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Boeing 777 Crashes At San Francisco Airport

p_trekkie Re:Similar to Heathrow crash in 2008? (506 comments)

Obviously something worth investigating, however, the temperatures for BA 38 were -70 C = -94 F, which is decidedly more chilly than the -58 F for the ariana flight.

about a year ago

Judge Quashes Subpoena of UVA Research Records

p_trekkie Re:Politics aside (293 comments)

You mean this data?

Mann 1998/9

On the other hand, if you meant every email Mann sent in the past 10 years, go jump in a lake. We don't even get president's personal correspondence and notes until after they die! Why should it be any different for scientists?

about 4 years ago

Equatorial Mounts For Budget Astrophotography?

p_trekkie more detail needed (85 comments)

I think you may be asking for the impossible. Well maybe not. I think that your question needs more details. The following information would be useful:

  • What you are mounting on the equatorial mount? Is it a telescope or a camera? How big of a telescope?
  • What are you trying to photograph

If you are trying to photograph deep sky objects through a mid sized telescope, I don't think you will find a mount in your budget range, unless you can get one used off of ebay or some such. The tabletop equatorial mount might be appropriate if you're just doing the sky. However, for a telescope, just the motors for a good equatorial drive will set you back $100 or more....

If you are only trying to photograph planets or the moon, you won't need any tracking ability to get spectacular photographs.

more than 4 years ago

"Home Batteries" Power Houses For a Week

p_trekkie Re:But what about the massive environmental damage (325 comments)

Actually, Lithium is one of the least abundant elements in the universe, at least in terms of elements that don't decay radioactively. Quoth wikipedia:

Though very light in atomic weight, lithium is less common in the solar system than 25 of the first 32 chemical elements.

The lack of lithium in the universe is one of the great unsolved mysteries in astronomy.

more than 4 years ago

Darwin's Voyage Done Over, Live

p_trekkie Re:Live Video?!?!? (147 comments)

Oops, I wasn't looking carefully... the minimum cost for true bluewater broadband is $1500/month.....

about 5 years ago

Darwin's Voyage Done Over, Live

p_trekkie Re:Live Video?!?!? (147 comments)

Marine satellite broadband. It ain't cheap (cheapest plan is $400/month), but seeing how much they're spending on the rest of this boondoggle, it should be affordable for them....

about 5 years ago

RadioShack To Rebrand As "The Shack"?

p_trekkie Re:Back in the day... (629 comments)

Actually, they still sell logic chips and miscellaneous electronic components, albeit fairly well-hidden in the back of the store. I had a last minute idea for a project for a summer camp group I was leading last week and was able to pick up all the components I needed from RadioShack. Admittedly, the selection isn't what it used to be, but it's still there when you have a sudden pressing need for resistors, LEDs, transistors and capacitors....

Who knows what this "rebranding" will do for that section of the store....

more than 5 years ago

Pulsar Signals Could Provide Galactic GPS

p_trekkie Old news.... (146 comments)

This is not a new idea. Actually, this idea has been thought about before and dismissed. The researchers referenced propose using millisecond radio pulsars for navigation. This is a poor idea from an engineering standpoint because it requires having a large collecting area of radio dishes in order to get an apporpriate signal level.

A better idea, which is currently being researched, and was suggested four years ago (at least the earliest I recall it being mentioned) was using x-ray pulsars, which require much smaller collecting area. See for example this thesis on the subject.

more than 5 years ago

Election Dirty Tricks About To Begin

p_trekkie Re:I'm already a victim of these tactics (942 comments)

Most of what you say I agree with. I do realize that lots of the information is available offline (I can think of two sources which it could easily have come from). The fact that the GOP (and/or henchman) is searching either of those sources is what bothers me.

What I am somewhat concerned about is that you state that this business information could be used to look up my SSN. Most universities have similar information posted for all graduate students, researchers, and professors. Is it true that anyone could then lookup SSNs, or only someone who is in a position of trust (in your case, managing pensions). A quick search online showed sources whereby it might be possible, but they required additional documentation to prove the looker-upper had the right to access that information.

more than 5 years ago

Election Dirty Tricks About To Begin

p_trekkie I'm already a victim of these tactics (942 comments)

Yesterday I received a DVD in the mail from an obscure group known as the "Clarion Fund." It was a hatchet job meant to scare people about the evils of muslim extremism.... The shocking part was that they somehow had my full name on the address label....

The joys of living in the swing state of VA....

more than 5 years ago


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