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Australia's National Broadband Network Downgraded

oztiks Re: Not sure which is news... (122 comments)

You're clearly a fine example of why we should start screening people's ability to vote and give it to only those with half a brain ...

The senate has barley a chance to pass any new laws yet. The Libs 'just' got into power.

See what did I say? They'll blame the Libs for the ALPs fuckups. But please If you're going to do it atleast wait a few months.

I thought about it. If someone actually wrote down blow for blow what happened with the ALP leadership. Gave it to a foreigner to read without any prior knowledge of Australian politics. They would have thought it was fiction. Again not saying Abbott is much better or will be better. I'm saying we're screwed eitherway.

about 8 months ago

Australia's National Broadband Network Downgraded

oztiks Re: Not sure which is news... (122 comments)

I agree with most of what you've raised. Going back to the days when Unions were indeed an intrgal part of how the country ran. But it's just like cane toads in my view. We introduced them to solve one problem only to create a new one in its place.

These days Union officals are akin to mobsters and can be bought and paid for. Saying the Libs are any better by being Murdoch's puppet regarding the NBN is no different.

The reality we still have a while before we are in any shape of the way things are turning out in the states. Speaking to people that can see this happening I believe is important. People who want to live in the illusion that none of this is happening need to wake up. Wake up before our next generation suffers.

about 9 months ago

Australia's National Broadband Network Downgraded

oztiks Re: Not sure which is news... (122 comments)

Live in reality? The same reality where thanks to Fair Work I can show up late to work, be bad at my job to the point of near incompetency. My boss gets upset over my lack of performance. I can then quit my job. File a suit against the organisation because I felt 'belittled' by my bosses negative feedback. Win. Then go on to sue my ex boss directly. BTW I come from a long line of HR consultants in the family. This shit gets spoken about over the dinner table.

What people get away with in this country will only serve to drive away industry. The Car industry is the first of many. Just remember we expect wages of 60 - 100k on average. Meanwhile thailand factories are 10x the size 10x more sophistcated and despite the enormity are cheaper to run. So no. We either normalise our national debt and slow down inflation or die a horrrible horrible future on the international scene. Mining is keeping the dollar up but it wont for long if we keep regulating it. 2/3 growth rate being slowed is already showing the death of many projects and operation thst directly impacts jobs. This was labors doing but the Libs will be the ones that are blamed.

about 9 months ago

Australia's National Broadband Network Downgraded

oztiks Re: Not sure which is news... (122 comments)

Yes I need to grow up because I feel the need to not watch everything this nation once produced get offshored because the Unions STEAL. Yes STEAL. Whilst using the 'poor downtrodden worker' excuse to do so. We cannot muscle companies around just because we can. And in this case their is no need to look out for the little guy. Scrapping minimum wage is a bullshit statement towards me because your pulling my argument to an extreme rightist view just because you think you're cool for doing it.

Listen, I'm not wagering the Libs are any better. But I certainly wont overlook the atrocity we called the ALP and think for ANNNY second that Julia the massiah Gillard was any better. She's under investigation by the Victorian Police for these sorts of reasons. Union slush funds she used to renovate her house. This 'was' our leader?

My guess is your a younger person than me. Perhaps just out of uni and was fed all this bullshit while serving time at our nation's 'Social Sausage Machine'. As the saying goes. If you're under 30 and not vote Labor you have no heart. If youre over 30 and vote Labor. Then you're a fucking idiot.

about 9 months ago

Australia's National Broadband Network Downgraded

oztiks Re: Not sure which is news... (122 comments)

Bwahahahahahahaha see readers we have a nation full of this kind of attitude. Two words. Fair Work. Where we see things like this...

So... what... our tax payer dollars facilitate this nonsense? How many of these do we see everyday? And at present the unions are presently sueing the last car manufacturer (Toyota) out of the country?

Sorry you're not only wholesomly wrong but your either seriously misinformed or delusional.

about 9 months ago

Australia's National Broadband Network Downgraded

oztiks Re: Not sure which is news... (122 comments)

We may of voted the Libs in but the ALP holds much of the sentate. Call me a Troll if you like. But ignoring the aching problems like a 2/3 reduction in mining growth projection for 2014 and Holden leaving Australia. Carbon tax mate. We are 128th (out of 140) most regulated countries when it comes to business regulation. Our unions. Our legislation in the workplace is making it untenable for people to want to do business in Australia.

about 9 months ago

Australia's National Broadband Network Downgraded

oztiks Re: Not sure which is news... (122 comments)

Speaking as an Aussie I dont really give a rats.

Look at American politics as a crystal ball in this case. We're damned if we do we're damned if we don't. At the moment Australians' are far too busy suing each other because we boast these horrid levels of self entitlement. All the meanwhile strangle our abilities to produce anything tangible because of ridiculous over regulation (hence why were so busy suing eachother over ludicrous shit, a biproduct of over regulation)

5 years from now we'll be feeling reallly sorry for ourselves because we let the Greens and Labor party put us in this mess and then we'll be selling our asses hoping the Libs and whatever other conservatives will help the people out. All the meantime they'll do exactly the opposite putting us in the same mess the Republicans and Democrats have done to the States.

about 9 months ago

Stanford's MetaPhone Project: Crowdsourcing Metadata To Challenge the NSA

oztiks Re: Misunderstanding the argument (96 comments)

Not a worthy argument. Say that you hold the database of all addresses on all letters held by all residents. Sender and reciver. You see patterns, these patterns are all that is then needed to build a case to then conduct surveillance. The metadata is the tool used to create a reason to pursue. Without it they actually have to go out and do their jobs. Sure as a bystander one can see an envelope here or there. In actual fact it's a ferderal offense to mess with people's letterboxes. So unless someone leaves a bundle of letters out and unless your rude enough to sift through their mail you're only going to see the first address anyway. And that is the recipients address anyway. Further I could leave my wifi password stuck to the back of my router, if someone is rude enough to steal it and think nothing of it ... well it sucks to be that person too. First they convince common respect is misplaced, now I'm hearing being a sneaky prick is okay too... what's next NSA employees allowed to help themselves to beers in my fridge?

about 10 months ago

Soylent: No Food For 30 Days

oztiks Not liking the 100% liquid diet ... (440 comments)

Dont get me wrong. I practically live on home made juices. But for the life of me, I need solids. So many people are in the same boat with these new wonder diets that are out there, detox or whatever. Many eventually drop the wonder diet because of IBS. I see this no different, sure treat it as a partial suppliment. Like I said cant get enough juice but atleat 1 solid per day ... otherwise the stomach gets lazy because it doesnt need to break anything down, from there it only goes down hill.

about 10 months ago

Bill Gates's Plan To Improve Our World

oztiks Re:Most of the problems listed have a single cause (445 comments)

Hardly see how. Religion offers the incentive that if you're to kill someone you might go to hell over it. Atheism lends itself to the fact that there is nothing after death so we might as well do whatever we like.

Careful, your neighbour might be an Atheist and at any point jump the fence and fuck your wife while you're out ...

See same old prejudices, same only rhetoric. Atheism is just the new black in the sphere of religion.

So, if you feel that Atheism gives you a sense of responsibility and place in your community. Then I guess it's the appropriate Religion for you after all. Ha! Atheism a religion! you gotta be crazy right?

Religion = a pursuit or interest followed with great devotion.
Atheism = disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.

A Religious Atheist. Someone who has a great devotion to the lack of belief of God [or gods].

about 10 months ago

Where Does America's Fear Come From?

oztiks Re: A century ago, Progressives (926 comments)

As for Science destroying Religion. I buy that as being an issue but I see the same problems that Religion has simply to be traversed over to Science. Not be abolished by Science.

Consider the Big Bang as the Atheists' version of Genesis. Consider the way many scholars have begun to explain the Bible to the general public such as Reza Aslan. Look at TV shows such as "Spartacus" and the way their language is contrived in the show. And classically look at Shakespeare's plays in Elizabethan.

Scientists which take the standpoint that the Bible has been disproved is an undereducated view. The growth / evolution of the human psyche has simply evolved and Science has paved the way in the last couple of hundred years or so, by changing our methods of story telling and explaining situations.

We have grown as a collective and created language mechanisms that allow us to explain the very definition of a story or situation directly.

E.G "Joe is a good guy he is very kind and likes to help the homeless". The old school way of telling the story would be "Joe is so kind he gave his own shirt to a homeless person".

Whether Joe actually did give his shirt to a homeless person is not at all relevant. But the story transmutes Joe's character. The entire bible is built based on this comparative process. It is not false. It wasn't created by a bunch of nutters back in the "day" so-to-speak. No, it was created by the people of that time to tell stories in the way they knew how to.

The Big Bang is the direct version. Genesis the medieval version which is example driven using the examples of that time to define its very meaning. In any case, Reza Aslan explains it quite well in one of his interviews.

about 10 months ago

Facebook Testing Screen-Tracking Software For Users

oztiks It's facebook (115 comments)

Come'on really. How reliable would this be anyway? News? Move on. Next!

about 10 months ago

Adobe Hacked: Almost 3 Million Accounts Compromised

oztiks Re:First post! (256 comments)

Adobe Hacked: Almost 3 Million Accounts Compromised

Were 3 millions accounts were "almost" compromised or does the poster mean "close to" 3 million accounts compromised.

about a year ago

SkyOS Now Free (As In Beer)

oztiks Re:And we care...why? (88 comments)

Minix rather ... or for the real pedantic type MINUX

about a year ago

SkyOS Now Free (As In Beer)

oztiks Re:And we care...why? (88 comments)

Kind of. 1996 was the days of OS2 Warp and Windows 95 which notably wasn't free but easily pirated. Linux helped more in the server space and with the emergence of the BSDs. Open/FreeBSD was kind of the bad boys on the block. Linux was already pretty mainstream by 96, we used to use it to drive our 20 node dial up ISP at the time feeding data from a ISDN line.

It was the earlier parts of the 90's where Linux made its ground. Minux was the best that was out there until Linux came along.

about a year ago

NSA Spies On International Payments

oztiks Re:PCI Compliance (314 comments)

I know what PCI is you daffy duck! I was trying to make a nerd joke and i didn't even get 1 mod point for it *frown*

about a year ago

NSA Spies On International Payments

oztiks PCI Compliance (314 comments)

Does this mean that the NSA is PCI Compliant?

about a year ago

Should the U.S. bomb Syria?

oztiks Re: should slashdot be asking if the U.S. should b (659 comments)

*eyeroll* again with the unrealistic socilaist view.

The reason why surpluses are 'bad' (coining the very definition of bad to mean not bad) is only because inflation which is _caused_ by deficit spending economies can devalue that surplus longterm. If you create inflation (which is really just fiat currency deflation) then using the excuse to spend only becomes valid if the juice is worth the squeeze or the asset that Govt money translates into increases in value in to the future.

Spending into the red is simply evidence of this not taking place. IE not having a surplus ...

Look at QLD's power grid for example. Poor / over Govt spending resulting in ridiculous costs of power because they baught the wrong assets and have to maintain and upkeep systems that are under utilisised, couple that with the abomination that's the Carbon Tax. Labor not only needed to go 4 years ago but we need to start issuing laws in Australia which hold these incompetent crooks responsible.

1 year,2 days

Linus Responds To RdRand Petition With Scorn

oztiks Re:Blunt != abusive (566 comments)

My second QUOTE was supposed to be

When dealing with people who are wrong, all that you need to say is "You're wrong".

I wasn't addressing the same sentence. Sorry. Just picked up on it then.

1 year,4 days



Apple Files New Patent For Intuitive iPhone

oztiks oztiks writes  |  about a year and a half ago

oztiks (921504) writes "Apple may further revolutionize the future of smartphones. The Cupertino-based company recently filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that suggests a smartphone with “situational awareness”.

This possible innovative feature would allow the device to automatically perform specific tasks in specific situations. For instance, the device could adjust the volume or light when it’s not in use."

Link to Original Source

Google crashes Monster man's party

oztiks oztiks writes  |  about 2 years ago

oztiks (921504) writes "

Timothy Sabre, the convicted hacker and former party promoter who claimed to have unlocked the secrets of Google's algorithm, has been stripped of his Google accreditation.
The action follows numerous complaints that his firm Publicity Monster has failed to deliver on pledges to guarantee top 7 rankings on Google Local/Places.

Party boy ... Timothy Sabre. Photo: Facebook/Timmy Sabre
Despite the complaints, NSW Police say it's a consumer protection authority matter, while NSW Fair Trading and Consumer Affairs Victoria refuse to divulge what they are doing. Comment is being sought from the Australian Federal Police.
As details emerge of Sabre's criminal history, involving computer hacking, customers have discovered another of his sites called It purports to offer 100,000 human visitors for $119.99.
Know more?

Timothy posing with plates at the Ivy Pool Club. Photo: Facebook/Timmy Sabre
Sabre was sentenced to 450 hours community service on a three-year good behaviour bond on April 27, 2001 after being found guilty of the offence "destroy/erase/alter data stored in computer". He had allegedly paid someone to hack into and wipe website designer Hollie Bell's PC and websites. She had worked for one of his businesses in 1999 and says the damage cost her $10,000 and jeopardised her career prospects.
Sabre then declared bankruptcy on December 10, 2001.
The police officer who charged him, Rick Giardini, told Fairfax Media that Sabre was one of the first to have been convicted of computer crimes in Australia.

Timothy at the Ivy Pool Club. Photo: Facebook/Timmy Sabre
"From memory he was one of those types that would have walked over any person that stood in his way which is evident when you look at the offence he was convicted of [in 2001]," he said.
For some time now there have been allegations that Sabre has been ripping off customers, and consumer protection authorities refuse to confirm whether they are investigating.
Complaints against Publicity Monster so far include that it:
Doesn't rank many clients' chosen keyword/s in a top 7 placement
Changes clients' chosen keyword/s to a far inferior one throughout contract
Doesn't make clear that refunds must be claimed between days 90 and 100
Refuses to pay refunds in many cases
Sends debt collector Dun and Bradstreet after clients' invalid debts
Hides terms and conditions via an obscure URL on its website
Threatens those who complain with legal action or suspension
Employs contractors to avoid paying entitlements
Removes Facebook posts on its official page that are negative

Timothy in a TV advertisement for Publicity Monster. Photo: Screenshot of YouTube ad
Computer hacking
Known also as Timothy Said, Sabre has previously been convicted for carrying an illegal firearm (uncovered by police when they seized his PC over the computer hacking matter), for which he was fined $200, and has had his driver's licence suspended for 12 months for driving an uninsured and unregistered car, which both attracted $200 fines.
ICQ chat logs recovered by NSW Police and submitted to the court from Sabre's PC after it was formatted (because he claimed it had been infected by a virus) show Sabre, known online in the late 90s as "The Designer", having conversations with another hacker. (Sabre told police in an interview that he called himself The Designer because he used to design kitchens and bathrooms.)

A screenshot from the Publicity Monster website.
He asked the hacker if they knew of a "good" hacking website, the chat records show. "I wanna f--- this chick over," Sabre said.
"I gave her money to do my website and she didn't finish it. f-- I trusted her but I wanna f--- her for good, she doesn't know I'm pissed I'm gonna take advantage of that."
Soon after Sabre spoke to them, ICQ logs recovered from Bell's computer show ICQ user "DJ Shockwave" sending a file to Bell, who opened it and was then told by the user that her computer would no longer work.

Timothy Sabre at the Ivy Pool Club in Sydney. Photo: Facebook/Timmy Sabre
The user, the logs show, asked if she knew a user named "The Designer". Telling him yes and then asking why, Hollie was told: "He has paid me to hack into your computer. I know it's sad, but it's my job."
NSW Police alleged in court documents that they also found conversations between Sabre and numerous other people where he "frequently speaks of hacking computers and brags about being a professional hacker".
Google accreditation stripped
Google acted quickly following Fairfax Media's report last week, announcing at the weekend that Publicity Monster had been suspended from its partner programme "... for violating one or more of the ... terms and conditions for qualification". The terms say partners are not allowed to "guarantee top placements in Google".
Negative web buzz gains momentum
Whirlpool, one of the only web forums left online for customers to talk about their experiences with the company, has more than doubled in size since last week, reaching 157 pages deep. It had taken just over 3 months to reach 77 pages without media attention, but reached 157 pages deep only one week after publication of Fairfax Media's original article exposing many of Publicity Monster's negative customer experiences and Sabre's past business ventures.
Sabre's response
Sabre said he was "happy to defend everything" that Publicity Monster did but refused to talk to this reporter for a response to this article. His lawyer failed to return calls and emails requesting comment.
Authorities dragging feet
NSW Fair Trading said it had received 113 complaints about Publicity Monster — 78 this year.
Consumer Affairs Victoria said it was conducting further inquiries after receiving less than 10 complaints.
It's understood many complainants are being sent by consumer protection authorities to state tribunals (28 have been listed in NSW, 6 in Victoria) as Publicity Monster has been unco-operative in mediating many customers' issues with the authorities and customers.
The consumer watchdog, the ACCC, declined to reveal the number of complaints it had received about the SEO firm because, it said, it "treats complaints confidentially".
It also declined to confirm or deny whether complaints had been received, although Fairfax Media has seen at least one made to it.
NSW Police said it was not a police matter but one for consumer protection authorities.
Shown a link to last week's story, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission said it did not appear Publicity Monster was selling or offering a financial product, in which case it "would have no jurisdiction to investigate"."

Link to Original Source

Lawyer demands pacemaker vendor to supply source c

oztiks oztiks writes  |  more than 2 years ago

oztiks (921504) writes "Lawyer Karen Sandler's heart condition means that she needs a pacemaker to ward off sudden death. Instead of trusting that the vendor will create a flawless platform for the device to operate Sandler has demanded to see the devices source code. Sandler's reasoning brings into question the devices reliably, stability, and oddly enough security."
Link to Original Source

Norwegian Paper Obtains Leaked Cable Haul

oztiks oztiks writes  |  more than 3 years ago

oztiks (921504) writes "A Norwegian newspaper in possession of WikiLeaks' entire trove of 250,000 diplomatic cables is scouring the documents for new revelations, one of the reporters assigned to the story said Thursday. "There are many stories that haven't been told yet, and we're looking forward to telling them". The cables include large amounts of background on Osama Bin Laden's activities before the 9/11 attacks, including his dealings with the Taliban in Afghanistan and Sudan."
Link to Original Source

Hole in Linux kernel provides root rights

oztiks oztiks writes  |  more than 3 years ago

oztiks (921504) writes "A vulnerability in the 32-bit compatibility mode of the current Linux kernel (and previous versions) for 64-bit systems can be exploited to escalate privileges. For instance, attackers can break into a system and exploit a hole in the web server to get complete root (also known as superuser) rights or permissions for a victim's system.

According to a report, the problem occurs because the 32-bit call emulation layer does not check whether the call is truly in the Syscall table. Ben Hawkes, who discovered the problem, says the vulnerability can be exploited to execute arbitrary code with kernel rights. An exploit (direct download of source code) is already in circulation; in a test conducted by The H's associates at heise Security on 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04, it opened a shell with root rights.

The kernel developers have remedied the flaw in the repository, and Linux distributors will probably soon publish new kernels to close the hole. Until then, switching off 32-bit ELF support solves the problem if you can do without this function. For instructions, see: "Workaround for Ac1db1tch3z exploit".

Hawkes says the vulnerability was discovered and remedied back in 2007, but at some point in 2008 kernel developers apparently removed the patch, reintroducing the vulnerability. The older exploit apparently only needed slight modifications to work with the new hole.


Link to Original Source

Heavy US demand delays iPad's world wide release

oztiks oztiks writes  |  more than 4 years ago

oztiks (921504) writes "Apple fans around the world are going to have to wait a little longer for the iPad — heavy US demand has delayed the international release of the device for a month, until the end of May."
Link to Original Source


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