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South Carolina Student Arrested For "Killing Pet Dinosaur"

pablo_max Re:fear and cowardice (421 comments)

Fear yes, but cowardice, no. That is not the point.
Folks in the US seem to have a hard time believing and/or seeing what is going on. It is social engineering 101. You are being taught several things. First and foremost, do not question authority.
They are also trying to teach fear the punishment for any thought of violence. They are even being to teach people to fear the consequences of speaking out against their leaders.
Swat raids for twitter posts anyone? In 20 years America will not even be recognizable. For F's sake, most teens don't care at all over the amount of control the government has over their lives. They are taught, from the beginning that this is good and right and just!
We saw the writing on the wall years ago though and left America to a free country.

about a month ago

Berlin Bans Car Service Uber

pablo_max Oversight and regulation (341 comments)

While I agree with you that most people cannot tolerate hipsters, I disagree with your assertion that most people will put up with unlicensed taxi drivers.
I travel all over Europe and Asian as part of job and for personal reasons and I have learned one thing..NEVER take unofficial taxis. EVER.
Oversight and regulation of certain industries are not a bad thing.

about a month ago

Man Booted From Southwest Flight and Threatened With Arrest After Critical Tweet

pablo_max Re:Customer service? (928 comments)

Why? Because you are impatient? Are you going to get there faster if you are the first one in your seat?

Beside, it is much harder for a parent to get the kid settled in a full plane. I think you know how much maneuvering room plane how nowadays.

about 2 months ago

Man Booted From Southwest Flight and Threatened With Arrest After Critical Tweet

pablo_max Re:What?!? (928 comments)

The "truth" is no longer welcome? What a screwed up country.

Fixed that for ya. This doesnt happen in other places, just the "land the free".

about 2 months ago

White House Punts On Petition To Allow Tesla Direct Sales

pablo_max Re:What? (382 comments)

Wait...they are bringing firefly back?? Are you serious? I cannot wait!! Finally I have something to look forward to.

about 2 months ago

New Microsoft CEO Vows To Shake Up Corporate Culture

pablo_max Re:Manager (204 comments)

So true. I wish MS could more like Apple. oh wait...

about 2 months ago

By 2045 'The Top Species Will No Longer Be Humans,' and That Could Be a Problem

pablo_max Re:Warp Drive (564 comments)

And immortal 2014 human living in the year 3000 would be like a Homo habilis hanging around us. Would be genetically obsolete..

What is the purpose of living things? Most people would say that staying alive (self preservation) and reproduction of your genes.

I would say that a 2014 man, alive in the year 3000 and still reproducing has a wildly successful genome. Newer does not always mean better.

about 2 months ago

Tesla Aims For $30,000 Price, 2017 Launch For Model E

pablo_max My next car will be electric (247 comments)

Yup, that's right. Our next car will be an electric. Even here in Germany, where electricity is WAY more expensive than in the US.

However, for us, it is perfect. My wife works only 2 miles from home and I work 12 miles from home. My house, which has a simple A-frame style roof which faces North/south. On the south side, I have 1/2 solar electric cells which bring me money from the grid and the other 1/2 is hot water cells which has reduced my oil usage by 50%.
Both of our current cars are diesel, which as you know are really bad for driving short distances. Especially since they have particulate filters. It would great to charge up once every couple weeks. I just hope the battery tech lets them last a long time.

about 2 months ago

Massachusetts SWAT Teams Claim They're Private Corporations, Immune To Oversight

pablo_max deadly force to protect my life,??? (534 comments)

If they are not really cops, that means that a private citizen is attacking me. Therefore, I am within my rights to use deadly force to protect my life, right?

about 3 months ago

Toyota's Fuel Cell Car To Launch In Japan Next March

pablo_max What about solar? Why would that not work? (216 comments)

You are basically correct that there are only a couple ways to get hygrogen on an industrial scale. There are of course some very promising new methods, but these are only working in the lab so far.

You also say, "Electrolysis is extremely inefficient. You loos about 50% of the electrical energy you put into this process.".
This is totally correct. However, does it really matter?
If I use coal or gas to create the the power, then sure it does. A lot. But what if we used something else to create the power?
What if we parked 100 square miles of solar reflectors and molten salt towers in Nevada? These type of plants generate loads of power. I could imagine to use them just to power hydrogen production. Then we do not even have to care that they only work in the day. Hell, we don't even have the problem of pollution generated from making solar power cell, since these are just mirrors. Other than keeping it clean, the power production is super cheap, so who cares if we waste half of it to make another fuel for cars which is way cleaner to use than gas?
. ..

about 3 months ago

China Starts Outsourcing From ... the US

pablo_max Unions greed and MASSIVE economic damages (274 comments)

I disagree with your post.

Decades ago, Unions were needed to protect workers rights. It was more about the overall working conditions and oppression of the work force. Company stores, unsafe conditions, no paid time off. Things like that.
In those days, our benevolent government did not regulate working conditions or a minimum wage. Thus, the Unions were needed to protect us from shady owners.

For a long time, this has not been true. The unions have become simply a tool for extracting more money from a company and going primarily into the hands the unions versus the workers. Unions routinely demand ridiculous wages for low skilled employment.
Think about the MASSIVE economic damage that the unions have done and are still doing.
Just this week in France, the baggage guys went on strike. It estimated to have caused more than a billion € in damage to the EU economy.
Do these asshole have the right to take money from my pocket because they do not like their job?? I should suffer because they feel they need 25€/hr to put a fucking bag on a trolley?
Think back to the 70's and 80's in the UK. The unions single-handedly destroyed the UK automotive production industry.
Same in the US.
GM, Ford, Chrysler. None of them were able to compete with foriegn car companies because of the unions. What? You need an extra run of cars? Well, we need triple time pay for that. We need at least 80 bucks an hour to stick a fucking screw into a hole.
Because of unions, it is not even possible to keep an excellent new teacher and fire a terrible old teacher simply because she has been there for 15 years. It doesnt matter if she knows how to teach or not.
No, the net impact of unions in this day and age, is negative.

about 3 months ago

China Leads In Graphene Patent Applications

pablo_max Yes and now (86 comments)

Patents, in their current state are certainly vastly more harmful to both consumers and industry then they are helpful. As such, having no patents would be more beneficial.
Patents were NEVER intended to be used the way they are now. The intention was simply give the inventor a short time period in which to bring his product to the market before everyone could copy it.
I would think a blanket restriction of two years is enough. Not from time to market, but from time of filing. This will prevent patents for ideas. Only a product should be able to hold a patent. Not a process or an idea.
Not a slide to unlock to a bounce scroll. These things are destroying the global economy and destroying innovation.

about 3 months ago

China Leads In Graphene Patent Applications

pablo_max Learn your histroy son (86 comments)

Specifically, learn about America's adherence to IP after WW2. Protip. They didn't recognize it at all! In fact, WW2 machinery production coupled with the Americas unwillingness to recognize the IP of other countries is what allowed America to become a super power.

On the other hand, with a history like that, one would think America could see that all the blanket IP crap is good for no one.

about 3 months ago

US Agency Aims To Regulate Map Aids In Vehicles

pablo_max Perhaps.... (216 comments)

Maybe they should consider getting all of the various other areas they "oversee" under control before they start trying to expand their power even further.

about 3 months ago

Aliens and the Fermi Paradox

pablo_max We are not even the first on earth (686 comments)

Do not forget that there were several extinction level events here on earth, spanning millions of years.

So it is not the case that it took so long for us to "evolve". It was just a case of luck that nature wiped out the last owners for us. Who is to say how the original higher life forms on earth would have evolved had they not been wiped out so many millions of years ago.

Of course, we do not know if it is true or not, but "they" think that life started very quickly after the conditions of the planet were conducive. I expect the same is true on any planet.

about 3 months ago

Mayday Anti-PAC On Its Second Round of Funding

pablo_max Bullshit (247 comments)

I call bullshit. (not to you personally, but the idea)
Money is NOT the issue. It has nothing at all to do with the problem.

The problem, my dear fellows, is accountability. Mainly the fact that the US in a general sense, has none. There are zero consequences for these guys when they break the law. In fact, there is only incentive for them to do it.

The answer? Simple.
Public service should be considered public service, regardless whether you "join" the military or attempt to "join" the congress. What happens in the military if you do something which is intentionally against the interest of your country? Best case, you are kicked out with a dishonorable discharge. Worst case, you're shot in the head.

Why should congress be different? They are in much more of a position to harm the entire country than a soldier. Yet, they do not swear allegiance. They are not required to live by any code? Why?
Why are these ass hats allowed to literally destroy America and yet nothing happens.

They should be made to live according to the UCMJ. When they fuck up, they are out. When the fuck up on purpose for money are power, they are shot.


about 3 months ago

US Marshals Seize Police Stingray Records To Keep Them From the ACLU

pablo_max Re:Obama's police state? (272 comments)

I don't think it is any of those things.

I think it is much more basic than that.
What do police do all day long? They drive around watching people and waiting for you to make a mistake. To break a rule. Then they pounce. Sometimes with the force of a 1000 suns.
I believe this has the effect of creating a "us vs them" mentality both with the police and the general population. Once the police are able to view the general population as their enemy / prey, it is second nature to do things against their interest.

It is just like with politics. People are part of a political "team" and they need to beat the other team. It doesn't matter that it is actually against your self interest because there is no need to think about it. There is only the need to win.

about 3 months ago

US Marshals Seize Police Stingray Records To Keep Them From the ACLU

pablo_max Re:Ha! (272 comments)

I was going to mod you up, but I can see others have taken care of that for me.

I say more or less what you have just written to people all the time and I would encourage others to do the same. Just look at all the nonsense which is posted on FB for example. I try to explain to these people that it makes no difference at all who is elected. They are all the same person. It is only a question of which industry group is pulling the strings.
The USA and NOT a democracy. It has be proven scientifically. Look to the recent paper published by Princeton.

Look to history people. It is a very rare thing indeed for an entrenched ruling class to be tossed out without blood in the street. The worst part is, the ones fighting you back are your brothers and neighbors who the ruling class have tricked into dieing to keep them in power, even though it is clearly not in their long term interest.

I have no idea what the real solution is, but I hope someone smarter than me can come up with something.

about 3 months ago

US Officials Cut Estimate of Recoverable Monterey Shale Oil By 96%

pablo_max Wait.. (411 comments)

Does this mean that we will need to find some other means of energy rather than burning dead dinosaurs? God forbid.

While this may impact the future economic situation to some degree and CA, it is not like the oil had been extracted and then taken away. The money was never there, it was only the assumption of future money.
I would also point out that the vast majority CA residents are strongly opposed to shale extraction off the coast of CA.

about 4 months ago


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