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Rube Goldberg and the Electrification of America

paulmer2003 Re:New Complexities in Cars (207 comments)

Electronic stability control and ABS are hugely important to drive safely? Hahaha. Clearly nobody ever taught you how to drive. If you take a moment and learn how to properly threshold brake, your braking times will be LESS than with an ABS car if you just panic stop and hold the pedal to the floor. Traction control is just nanny shit...if you need a computer to cut throttle because you are losing traction obviously you can't drive for shit and should stay the fuck off of the road. This whole engineer cars to the lowest common denominator is a shame....do we really need all of these thoughtless morons commanding 4,000 pound hunks of plastic, metal and glass? NO.

more than 4 years ago

Obama DOJ Sides With RIAA

paulmer2003 Hey now... (785 comments)

Gotta keep the industrialists happy!

more than 5 years ago

Young People Prefer "Sizzle Sounds" of MP3 Format

paulmer2003 Re:Tubes vs Transistors (743 comments)

I disagree that it's this whole "what you're used to thing"..19 years old here, grew up listening to crap lossy, transcoded p2p audio (and radio before that). Then one day I got a turntable. Blew me away. Much, much better (that is, assuming the stylus and record are clean and free of defects). I know over time vinyls quality degrades but if you take proper care it's much better. I'll take a worn vinyl with pops over lossy audio ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

more than 5 years ago

Pirate Bay P2P Trial Begins In Sweden

paulmer2003 Re:A Strawman for the Symptom (723 comments)

How many fucking times does it have to be said? Copyright infringement ISN'T theft.

more than 5 years ago


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