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LibraryBox is an Open Source Server That Runs on Low-Cost Hardware (Video)

pangloss Re:Libraries (47 comments)

No, the best part is the 3D rendering. It's as if you were looking at a real book with real pages!

Revolutionary! Bringing the BookBook to the masses is an admirable goal.

about 3 months ago

German Data Protection Expert Warns Against Using iPhone5S Fingerprint Function

pangloss Re:Fingerprints for a Speedpass? Seriously? (303 comments)

The only country that requires finger-prints is the US, as long as you stay out of the US you do not need fingerprints for traveling.

Many countries require fingerprints for entry. See, for example: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/biometrics-international.asp

And the above list is certainly not exhaustive. Malaysia fingerprints everyone. China has evidently recently started. etc. etc.

about a year ago

Tunneling Under the Great Firewall?

pangloss redundancy and selective tunneling (403 comments)

I spent a few years in different cities in China. Here's my take: in order to balance speed and access, you really only want to tunnel/proxy/vpn what you absolutely have to. Most sites aren't going to be blocked so using something like FoxyProxy is pretty essential. If you'll have VPN access, set up rules so that just the traffic that needs to go through the VPN (plus DNS) is getting tunneled.

Also, multiple workarounds for access is important too: you could very well get stuck somewhere where everything but ports 80, 443 are blocked, ruling out your ssh tunnel (unless you've thoughtfully set your ssh server to listen on a different port) and having a web proxy might save the day. Or one proxy goes down, get blocked, is too slow, etc.

I personally used a combination of ssh tunnels, web proxies, a paid VPN service and Tor.

Also, note that the great firewall isn't just a blacklist. It also performs packet inspection for keywords/phrases before issuing TCP resets to both parties, so your proxies definitely should be SSL enabled, even if it's just with a self-signed cert.

more than 4 years ago

Some Early Adopters Stung By Ubuntu's Karmic Koala

pangloss More pain than gain (1231 comments)

Went from Jaunty to Karmic on a Dell Mini 9 (both were the Netbook Remix editions) and was greeted with no wireless and no microphone in Skype. The former is a documented issue with the Broadcom drivers and has a fairly straightforward workaround if you're within reach of a wired ethernet connection. The latter appears to be a problem with Skype (current version in Medibuntu for Karmic, and a "beta" no less) and PulseAudio. So far, the workarounds for the latter appear to be to downgrade Skype or remove Pulse.

more than 5 years ago

Kindle Finally Ready For Global Distribution

pangloss Re:It's not really ready (145 comments)

You don't know what they are thinking? I do. They are thinking that they'll be able to sell to that subset of the European market that does not care about 'latin only'. They can learn from their experience in that market, make some customers happy, and earn some money while behind the scenes they can be working on a Kindle that can handle non-latin characters.

In other words, first mover advantage is more important than perfection in a 1.0 product. Amazon understands this.

Amazon never had the first mover advantage. Sony easily beat Amazon to market. Amazon obviously had more success, however. The Kindle runs Linux and Java. There's no excuse for failing to support unicode fonts in that environment. We're not even talking about poor interface issues for right-to-left languages. Most users for whom the Kindle's latin-only fixation is a problem would be well pleased if the Kindle just used a Unicode font!

more than 5 years ago

French Assembly Adopts 3-Strikes Bill

pangloss Re:The French are in Full Retreat (343 comments)

A physical DVD, including packaging, is close to $1.50.

A physical DVD, purchased from a brick and mortar store in central Shanghai (the city with the highest cost of living in China, AFAIK) retails for 7RMB*, which approximately USD1.03. Of course this is a "fake" DVD, but it includes full color printing on the DVD itself as well as a full-color jacket insert. I'll grant that the quality of the printing is of lesser quality than a legitimate DVD, but factoring in rent, wages, payoffs, returns (yes, they accept returns for defective merchandise), I don't think the production of a physical DVD approaches USD1.50.

* I've seen as low as 5RMB and as high as 12RMB, but the former are from street sellers and the latter for shops that have a largely foreign clientele.

more than 5 years ago

Suspect Freed After Exposing Cop's Facebook Status

pangloss Re:What the hell? (653 comments)

The alleged drunk driver refused a breathalyzer test at the time, which some people consider an admission of guilt.

Not to take away from your point, but according to the Chicago Sun-Times report, the driver requested a breathalyzer test on the scene, but the officer claimed he didn't have a breathalyzer device in his squad car. The driver only refused the test later, at the police station.

more than 5 years ago



Tom's Apologizes for SSD Power Efficiency Claims

pangloss pangloss writes  |  more than 6 years ago

pangloss (25315) writes "Tom's Hardware has issued a follow-up to their earlier report which claimed that solid state disks were less power efficient than conventional hard drives.

As noted by various commenters when originally reported, there were procedural errors in the testing methodology which resulted in the original, counter-intuitive findings. Nevertheless, in the new report, some SSDs were still found to be less efficient than mechanical drives in certain idle and low load scenarios."


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