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Teaching Calculus To 5-Year-Olds

oxnyx Abstrate Thinking skills may be required (231 comments)

I took a lot special education due to having dyslexia. However the memory that sticks out the most is sitting in a Normal Grade 10 Math Class in High School with 3/4 of the class very upset about the idea of "x" entering into Math. Really they had a HUGE problem with it. Apparently that normal because you actually need to get quiet a long way before you develop abstract thinking skills. Now I'm sure some of the children of people on slashdot are really good at it at a young age however there are limits. Similar ever try to teach someone in Grade 2 about Irony or Theme in English Lit? I understand one of the hardest things to do is as Magician is impress 2 years with a rabbit coming out of a top hat because they do not see an reason why that would not be normal. Get the kids good at factoring and able to handle BEDMAS. It sort like says my child will be independent at 18 therefore at 2 his/she should know 1/9 of all though skills but can't keep their room clean. Younger children may be the best learn but older people can handle more complex ideas if slower.

about 6 months ago

Time For a Hobbyist Smartphone?

oxnyx Have you Side Loaded a Blackberry Lately? (207 comments)

BB side loading would seem to meet the bill is the add "fun" of never being sure if all the required dll from Google Play are their or not.

1 year,3 days

What's Stopping Us From Eating Insects?

oxnyx Size problem? (655 comments)

The Royal Ontario Museum a number of years ago did a poster (think normal movie poster from HMV etc) with all the insects on it life size and the tag line "Bug Your Parents take you to the ROM" I got a free copy as being part of a camp run by the Museum. Very very few of the bugs on that poster were even as large as a chicken wing.Then there would be the reducing to shell them. I believe for most of the first world there would be a huge cost to grow them in the winter to meet standards of livestock and keep things cleans and that nothing about controlling the populations from breaking out. Even in the "Banana Belt" of Southern Canada we only get 1 crop a year of most things...I not interested in risking it.

about a year ago

Current Doctor Who Warns Against Facebook

oxnyx Lots of Faces to any person (218 comments)

Having spend some time during my BA in History reading copy books (books with copys of letter that people sent out) and other stuff they wrote - keeping a collection of selfs is normal. People behave differently to their family, around different friends at work and to neighbors. My sister I understand when her sisters aren't around is very talkative. At home Mom put in a 30 sound bite summary of the day rule in at dinner when she was in high school because otherwise she'd never tell us anything. Facebook is what the person lets it become. You can says some really dumb things; it could be an insight into your heart or you can fill it up with quotes write over pictures. As a historian I say fill it up or will make nice essay for future Historians to try pick into something useful later.

about a year ago

Obamacare Software Glitch Will Limit Penalties Charged To Smokers

oxnyx So how many packs a day you want to bet? (490 comments)

As a Canada with Government Health Care and nothing from work I must say this isn't that terrible and I am glad that US is tip toeing into prevent its citizens going broke when their health fails them. Though I really like to know how many packs a day the programmer who wrote that bug into the system smoked and how he/she/it demo around it at review and demos.

about a year ago

New Study Fails To Show That Violent Video Games Diminish Prosocial Behavior

oxnyx Can we face the fact People Violent Creatures? (113 comments)

Having recently finished as BA in history I feel it safe to say people are violent creatures. You can read about the Ancient Greek's Gymnasium, Roman Gladiators, Europe Divine Right Trials - who won the duel won the law case b/c God won't let the wrong person win, the range of piting animal v's animal fights, the military as the solution when talks break down and a host of belief around pain removing sin. Let face it the only thing violent video games allow is people who aren't very good not to get scared up physically while learning. Possible less people die too.

about a year ago

Why Your Users Hate Agile

oxnyx Being the at the User end (597 comments)

Our team is the user end of Agile and I have to admit; I was really very tired of it about 8 months; at 1.25 yr into the project am really ready to look for something better.I don't want to talk to the programmers every day - they need to talk to each other all the time- I want to take a look at each release doing some testing and give feedback and get stuff fix. The effect of Agile for me on this project is 2-2.5 hrs of meetings every day. The programmers seem to be in meetings about 4 hours a day. The rest of the pEng's in the building are able to get being with thing like walking over and talking to each other without a formal daily chat.

about a year ago

In terms of general neatness, I am ...

oxnyx Personally I prefer over messy (181 comments)

Agent of chaos. It means one day someone might find some math to locate my 15 Keyrings.

about a year ago

Google Glass Is the Future — and the Future Has Awful Battery Life

oxnyx Borg is now powering down... (473 comments)

What Star Terk Captions didn't know was that Zapp Brannigan means of dealing with Robot Wars would have worked for them too. Kept seen waves of men until the batteries are drained. Also I wonder how long until people deaths are put down not see the real world but only at their screen. Headphones are bad but visual distraction is worst.

about a year ago

How often do friends/family call you for tech support?

oxnyx Re:Never (255 comments)

Moving the family to OSX however did. That was 3 years ago and there has not been a single tech support issue since then.

The question is whether this is because they have no problems, or because they're reluctant to call the person who inflicted OSX on them.

I totally agree. My father decided to get a iMac. I thought great then I have to keep explaining, finding software and the NAS never worked correctly ! Personally I'm grateful after 7 long years to get him back on Windows 7.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Science Books For Middle School Enrichment?

oxnyx What about your local library? (203 comments)

One the best ideas I would do is to visit the local public library and the school library and talk to the librarian. (Aka not the person checking the books but with a desk and likely a catalog of books handy) That way you know the books are accessible and don't have to worry about the kids not having the money. They might not only know what books they have in but more importantly YOU would be about to ensure they know that this is something that might come up again next year so they BUY books targeted to meet such needs. Running a library isn't a one way thing. If nothing else you can then spend some happy time looking at all the books and see if anything looks good. In the mean time: - For the highly Regulus: The Cross and the Abacus ->More math than science but very interesting. -The Shock of the Old: Technology and Global History since 1900 ->Not a long book but one chapter might make a good report

about a year ago

If I could (or had to) ban texting in one place ...

oxnyx The Natural of Anti-Cellphone while Driving Operat (417 comments)

While studing for my BA in History one of the things that I learn historians look for is law that re-passed or re-presented to the public multiple times. This is seen as a good hint that the law was A) not being followed B) not being enforced and/or C) causing other social problems that were pressing the political ruler of the time. Given that driving is a licensed active; it is not unreasonable that people operating the vehicle be required to primarily be forced on the operation of the said vehicle. It therefore in the drivers, the passager(s) and the regulators best interest to attempt to sure people just drove the car. I find it hard to believe at any point in time (when motor vehicles could travel fast eff. to kill people) that part of the licencing process did not included the requirement that the driver not attempt to kill or injure people. Therefore the laws requiring the banning of cellphone operation can be seen as the government (select level of your choice) acting to re-enforce the idea to the operators, of a select but clearly to some people unresistant desire, there phones. It isn't a freedom thing; it's a stop doing stupid things guys.

about a year and a half ago

NASA To Encrypt All of Its Laptops

oxnyx Really...9/11 forced a lot of large Corps to (226 comments)

The security laws in the US after 9/11 force alot of big corps to encrypt. As far as I tell it slow down boot time and forces IT to take 2 days to turn around anything as there is 12hrs to decrypt the hdd and then 12 to re-crypt.This month we got told to put stickers on all documents to state it security level...I'm really sure those stickers "CORP. INTERNAL ONLY" will really slow down those outsider eyes. Soon I'm sure we will have to us a secret de-coder ring to read the print out. Really have you guys read most internal documents? They are of little interest to the people who are PAID to read them.

about 2 years ago

Are We Getting Smarter? Rising IQ Scores In the Twenty-First Century

oxnyx Test Subject and Condisions have Changed (421 comments)

In a 4th history close we looked at the Mismeasure of a Man. One of the largest topics was IQ testing. One of the earliest wide scale tests was done on soldiers in the US army. In tents...without verbal directions or written directions..on a primary migrates and child of farms who had never been to school. This test taker were pressured with louds to GO! Oddly almost everyone could solve a maze puzzle (think children placemate) but when it came to complete the picture people did badly. These people might never have seen a Gramma phone or a modern light bulb. At the rules where very strick that the bowling ball had to be in the man hand not in the air or rolling down the alley. The Avg. was further dropped by the fact that many soldiers where confused or didn't understand so they didn't do anything and left there exam blank. Today people take IQ tests in quiet rooms and in schools. They are reading the directions and often have seen similar problems before. No we're not getting smart we are just better prepped to take the test. In fact the test orginally was designed to find weaknesses in a child learn skills not designed to find the brightest and the best.

about 2 years ago

Fukushima Fish Still Radioactive

oxnyx Something still smells Fishyyy (107 comments)

They don't know if the reactor is still leaking, all they do know is that the fish are at the similar level as before. It seems to me that something is still reacting under all that water. The problem is that radioactivity is a pollutant at doesn't solve itself in a few years even if everything is cleaned up the waste is still creating reacting. The problem with earthquakes is that there is nothing to protect the fragile ..Do not shake stuff in our world.

about 2 years ago

If I had a time machine, I would first visit...

oxnyx Depoits and Long Term Interest (658 comments)

Forget the stock market, I'd like to make some "early" depoits and enjoy the effects of long term interest....As Dougas Adams suggested that 1 penny could go a long long way.

about 2 years ago

Cheap, Portable Ultrasound Could a Be Lifesaver .

oxnyx Chooicing to cause a poplulation drop (139 comments)

While I disagree personally with not chooicing to have a baby due it "likely" gender. As a historian I feel that long term it could work out. If the population becoming to ratio one way then the value of the smaller group tends to increase. This can be seen in tradions of a "bride price" ie the man has to pay the bride's family. Having a shortage of woman could also force there to be a drop in the population. As an added bouns drop number of woman below that of men tends to cause wars which also tend to kill lots of the poplulation. It's not a nice way to get the population down but it does give all though men not getting any something to died for.

about 2 years ago

Russia Wants a Hypersonic Bomber

oxnyx I see Conquest is a thing of the Past (319 comments)

As a rescently minted BA in History I really hate to point out that while dropping and hitting targets at these speeds is impressive. It really doesn't help with the age old problem of "holding the ground taken". Why does it feel like so many of the latest in remote controll drones, million per charge hand held missle lauchers and similar would be of more use to the "EVIL" terrost rathern then a large army attempting to control a upset and radical forgien localation? Historicaly blowing stuff up wasn't even all that big a thing because you, the soilder/general/other military leader, got paid by the amount of booty taken. War historicaly made money for the invantion force if they won (slaves to sale, new land to grown crops on, metal/art/cloth etc) ; today it's unprofitable there seems to be a problem with the cost model here with the tools of death.

about 2 years ago

Scientists Play World's Oldest Commercial Recording

oxnyx Now in a 123 yrs will they be able to recover mp3s (105 comments)

Wow, nothing tech to restore lost tech, tho I doubt in 123 years time the lost mp3 codex will be able to be restored by taking photographs of a few broken hdds. Very cool that it was possible to get anything back.

more than 3 years ago

Apple's Windows Apps Not Ready For Vista

oxnyx Re:Not exactly accurate (278 comments)

I can not say I run all of this apps but my personal testing has seen: iTunes 7 - worked just fine until the Vista patch then ran like a memory hog and wouldn't load the GUI QuickTime - I installed without iTunes first works like a charm AppleUpdates - Windows didn't scream when I installed it Video iPod 60 - Works like a charm I've try them all out on both 32/64 Vista Ulm. Personally I think it funny what with all of Apples Upgading a PC is Bad ads that they could not pull it together to get there software working. I must say I'm really enjoying Winamp again while I wait for Apple to get it's Music Store working again.

more than 7 years ago



Ask Slashdot: Removing Ads Solutions and Support of Populare Sites

oxnyx oxnyx writes  |  about 2 years ago

oxnyx writes "Recently on Kickstart a friend pointed out Adtrap ( While there is no doubt that I am sick of ads, banners and commericals; I am also aware that they provide the money to cover the costs of my visits rather then a PBS style begging for money every quarter. If you had your chooice would you rather pay for more content or view & load ads to offset the cost? There are software and physical solutions to block ads/banners but is this thieft or jumping the fence by not providing the site owner with a means to offset the cost of serving the site?Slashdot is one of a very few sites I know that offers the option. So where you stand on covering the cost of admission to the content of the internet?"

Routing you phone through your computers WiFi?

oxnyx oxnyx writes  |  more than 4 years ago

oxnyx (653869) writes "I'm a poor broke student. However do to a previous job I still have a nice Blackberry 8830 which I'm currently using without a data plan. Sigh. I'd love to be able to download some free games off App World but no Data Plan no Freebies? Has anyone out there setup their BB as a client of their Laptop rather then as a modem? Seem that I should be able to reset the route table on the BB and setup Internet sharing on the Laptop. Any thought/experience?"


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