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Game Reviews are Broken?

payndz I edited a games mag in the 1990s... (168 comments)

...and I wanted to make the scoring system out of 10 rather than 100, on the grounds that stating one game is one percent better than another is absolutely insane. How can you possibly quantify something like that?

I was told in no uncertain terms by my bosses that my mag would be using percentage scores until the day it died, because "that's how the industry works." In other words, if a game didn't score at least 85% overall, you'd be on the publisher's bad books. And it's easier to for a PR guy (or your mag's own ad sales department) to beg and wheedle an extra couple of percent onto a score to tip the balance than it is to persuade someone to mark a game up from 8 to 9.

more than 6 years ago


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