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Apache OpenOffice Reaches 100 Million Downloads. Now What?

paiute Re:Cut this out. (261 comments)

Don't treat your users like idiots or children.

Really? My motto is don't treat your idiots and children like users.


Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

paiute She is correct (584 comments)

She is not against vaccines. She just wants safe vaccines. The fact that no vaccine will ever meet her definition of 'safe' is your problem, not hers.

4 days ago

Commenters To Dropbox CEO: Houston, We Have a Problem

paiute It seems so obvious now (446 comments)

Perhaps if you are a company which should have privacy concerns right up at the top of your list of to dos you should not appoint a board member who by all accounts gives not a shit for privacy concerns?

By the by, wouldn't life be the tits if I had no background in tech other than abusing it but had political connections as 99% of my resume and could land sweetheart preIPO deals like this?

about a week ago

Scientists/Actress Say They Were 'Tricked' Into Geocentric Universe Movie

paiute Awwww (639 comments)

It's really cute how he thinks that NASA is powerful enough to suppress a fundamental cosmological arrangement observable by anyone.

about a week ago

Why No One Trusts Facebook To Power the Future

paiute As ye sow (218 comments)

Anyone who knows the origin story of Facebook knows not to trust Facebook.

about two weeks ago

The Problem With Congress's Scientific Illiterates

paiute Re:Don't bother. (509 comments)

I may not be the only one who thinks having three kids and a house in the suburbs either indicates a serious IQ issue or some sort of mental illness is at work. If one can get sold on the yuppie way of life one has already been lost.

Yuppie = Young Urban Professional, usually childless

about two weeks ago

Michael Abrash Joins Oculus, Calls Facebook 'Final Piece of the Puzzle'

paiute Depends on what the puzzle was (232 comments)

I'm guessing that the puzzle he just solved was how to finance his retirement account.

about three weeks ago

U.S. Court: Chinese Search Engine's Censorship Is 'Free Speech'

paiute Re:The Founding Fathers are crying.. (284 comments)

You should actually read the first ten amendments sometime. The way they are written

Congress shall make no law...

When the founding fathers wrote this, they intended to for the states to be able to pass laws restricting freedom of speech and religion.

Nonsense. The states have constitutions of their own which guarantee the rights of their citizens. The Constitution of Massachusetts, for example, was adopted seven years before the US version and in many ways is even more protective of individual rights than the federal.

about three weeks ago

Why Movie Streaming Services Are Unsatisfying — and Will Stay That Way

paiute Re:Um. WRONG. (323 comments)

Netflix is 100% satisfying. WTF back country bullshit throttled cable internet service are you using?


about three weeks ago

Are DVDs Inconvenient On Purpose?

paiute Pretty simple (490 comments)

The USPS doesn't throttle the DVD supply to my house - at least not yet. Maybe there will be a Postal Service Movie Delivery System in the future which competes with them. Then my Netflix envelopes will mysteriously take two weeks to arrive from the next zip code. They will come ripped and often broken and mixed in with offers to enroll in the PSMDS if I am no longer happy with Netflix' service.

about three weeks ago

IPCC's "Darkest Yet" Climate Report Warns of Food, Water Shortages

paiute Re:Credibility (703 comments)

they were prepared for actual wolves but only as long as they responded and due to the many false alarms they ignored the actual emergency.

If false alarms caused their system to fail, then they were definitely not prepared.

about three weeks ago

IPCC's "Darkest Yet" Climate Report Warns of Food, Water Shortages

paiute Re:Credibility (703 comments)

"Boy who cried wolf" ring any bells?

Yes it does. You will recall that in the end, there was a real wolf who did appear. He ate all the sheep. So if the townspeople had reacted to the warnings not with scorn but by realizing that they were unprepared for actual wolves, their sheep would have been safe.

about three weeks ago

Back To the Moon — In Four Years

paiute New competition announced today (292 comments)

NASA announced today a competition to find the best epitaphs to go on the tombstones of future astronauts. Current frontrunners are YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR and THIS MEMORIAL ALSO PURCHASED FROM THE LOWEST BIDDER.

about a month ago

Google and Viacom Finally Settle YouTube Lawsuit

paiute Re: unacceptable (19 comments)

Don't worry. Someone's daughter will post details of the settlement on Facebook.

Should have posted it on MySpace. That way no one could successfully argue it was disclosed to the public.

about a month ago

The Poor Neglected Gifted Child

paiute Re:Olympic athletes (529 comments)

It's funny they mentioned Olympic athletes. Those folks are not trained in a school's PE class. Their parents hire coaches and training facilities at their own expense.

If you are gifted at basketball or football (or hockey - in the north), you will reach an age where you do not have to pay out anything and often get money and goods under the table.

about 1 month ago

Religion Is Good For Your Brain

paiute Re: Whatever (529 comments)

Its a reduction in stress, not a lesson in tact.

Hitler meditated daily.

about a month ago

43,000-Year-Old Woolly Mammoth Remains Offer Strong Chance of Cloning

paiute The end game (187 comments)

They need to clone dwarf mammoths and sell them as house pets.

about a month ago

What If the Next Presidential Limo Was a Tesla?

paiute What if - the movie! (330 comments)

What if the Presidential limo burst into flames and the Secret Service agents started shooting Elon Musk?

about a month ago

Stanford Bioengineer Develops a 50-cent Paper Microscope

paiute I kept waiting until the end (83 comments)

That was one of the least satisfying technical videos I have seen lately. And tie your shoes, man.

about a month ago



Universe now 1.4 hellameters across

paiute paiute writes  |  more than 3 years ago

paiute (550198) writes ""When Austin Sendek was growing up in Northern California, he was never allowed to use the regional slang term "hella."

Now the 20-year-old physics major at UC Davis uses "hella" often — and he's trying to get scientists from Boise to Beijing to do the same. Sendek, who was forced to use "hecka" as a child, has petitioned an international scientific body to make "hella" the name for the hitherto nameless, unimaginably huge, seldom-cited quantity of 10 to the 27th power — or 1 followed by 27 zeros."

Google, as one might anticipate, has embraced this whimsical unit and has incorporated it into the Google calculator:

"Now users can find out, with a little finagling, that our $13-trillion national debt, when expressed in hella-dollars, is a pleasingly tiny 1.3 times 10 to the minus 14th."

Slashdotters in the greater Boston area are readying their petition to the Consultative Committee on Units to make "wickedpissa" the new name for 10 to the 28th power."

Link to Original Source

Free Netbook From Microsoft, Then Things Got Weird

paiute paiute writes  |  more than 4 years ago

paiute (550198) writes "Matt Karolian, a Marketing Communications major at Emerson College in Boston "won" a netbook in a Microsoft re-tweet competition (whatever that is). Then the prize arrived, and it was not exactly the high-quality major award he had expected from a Microsoft:

"A few months back I entered a re-tweet contest that Microsoft was holding. I know, I know, as a marketer I should cringe at the thought of a re-tweet contest but one of the prizes for this re-tweet contest was an xbox 360, so I caved and took part. Time passed and I heard nothing about anyone winning, and I eventually forgot about it...""

Link to Original Source


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