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Google Releases More Windows Bugs

paziek Re:Shame on you Google (263 comments)

A lot of people use their services, is that enough reason for you to not see those people as fun as you do now? Besides, is it really so bad to defend someone who you think is right? Not saying everyone thinks that Google is, as GP proves, but I don't really see whats wrong with what they do. Chances are those exploits are already being used anyway and MS doesn't care for as long as its not big enough to cause shitstorm.

about two weeks ago

AI Experts Sign Open Letter Pledging To Protect Mankind From Machines

paziek Re:-1 Redundant (258 comments)

It is redundant but I think for a different reason - if someone would make killer machines, chances are nobody would care if he signed some stupid petition or not. If someone was planning to make such machines, he ain't forced to sign any silly things either.

about three weeks ago

Extreme Heat Knocks Out Internet In Australia

paziek Re:Statement from CTO of iiNet (103 comments)

Why would you fire someone who just got more experienced - especially in such important field - than when he was being hired?

about a month ago

Anyone Can Now Launch Their Own Version of the Pirate Bay

paziek Re:Interesting Redirect in place (81 comments)

Trying to switch view from "double" to "single" line in torrent list brings up custom 404 page. I wouldn't download anything from there.

about a month and a half ago

Battlestar Galactica Creator Glen A. Larson Dead At 77

paziek Re:We were so desperate... (186 comments)

We still are, for a good one tho.

about 2 months ago

Japanese Maglev Train Hits 500kph

paziek Re:kph? (419 comments)

I wonder where as I have never seen it used here. Maybe in UK tho?

about 3 months ago

Hungary To Tax Internet Traffic

paziek Re:Kinda funny how taxes set back the internet (324 comments)

Not sure how it is in Hungary, but in Poland ISP subscriptions are taxed by VAT, I think its 23%. Actually, almost everything is taxed like that. So why tax it again? If ISP would charge me per gigabyte then that would be taxed by VAT as well. They don't charge me like that (unless its mobile network), so there should be no tax on this either.

Yes, there is stuff that is taxed not just by VAT, for example alcohols, tobacco, petrol and such. Is that fair? Debatable, since you could argue "They cost public money due to health issues and roads are maintained by public funds as well". Network infrastructure? Is it owned by Govt, or corporations? if Govt, then sure - they should charge for usage or by some other kind of scheme, but if its privately owned, then I think Govt should fuck off.

about 3 months ago

Independent Researchers Test Rossi's Alleged Cold Fusion Device For 32 Days

paziek Re:Hoax (986 comments)

Isn't that hypothesis until you can actually prove otherwise? Theory is something we can agree on that is best explanation of certain phenomenon, while hypothesis is just one of many suggestions.

about 4 months ago

Will Windows 10 Finally Address OS Decay?

paziek Re:Antecdotes != Evidence (577 comments)

Maybe you just didn't notice that as you update on regular basis. I had Windows 7 that didn't see any update for like 2-3 years and then I decided to do it. I had no idea about this decay issue until I told my coworker about how much my system slowed down after huge upgrade.

about 3 months ago

Breakthrough In LED Construction Increases Efficiency By 57 Percent

paziek Nah, its battery life and/or light output (182 comments)

I think that most people would rather have 2x battery life or 2x brighter light in their flashlight, rather than it lasting twice as long, considering that I'm yet to see IC of flashlight to die on me.

about 4 months ago

Ars Takes an Early Look At the Privacy-Centric Blackphone

paziek Re:Apps which require location? (67 comments)

If there are 3 base stations in your range, then they can triangulate your position. It ain't as accurate as GPS, but can be useful - just check Google Maps with GPS disabled.

about 7 months ago

Elon Musk's Solar City Is Ramping Up Solar Panel Production

paziek Why Silevo didn't aim to be biggest? (262 comments)

Why Silevo didn't aim to be biggest? If their panels are so good and cheap, then why not just keep selling them? Why sell company that is making profit and will most likely grow? Fast cash grab, or those panels aren't so special after all? And why not just use some cheap 16% China panels in higher volume? Sure there is limited real estate on house for panels, so you might not get all your need covered by solar, but with unstable weather you wouldn't anyway.

about 7 months ago

YouTube Releases the Google Video Quality Report

paziek Re:Hmmm. (66 comments)

I see nothing wrong with that as long as video streaming service does that, not my internet service provider. This is what has been in place for most porn sites, so whats new? I think GP is worried about ISP charging extra for such "service".

about 8 months ago

TSA: Confiscating Aluminum Foil and Watching Out For Solar Powered Bombs

paziek Re:They still have not caught a single terrorist. (289 comments)

Maybe that's because terrorist would know that he would be caught, so he is sitting on his ass figuring out any other way to get around current security?

about a year ago

Firefox 27 Released: TLS 1.2 Support, SPDY 3.1, SocialAPI Improvements

paziek Re:Do not want ... (167 comments)

Well, we've got internet search engines integrated into almost any browser nowadays. Difference would be that you can choose what search engine you want to use.
Seems like they added some support for Delicious and whatever India streaming service; what you need to do in order to get integrated, beats me, but I bet on $. I guess its sad, but then again Mozilla in its manifesto never mentions neutrality or any such thing and they need money to pay staff.

about a year ago

Apple Reportedly Testing Inductive, Solar and Motion Charging For Its Smartwatch

paziek Re:Duh? (219 comments)

Yeah, they didn't make a success of the Apple TV, so its not like everything they touch magically becomes popular. They had their failures in the past.

about a year ago

Russia's Dyatlov Pass Incident May Have Been Explained By Modern Science

paziek Tornado did it? (110 comments)

So he claims that tornado produced infrasounds and it itself would be scary, but probably not that much with all that wind and hikers inside tent. From what I read, it is not confirmed that infrasounds induce fear or anxiety in humans, at least not to everyone. Those were experienced hikers and I guess they are used to bad weather... hard to believe that all of them would run away like that just cause of some noise outside of tent.
He wrote a book, wants to sell it, so we have this story as promo.

1 year,3 hours

Nagios-Plugins Web Site Taken Over By Nagios

paziek Distro packaging mess (119 comments)

It will be interesting to see who will provide source for packages used by various distros. Those plugins can be used by other monitoring applications and I guess that new maintainers on the old domain could release version of their plugins that would not work with competition, while at the same time old maintainers probably shouldn't use nagios-plugins for their packages.

1 year,13 days

Nagios-Plugins Web Site Taken Over By Nagios

paziek Re:Suprise, not really (119 comments)

They (Nagios Enterprises) requested it. I didn't see mention of why they did, but I would guess it was trademark issue. They were supposed to let them use it independent of Nagios Enterprises, but seems like 3 years was all they could get on this deal. From what I read in their discussion, reason for takeover are mentions of compatible competition on main site of old Nagios Plugins.

1 year,13 days


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