for the flight because they booked 6 months in advance.

This model is insane.

more than 4 years ago

Data Center Designers In High Demand

ostiguy Re:How many jobs per data center? (140 comments)

Its got to be the IT equivalent of sports arenas (heretofore the most infamous boondoggle as a jobs creator/economic engine) - lets have a 100k sq ft thing consume far more power than 10-20 100k sq ft office parks, and we got TWO HUNDRED jobs to show for it. Fantastic.

more than 6 years ago



Nvidia artificially limiting Physx performance?

ostiguy ostiguy writes  |  more than 4 years ago

ostiguy (63618) writes "This article takes an in depth look at how Physx behaves without GPU accelerated processing, and their conclusion is that Nvidia uses x87 FPU instructions to limit the performance of Physx processing without a dedicated GPU"
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