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GIMP Core Mostly Ported to GEGL

pacc GIMP More Costly? (312 comments)

I thought it was open source.

If slashdot headlines continue to be this confusing I will have to start reading the summary.

more than 2 years ago

Boeing Preparing an Ultra-Secure Smartphone

pacc Google apps (101 comments)

Will it be branded and use Google apps?

I assume they are trusted.

more than 2 years ago

Bing Now Nearly As Good As Google — Says Microsoft

pacc Re:Holy self-reference! (405 comments)

To investigte I tried a search at bing, duckduckgo and google,
I must say that bing is probably in par with duckduckgo since it returned more than 10 hits.
Google stands out by being the only one getting a relevant hit in the first page.

(I tried "kinekt like mobile camera" which only samsung has.)

more than 2 years ago

4 UK Urban Explorers Face Orders Not To Talk With Each Other For 10 Years

pacc Re:Unenforceable? (387 comments)

We forbid you to do forbidden things,
And when you do it you can' t tell anyone,
And tell us immediately if you do it,
Because you will, won't you

more than 2 years ago

Little Ice Age: It Was Not the Sun

pacc Re:6 or 7 degrees? WTF? (375 comments)

But just because there is no immediate threat of spontaneous combustion doesn't mean there is not a problem.

I replied to your statement: "The most extreme predictions I have seen from reputable sources have been 2 to 3 degrees within 100 years."

There is quite a gap from 2-3 degrees up to 6-7 degrees that you just ignore.
If you are interested to see just look. If you are not you will continue making empty statements.

more than 2 years ago

Little Ice Age: It Was Not the Sun

pacc Re:6 or 7 degrees? WTF? (375 comments)

At least check one source before posting, unless you actually want to spread lies.
Wikipedia has one set of predictions where 75% is over 3 degrees http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_warming

Note that scientific responsibility may underrate factors when making predictions, but thing might have changed since 2001.
If we on the other hand want to take a responsible action on these predictions we shouldn't undrerrate them and there is no way that we can get between 2-3 degrees.

more than 2 years ago

Facebook On Collision Course With New EU Privacy Laws

pacc Google got it sorted out (195 comments)

"It's your data" so if you want us to delete your GPS locations
crossreferenced with your search habits you will have to give
up your gmail.

All in the new simplified agreement that covers everything.

more than 2 years ago

Lower Limit Found For Sudoku Puzzle Clues

pacc Re:How many require guessing? (121 comments)

What is simple guessing?
Maybe the author of this paper should use his supercomputer to find the soduko for the following rules:

* the are at least two possible solutions from the information given in the first clues

* following one of the incorrect clues will not be proved incorrect until the last five figures is about to be filled in.

I ran up on hard sudokus where I had to 'guess' or follow through a faulty solution for 20 steps until it proved itself wrong.
I think this is the trademark for a hard solution if the correct solution would lead to another choice situation after just one or two steps.

about 3 years ago

Rare Earth Magnets Pose Threat To Children

pacc Bad for kids, good for teenagers (284 comments)

Don't forget the good side of every story.

The sideeffects will weed out wimpy teenagers that cannot take pain
and orders fake neodynium "piercing" kits.

more than 3 years ago

US To Extinguish (Most) Incandescent Bulb Sales By 2012

pacc Re:CF save energy, but lack functionality... (1106 comments)

Specifically, I'm talking about lights that dim... CF bulbs do not dim.
Wrong, they do dim. After a few months they don't give that much light any more but
the dimming is so slow so you don't notice (until you bump into walls).

more than 7 years ago



Once Deemed Evil, Google Now Embraces "Paid Inclusion"

pacc pacc writes  |  more than 2 years ago

pacc (163090) writes "It was a long time a go google only provided a page with search links, and MarketingLand finds that the policy to have ads clearly separated from the search may have gone with newer services.
For example a hotel search will indicate that 'some' link payed to get listed, but not which ones and digging deeper gives less, not more info.
For example, Google Hotel Finder has no disclosures. In fact, the help page suggests that all listings are free. If that’s true, then why would Google be disclosing a financial relationship for when Google Hotel Finder results appear within a comparison box?"

Link to Original Source


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