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Davos 2015: Less Innovation, More Regulation, More Unrest. Run Away!

paazin Re:Escaping only helps you until a war. (339 comments)

The key here is not a ten percent tax rate but ten percent of wealth.

I assume the GP was stating this in reference to a suggestion by Thomas Piketty as to what would be a more "just" (in his definition) tax approach to tackle inequality.

5 days ago

Crowds (and Pirates) Flock To 'The Interview'

paazin Re:Convenient! (148 comments)

Are you implying that this was a publicity stunt planned by Sony?

The idea that Sony would be willing to accept the liability massive costs with disclosing private information of its employees really beggars belief; what money they could have made from the film would really not be worth the potential risk here.

about a month ago

The Shale Boom Won't Stop Climate Change; It Could Make It Worse


What people seem to ignore here is that classical liberalism and fascism are significantly dissimilar; conservatism in the US is more along the classical liberal vein while fascism is more along the monarchist/statist vein.

about a month and a half ago

A Smart Electric Bike: Taking the Copenhagen Wheel Out For a Spin

paazin Re:Doesn't solve the problem (136 comments)

Indeed weather is a large problem. I think the GP here is being a bit disingenuous when considering the circumstances people need to consider when bicycling in tougher conditions.

about 3 months ago

Buenos Aires Issues a 'Netflix Tax' For All Digital Entertainment

paazin Re:Oh, Argentina (165 comments)

It's basically a case of the US courts showing to the world that countries may not want to work within the US system to deal with bonds as it fair serious hindrance to sovereignty. The council on foreign relations stated it was probably one of the worst decisions in recent court history and could potentially move a great deal of finance from New York to other hubs.

about 5 months ago

Even In Digital Photography Age, High Schoolers Still Flock To the Darkroom

paazin Re:Adding to the list... (240 comments)

Our limited education tax dollars have no business funding something so useless to modern society as darkroom photography.

Hear, hear!

Same with all this poetry and painting nonsense. Why should our kids learn about that kind of worthless trash?

about 7 months ago

iOS 8 Strikes an Unexpected Blow Against Location Tracking

paazin Re:Slashdot Mods Apple Fanbois? (323 comments)

Seems you didn't see the one below where the last decade drop in violent crime was clearly correlated with the increase in private gun ownership.

about 8 months ago

If Ridesharing Is Banned, What About Ride-Trading?

paazin Re:party of the rich (353 comments)

Wasn't this already shown to be an error? Most respondents confused astronomy with astrology (anecdotally, I've been asking others in their 20s and many don't even really know what astrology even is)

about 10 months ago

Google Blurring Distinction Between Ads and Organic Search Results

paazin Re:Slippery slope (187 comments)

there is nothing evil about getting free clicks out of people to dumb or lazy to read the entire link before they click it.

Just like there is nothing evil about throwing mountains of legalese inside a EULA before you are able to use a piece of software?

about a year ago

Environmentalists Propose $50 Billion Buyout of Coal Industry - To Shut It Down

paazin Re:Why not massively subsidize the Solar Industry? (712 comments)

Pump storage is a well-known answer for large-scale power storage but generally unpopular because of perceived negative environmental consequences (damming up regions to create reservoirs, impacting ecosystems).

about a year ago

First Study of the Evolution of Memes On Facebook

paazin Rather sad (56 comments)

It saddens me how Slashdot used to have a great more discussion on articles of this type, detailing studies, theories, hypothesizing experiments, and thought-provoking anecdotes.

Now it seems it's just a mire of bitcoin spam and pro/anti government flames.

about a year ago

Jewish School Removes Evolution Questions From Exams

paazin Re:Religion and evolution (431 comments)

Actually, fun fact: the Haredi, the sect described in the article, are a growing proportion of the population of Israel simply because of their large fertility rate -- and an increasingly important demographic politically (hence a reason why there has been an uptick of conservatism in Israel). So it can be argued that they are indeed winning evolutionarily.

about a year ago

Bitcoin Exchange Flexcoin Wiped Out By Theft

paazin Re:Unregulated currency (704 comments)

I assume it's so because it is a waste of economic value.

Instead of wasting precious cycles mining bitcoins one could have used them for protein folding or increasing social welfare rather than harvesting some arbitrary commodity for self-enrichment.

about a year ago

Popularity On Facebook Makes People Think You're Attractive

paazin Re:no Facebook (116 comments)

FB is the new cigarettes, I'd say. It used to be cool, but now everyone who started when it was cool wishes they hadn't.

So, like cigarettes, people are starting to pick it up again for the image that it offers? ;)

about a year ago

The Next Keurig Will Make Your Coffee With a Dash of "DRM"

paazin Re:Why? (769 comments)

The "Green Mountain" in their company names refers to the piles of green dollars that they are making with this crap.

Or it could be a reference to the Green Mountains of Vermont near to where they were founded.

So much hate for really rather an insignificant and mundane product...

about a year ago

WikiLeaks Cables Foreshadow Russian Instigation of Ukrainian Military Action

paazin Re:NOT (479 comments)

Trolls are out in force today! *clap*

about a year ago

Do We Really Have a Shortage of STEM Workers?

paazin Re:I thought this had been settled long ago. (491 comments)

Except that it is not. There are currently about two million practicing engineers in the USA, and that number is growing by about 70,000 per year. So we are not "shedding" STEM jobs. The unemployment rate for computer professionals and engineers is about 3% compared to an overall rate of over 7%.

I apologize for interrupting this whine-fest with actual facts.

Actually for equivalently educated Americans (those who concluded accredited undergraduate degree programs) you're looking at around 4% unemployment versus a overall computer/math degree unemployment of 3.4% (as quoted in the original article).

It isn't that large of a gulf as it may appear with the general populace.

about a year ago

Ghostwriter Reveals the Secret Life of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

paazin Re:So? (359 comments)

do we want to teach the next generation that government responsibility and transparency are virtues, and that acting in service to the truth is good? that whistleblowing is something to be admired? or do we want to show them that it's a good way to serve attention-seeking narcissists?

This. It saddens me how much vitriol is offered in return to people who suggest as much; sort of bewildering.

about a year ago

The Science of Social Participation

paazin Re:It's a Cookbook (48 comments)

Couple that with the growing understanding of the brain, how it functions, and how to read it via various imaging techniques, and the growing understanding of the genetic links to behavior and you have the foundations for the future development of either major medical breakthroughs, or terrible tools of oppression. I wonder if we have the ethics to use these many new tools for good? Humanity has a tendency for technology to outpace wisdom.

Much of this rhetoric borders on needless alarmism; we've had technologies of destruction and oppression for decades and we've managed fairly well despite it. Don't forget that psychological/scientific analysis of human behavior has been influencing politics and those in power for over a century now.

about a year ago


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