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Recipe For Building a Cheap Raspberry Pi Honeypot Network

owlstead Re:I don't get the hype (68 comments)

In this case I agree. It's: 1) install raspbian 2) install [dionaea](, the honeypot software. And...that's about it. Some general download and configuration options are present. It's easy to follow and read and therefore probably a good blog entry, but not exactly news.

about a month and a half ago

Google Forks OpenSSL, Announces BoringSSL

owlstead Re:How does this help? (128 comments)

So where is the heartbleed bug report that was ignored?

about 2 months ago

Google Forks OpenSSL, Announces BoringSSL

owlstead Re:It is hip to be square (128 comments)

Yes, but that's not what this seems to be about:

We have used a number of patches on top of OpenSSL for many years. Some of them have been accepted into the main OpenSSL repository, but many of them don’t mesh with OpenSSL’s guarantee of API and ABI stability and many of them are a little too experimental.

For something that includes experimental patches, *boring* would be an extremely stupid part of the name.

about 2 months ago

TrueCrypt Website Says To Switch To BitLocker

owlstead Re: Fishy (566 comments)

RSA is a purposefully weak cipher? Citation needed!

about 4 months ago

The Dismantling of POTS: Bold Move Or Grave Error?

owlstead Re:POTS... (582 comments)

Maybe so, but I've still got one of those plain old telephones that do work on a POTS line lying around. And I would not be surprised if many people still have one of those lying around as well. Of course, I've long given up on the POTS subscriber line, so it won't make much of a difference.

No internet means no television, no radio, nothing. I've however got 3 internet connections; one DSL, one mobile backup provided by my internet provider and a telephone. This telephone is will also receive an SMS if anything catastrophic happens in the neighbourhood.

I'm hoping on quick restoration of mobile lines if something does happen. In the Netherlands that's probably a storm, an industrial accident or flooding, we are happily void of earthquakes, tornadoes, tropical storms...

about 10 months ago

The Dismantling of POTS: Bold Move Or Grave Error?

owlstead Re:History.... learn from it! (582 comments)

As a European, I truly must ask: "What is a telephone pole?" Never seen one.

about 10 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Makes You Uninstall Apps?

owlstead Re:They pop up and notify me they are running. (243 comments)

OK, I can understand this one, but there are so many ways of hiding information in a channel that you simply need to have a blanket permission. Otherwise you are promising something that you cannot enforce.

What I could see is permissions for specific ad services, or access to specific servers. Even then the last one is of limited use; it could only help against sharing information with a *third party*. If you don't trust the developer, then just connecting with the server of the developer is enough to share any information with anybody. Sometimes however you *don't* connect to a server of a developer, it would be helpful if an IMDB app could just connect to IMDB and not to the developer of the app.

about 10 months ago

Easily-Captured Asteroids Identified

owlstead Re:Mining water? (160 comments)

Oh, yes, thank you for generating another Slashdot meme...

about a year ago

Easily-Captured Asteroids Identified

owlstead Re:Great! (160 comments)

I'm just glad you used the back of a napkin and not a piece of toilet paper...

about a year ago

Ex-Sun Employees Are Taking Java To iOS

owlstead Re:Not entirely useful (115 comments)

That is certainly true, but most of the libraries that are used for core functionality of applications (at least if your application is not just a GUI or Android specific) are fully compatible with the Java runtime after compilation, and almost any third party lib can be compiled and run. The only problem is that many applications are too dependent on the GUI - in other words if they are badly written.

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft Relents On Metro-Only Visual Studio Express

owlstead Re:Express = Free? (228 comments)

Dunno, but it keeps managers from only allowing the "free" version I suppose, and it does not have any relation to the word "cheap" and therefore "sub-par". Although I guess it does by now, at least for software.

more than 2 years ago

Van Jacobson Denies Averting Internet Meltdown In 1980s

owlstead Grammar in artlcle (57 comments)

It used to be that reporters first learned basic grammar before creating an article. English is not my first language, but that article has been written so badly that it is hurting my eyes. Even the quotes don't make sense (if they are actually quotes, who can tell?)

more than 2 years ago

Why You Can't Dump Java (Even Though You Want To)

owlstead Re:java/Linux or Windows? (402 comments)

PyDev is an Eclpise plugin, which is build using Java. I find it a bit ironic you are immediately pointing to a very successful Java IDE.

Crap should break. Otherwise, if you spend just a bit of time making sure that your application has been created using Java rules.

Java is well known to be a pretty conservative language regarding new features, so I really don't know what you are talking about there.

And *any* language has it's crap API's or bloatware, Java is certainly not an exception there.

more than 2 years ago

Why You Can't Dump Java (Even Though You Want To)

owlstead Re:less risk? (402 comments)

The Java API is generally considered a very well written and documented API. Many functions are not directly present from an OS. Stating that the OS functions are easier to program against is certainly - well, actually just wrong. Generally they are much more complex and much less documented than the Java API. The tool support tends to be much worse too, with a steep learning curve (in general), never mind trying to compile for another platform with different libraries and drivers.

I'm not a big fan of using Java or Flash in web browsers, although I think the access controlled Java is at least a lot less vulnerable - if updated from time to time - than flash. Unfortunately, it is also pretty shitty for web applications/games compared with flash.

more than 2 years ago

Why You Can't Dump Java (Even Though You Want To)

owlstead Re:This is a stupid article (402 comments)

You should look at another Vendor, because it is *broken*.

more than 2 years ago

Why You Can't Dump Java (Even Though You Want To)

owlstead Re:Mod parent up (402 comments)

I'm a really big proponent of Java, but I'll be the first to say that it failed to make an impact as web-plugin. I don't know how they could screw up so badly (I do have a few pointers such as the horrible AWT / Swing idea) but I'll be the first that applets and - in lesser form - webstart completely and utterly sucks. And you could say that for many Java GUI applications, if only for the horrendous, evil, completely useless file chooser dialog box that should somehow reassemble the OS provided one.

I'll make a small exception for Eclipse and Eclipse based applications, which does have a pretty good (underestimated) application framework.

more than 2 years ago



owlstead owlstead writes  |  more than 7 years ago

owlstead (636356) writes "The Dutch consumer show "Kassa" has devoted a broadcast to problems with the Xbox-360. Besides the information as displayed below, they also mentioned the probable techninal cause of the scratches. The experts in the broadcasts think that Microsoft deliberately downplays the problems. They mentioned the huge (PR) problem it would cause if it was shown that millions of machines may be broken.

The following text is a small part of this page translated to English.

Microsoft admits scratching by Xbox-360

Kassa devoted attention to the Xbox-360 at the end of January. The game console of Microsoft can cause scratches on games. Thousands of people came to us to complain, and according to all messages on the Internet there are worldwide many more people that suffer scratched Cd's.

The Kassa Scratching Test:
Despite the thousand complaints, and the many messages on this issue on the Internet, Microsoft kept by their statement: "an Xbox cannot scratch the disks if they have been placed on a stable platform". So Kassa went to work: during tree days we tested — in a lab situation with the help of three gamers and in a living room setting at a later stage — the scratch resistance of the Xbox. The test results show that even if an Xbox on a stable platform can cause scratches on different games.

From the information known to Kassa, it can be concluded that the problems occur specifically to Xboxes that have been produced at the end of 2006, using the infamous TSST-drive.

The response of Microsoft Nederland:
Xbox owners who think that their disks have been scratched in a similar manner as displayed by Kassa, should contact us. We shall examine the console and, if necessary, repair it to full working order. Besides that, we shall inform Xbox owners on how to obtain replacement disks, should they need them.

Seems to me that they are still reluctant to say that something is wrong with certain models of the Xbox."


owlstead has no journal entries.

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