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IBM Policy Switches From MS Office To OO.o

pato101 Re:In my dreams (331 comments)

Also, I kind of hate Leslie and Don a little for giving us that awful capitalization scheme when talking about their projects.

Not sure what you are talking about, but perhaps it is solved with these lines at your preamble:
or, if you use fancy headings

about 5 years ago

IBM Policy Switches From MS Office To OO.o

pato101 Re:In my dreams (331 comments)

I agree LyX has problems with version compatibility. Some small changes are sometimes required to "upgrade" your old .lyx document.

Personally I'd like to see a click-editable one-pane LaTeX editor with dual mode view for source view (even if the live rendering isn't perfect, eg LyX, it's good enough).

Perhaps, Texmacs would do for you? Note also, that current versions of LyX show you the LaTeX code live.

It has a great start, but LyX needs tons of polish before it's anywhere close to achieving its full potential.

While I agree, I just want to point that LyX has improved very much during the last years.

about 5 years ago

FSF Attacks Windows 7's "Sins" In New Campaign

pato101 Re:Mods on crack again? (926 comments)

I vote for Funny moderation for GP.

about 5 years ago

FSF Attacks Windows 7's "Sins" In New Campaign

pato101 Re:These people are delusional. (926 comments)

Do you understand that? I typed it really slowly to make it easier.

yes, we noticed that.

about 5 years ago

Scientists Learn To Fabricate DNA Evidence

pato101 Re:And I'll be the first to say: (256 comments)

Yeah, insightful, I agree. However, let me point that people are supposed to be not-guilty until demonstrated otherwise. Of course, in practice, having non-guilty evidences is very important.

about 5 years ago

Preview the Office 2007 Ribbon-Like UI Floated For OpenOffice.Org

pato101 Re:Knew this was going to happen. (617 comments)

I loved the way the old StarOffice behaved: a toolbar wich adapts to whatever you are doing at that moment. I saw this concept previously at CorelDraw if I recall correctly. Inkscape does also the same. In old StarOffice, it had the problem that sometimes you had several available toolbars active to switch among with an arrow button (that was not nice). Inkscape is almost doing what in my opinion a GUI for that kind of app should do:
1. Several global-use toolbars.
2. One specific-use adaptable toolbar.
3. Dockable dialogs (see Inkscape path/fill properties), for complex and repetitive tasks.
4. Menus for the following reasons: backup of tool-bar options, hierarchical organization, optimal space use, easy keyboard navigation and keyboard shortcuts reminder.
(Inkscape just fails a bit since some dialogs are not dockable yet, but does scroll-docking, side-by-side docking and tabbed docking).
I've never used ribbon thing but, correct me if I'm wrong, they are placed on the top zone, which is not a god thing nowadays monitors tend to be landscape proportions, specially for text-editing. Dockable dialogs are nice in this sense.

more than 5 years ago

Which Game Series Would You Reboot?

pato101 Re:Descent! (1120 comments)

Mee too. Descent 1 was amazing.

more than 5 years ago

Gaming On Windows 7

pato101 Re:Everything works for me (554 comments)

"Also," means "besides":
I'm not talking about how to enable dual screens, which is trivial with nvidia-settings (nvidia-drivers, as stated by parent) or with gnome-display-properties (plain xorg drivers).

more than 5 years ago

Gaming On Windows 7

pato101 Re:Everything works for me (554 comments)

I'm sure there are windowed versions, but this works perfectly for me.


more than 5 years ago

Gaming On Windows 7

pato101 Re:Everything works for me (554 comments)

Also, you can add a gnome-panel and drag it to second screen (press ALT and drag and drop it), and then place a window list applet to it: from that moment, each panel shows only the windows residing at that monitor.
Compiz also is pretty well aware of the screens, so you can do scale ("exposé") to only one of the monitors if you wish.

more than 5 years ago

Downloading Copyrighted Material Legal In Spain

pato101 Re:pre-trial ruling (323 comments)

That is limited to music and films, under the right of private copy, in the same sense that you can share your CDs with your friends -as far as you don't make profit from it-.
You cannot download privative software legally from P2P or whatever (note that you cannot share that software with your friends either).

Not a layer, but a Spanish guy as well.

more than 5 years ago

Bugatti's Latest Veyron, Most Ridiculous Car on the Planet?

pato101 Re:Yeah but.... 1/4 the price alternative (790 comments)

even if the cops bought a Veyron, they'd be eating your dust ...

except when you reach to the first curve.

more than 5 years ago

HIV/AIDS Vaccine To Begin Phase I Human Trials

pato101 Re:Which is It? (329 comments)

AIDS is a symptom of HIV.Of course they are going to be talked about together. That's like not talking about a cough when you have a cold.

Dr. House?

more than 5 years ago

Triangular Buttons Make On-Screen Keyboards More Usable

pato101 Re:Stupid (287 comments)

Why not just normal buttons with triangular or circular sensitivity zones?
I'm getting sick just by seeing those triangles.

more than 5 years ago

MS Word 2010 Takes On TeX

pato101 Re:Only if you know how to use the tool (674 comments)

Further, LyX has keep improving from release to release. Nowadays, LyX 1.6.x is a Killer App:
Handles subdocuments so smartly: you can enable the outline and navigate through the outline no matter where the section actually is.
Automatically transforms any kind of figures to whatever (pdf)LaTex needs. You can use alpha-chanel png directly and you get blended figures at Beamer presentations.
New "MDI" is just what you want: be able to split the window and see different documents at the same time and popup newer windows if you wish.
The only caveat is that spellchecking must be done for each subdocument independently... I'm sure they are working on this...

LyX's approach is IMHO great -WYSIWYM.

Also, the fact of being able to include LaTeX commands directly is a good thing.

more than 5 years ago

Why Linux Is Not Yet Ready For the Desktop

pato101 Re:Yeah.. (1365 comments)

2.3 Text antialiasing and other GUI operations are software rendered by GUI libraries (GTK->Cairo/QT->Xft).
Which use hardware acceleration through X-render extension as far as drivers implement it.
2.5 No double buffering.
This one is funny. Often, people claim GTK is slow (see 2.2). GTK seems slow because is fully double-buffered. GTK never ever flickers, it may lag though. If your machine is fast enough, you will feel GTK fast and again, will never flicker. QT 3.x does some double-buffering/single-buffering so it feels typically faster but sometimes flickers. QT 4.x perhaps is doing full double-buffering, I'm not sure.

The article is a mess. There are many reasons why Linux does not become mainstream, certanly. But a similar list could be made out of Windows or OS-X, by mixing old-time already solved problems, incorrect assertions and some painful truths.

more than 5 years ago

Small Nuclear Power Plants To Dot the Arctic Circle

pato101 Re:No maintenance? (255 comments)

Seems like the particular extreme (cold) is ideal for [...]

raising the thermodynamical efficiency of a thermal machine, which at the end a nuclear plant is.
The Second Law of Thermodynamics (Lisa, we obey that one) tells us that in the best of cases, the efficiency is limited to:
where Theat is the average temperature achieved at the thermal machine, and
Tcold is the ambient temperature.
There exist three ways to raise thermal efficiency:
1) Increase the machine functional temperature (this is why thermal engines are so hot). This is limited to materials technology, cooling systems, ...
2) Lower the ambient temp. This is why nuclear plants are placed close to a river, but also one of the reasons why airplanes fly so high. You are typically limited here, but in this case seems that it is what they are trying to use.
3) Increase your efficiency as a deviation from the ideal one (1-Theat/Tcold): improve your thermodynamic cycle, improve your thermodynamic components efficiency (turbines), improve your cooling processes (so you can higher Theat without deviate too much from the ideal efficiency).

more than 5 years ago


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New slashdot theme

pato101 pato101 writes  |  more than 8 years ago Well, after a while since new slashdot theme has been introduced, I must say that I'm very happy with the change. When I first saw the mockups, I really liked it. But when it was finally introduced I don't know why but I was decieved. But now, once I've get used to it, I love it. It is far more clear to read. Much more clean indeed.

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