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Valencia Linux School Distro Saves 36 Million Euro

paugq Re:Not everything that shines is gold... (153 comments)

In Valencia, they have actually replaced every Windows, Microsoft Office and any other non-FLOSS software with LliureX. It was done last year, when Microsoft threatened to take legal action after the regional government failed to pay for Microsoft licenses. LliureX had been languishing for years before that, after a huge hype, excitement and first deployments about 10 years ago.

Had Microsoft not threatened to take legal action, Linux would not be in use today. Thank you, Microsoft!

3 days ago

Improv Project, Vivaldi Tablet Officially Dead

paugq Predicted and alternative offered (71 comments)

It's sad to hear this but it's exactly what I predicted 2 years ago. I even provided an alternative that would work: use an "Android Core" as the base operating system, instead of Mer Linux, then port KDE to this "Android Core":

Interestingly, this is exactly what Digia did for Qt, with the Boot to Qt (AKA Qt Enterprise Embedded) solution, a while after I made my proposal.

about a month ago

HP Delivers a Big-Name, 7-inch Android Tablet For $100: Comes With Compromises

paugq Too expensive (182 comments)

Why would I buy a weak HP tablet for $100 when I can have a better tablet for $90?

Cube (well-known Chinese manufacturer) tablet with same features as HP plus: built-in BlueTooth, GPS and 3G. Only $90, shipping included.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Easy-To-Use Alternative To MS Access For a Charity's Database?

paugq Re:Pff Good luck (281 comments)

Kexi has worked on Windows and Mac for more than 5 years already and latest builds are available as part of Calligra

about 3 months ago

BSD Real-Time Operating System NuttX Makes Its 100th Release: NuttX 6.33

paugq Re:rPi? (64 comments)

There have been several threads on NuttX on the RPi and the "problem" is: what to do with so many resources? NuttX does not need 512 MB or RAM. It does not even need 512 *KB* of RAM! But yes, it's completely possible and there was a thread recently about using NuttX as a desktop operating system. Maybe not that crazy.

about 5 months ago

95% of ATMs Worldwide Are Still Using Windows XP

paugq Re:What about OS/2? (346 comments)

Bad reason, too. Serenity Systems is now the official (blessed by IBM) provider for patches, security updates, new drivers, etc under the brand "OS/2 eCommStation".

about 6 months ago

95% of ATMs Worldwide Are Still Using Windows XP

paugq Re:What about OS/2? (346 comments)

No, sound support is not reason enough. OS/2 ATMs in Spain have blind support, including sound.

about 6 months ago

Hackers Gain "Full Control" of Critical SCADA Systems

paugq Re: i hope people with SCADA systems learned. (195 comments)

It seems you have little knowledge of the SCADA world. The air gap is an illusory security. Iran's nuclear plants had SCADA computers air gapped from the IT network. It did nothing: a USB, a CD, a virus infecting an update to your very SCADA software, etc will bring you back to reality.

about 7 months ago

Under the Hood of SteamOS

paugq Runtime (201 comments)

The runtime is the most interesting part to me. They are effectively replacing the LSB with a "binary LSB" that you can distribute with your game.

By ensuring any application compiled against the Steam Runtime will work on SteamOS, they are providing a solid baseline for developers. From now on, developers will know they can relay on Steam Runtime.

Next thing may be we start to see other applications (not games) to use the Steam Runtime and provide it on non-SteamOS distributions.

about 8 months ago

You Are What Your Dad Ate

paugq Re:News at 11 (130 comments)

Replying to myself: obstetricians here ALSO recommend folic acid for fathers-to-be.

about 8 months ago

You Are What Your Dad Ate

paugq News at 11 (130 comments)

How is this news? In Europe obstetricians advise women to start taking folic acid (AKA vitamin B9) at least two months before trying to get pregnant. Isn't the same advice given in America?

about 8 months ago

NYT: Project Chaos Due Partly To Unorthodox Database Choice

paugq Re:MUMPS database integration? (334 comments)

MUMPS is used by the Veteran's Administration, and probably others too. In fact, it became an ISO/IEC standard in 2005.

Intersystems Caché and FIS GT.M are the most popular implementations. GT.M is open source and available under the GPLv2.

about 8 months ago

Google Is Building a Chrome App-Based IDE

paugq Re:Local webapp (209 comments)

Local webapps are easy to port only because they are simple apps. Start adding the kind of complexity and features you have in native app developed in C++, C# or Delphi and we'll talk about porting complexity.

Also, C++, C#, Delphi apps are expected to integrate PERFECTLY in the platform: colors, behavior, etc. Local webapps do nothing of that. No wonder there are no "porting complexities". Ugh.

about 8 months ago

Google Is Building a Chrome App-Based IDE

paugq Re:Local webapp (209 comments)

Mono. Yes, portable: with Mono, I can develop for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android and even PS4. Probably more.

about 8 months ago

Google Is Building a Chrome App-Based IDE

paugq Local webapp (209 comments)

First we tried to replace desktop apps with webapps and that's why we stood the awkwardness and immaturity of JavaScript, CSS and HTML. At least, we could justify it by saying "you'll be able to access the application from everywhere" (not true: new versions of browsers broke apps everytime)

Now, we are using those same immature and awkward technologies (JS, CSS, HTML) to develop local apps, which could be developed in C#, C++ or even Delphi in a fraction of time, integrate better with the platform and have more direct access to local APIs. I'm sorry but I don't understand this.

And yes, JavaScript, CSS, etc are way immature if you compare with what you can do in C# (WinForms, WPF), C++ (Qt, Boost) or even Delphi. The debugging process in itself is a nightmare.

about 8 months ago

Official: Microsoft To Acquire Nokia Devices and Services Business

paugq Re:Glad they Sold Off Qt First (535 comments)

Except for that BSD-licensed Qt release would be X11-only, no Windows, Mac, VxWorks, QNX, etc

about a year ago

Digia Releases Qt 5.1 With Preliminary Support For Android and iOS

paugq Re:Ministro (86 comments)

It's called "dependency" and "dependency management". It's been working for decades on Linux.

1 year,26 days



BSD Real-Time Operating System NuttX makes its 100th release: NuttX 6.33

paugq paugq writes  |  about 5 months ago

paugq (443696) writes "NuttX is a real-time operating system (RTOS) with an emphasis on standards compliance and small footprint. Scalable from 8-bit to 32-bit microcontroller environments, the primary governing standards in NuttX are POSIX and ANSI standards. Additional standard APIs from Unix and other common RTOS's (such as VxWorks) are adopted for functionality not available under these standards, or for functionality that is not appropriate for deeply-embedded environments. NuttX was first released in 2007 by Gregory Nutt under the permissive BSD license, and today the 100th release was made: NuttX 6.33. Supported platforms include ARM, Atmel AVR, x86, Z80 and others."
Link to Original Source

Interview with the KDE on Windows release manager

paugq paugq writes  |  more than 3 years ago

paugq writes "Last week KDE 4.5.4 was released for Windows as a late Christmas present from the KDE on Windows team. Almost at the same time BehindKDE, the site for interviews with KDE contributors, has started a new series of interviews with the "Platforms" theme. In the first interview, Pau Garcia i Quiles talks with Patrick Spendrin, the current release manager of KDE on Windows and asks about the current status of the project, challenges and difficulties. In future interviews, Mac, Solaris, BSD (it's not dead, after all!), Haiku, OS/2 and more."
Link to Original Source


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