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A 50 Gbps Connection With Multipath TCP

patch11 Re:NFS on MTCP: was :API support (150 comments)

That is, assuming the head-of-line is send on one path and that path involves a HOL-blocking, then it doesn't matter if the other paths have lower latencies, the entire original stream will be HOL-blocked

The implementation includes a solution to overcome HOL-blocking by reinjecting the blocking data-segment on the lower-latency path. Have a look at our scientific paper, which explains this mechanism: http://inl.info.ucl.ac.be/publications/how-hard-can-it-be-designing-and-implementing-deployable-multipath-tcp

about 2 years ago

A 50 Gbps Connection With Multipath TCP

patch11 Re:fault tolerance (150 comments)

MPTCP has separate sequence-number spaces. One for the subflow, inside the regular TCP header. And the data sequence-numbers, included inside the TCP option-space.

This data sequence numbers include data-acks. So, this is your mentioned "cross-subflow ack machinery".

about 2 years ago


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