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Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

pbjones The man with the gun (731 comments)

Sadly survivors with guns will dominate the scenery. Anyone who can farm skills will be important but dominated by unskilled morons.

about a week ago

Scientists/Actress Say They Were 'Tricked' Into Geocentric Universe Movie

pbjones Thanks to Douglas Adams (640 comments)

The film must have been a reference to a section of an Adams story where a survey marker was placed on earth to mark the center of the universe. IIRC

about two weeks ago

Rover Curiosity Discovers Australia-Shaped Rock On Mars

pbjones Offs (99 comments)

It's a rock! It takes a pretty stoned mind to call it Australia. And Tasmania misses out again!

about two weeks ago

A Bid To Take 3D Printing Mainstream

pbjones Tired of the hype (143 comments)

3D printers will be attractive to consumers when they are sub$500 AND provide quality prints quickly. People take print time into account along with price so if it takes hours to print an object that they can buy over the counter, people will just buy over the counter and avoid the hassle of a machine thumping away for hours. My prediction has always been that 3D printing will be done in a shop front or via mail order. This latest unit is just taking advantage of the dissatisfaction with the current crop of consumer printers, and may not actually live up to the promises.

about two weeks ago

Should Microsoft Be Required To Extend Support For Windows XP?

pbjones As much as I hate M$.... (650 comments)

MS has offered upgrades at a reduced cost, it has supported it for about a decade, if people hold onto it, they do so at their own peril. Who holds onto a photocopier for ten years and expects spare parts? Yes I own an old laser printer and sadly, if it breaks I don't expect to have spare parts available. The devil inside me says that people are also holding on to XP because many machines could be activated with the same code, or even without a code in the case of many laptops supplied with a restore CD.

about two weeks ago

Tesla Model S Has Hidden Ethernet Port, User Runs Firefox On the 17" Screen

pbjones Offs (208 comments)

Jail breaking automobile software, yer, there's a recipe for disaster!

about two weeks ago

Are DVDs Inconvenient On Purpose?

pbjones Bugger off (490 comments)

I want my DVD and not be dependant on streaming through a dodgy telco network. I can use a DVD anytime and play it many times without additional cost, I can lend it out and get it back, and not depend on a company like Netflix staying in business.

about three weeks ago

Lies Programmers Tell Themselves

pbjones Worst lie (452 comments)

I'm a good programmer, and I have friends too.

about a month ago

Meat Makes Our Planet Thirsty

pbjones water cycling, not using (545 comments)

beef cycles water, else they would explode! they give a lot of the water back as sweat, and urine, etc. Running cattle on desert is stupidity, almost as stupid as people who believe that turning everyone to vegan would not bring on it's own sowing, fertiliser, and irrigation problems. They should also sight the origin of the water use research as it seems to be a vegan resource that pops up constantly, i.e. have the details been peer reviewed? Where would our woolly jumpers come from?

about a month ago

Android Beats iOS As the Top Tablet OS

pbjones Re:What about updating the OS? (487 comments)

bzzzzzt, wrong! my gen 4 iPod touch can't be upgraded to iOS 7. or are you trying to say iPAD?

about a month and a half ago

Android Beats iOS As the Top Tablet OS

pbjones no brainer (487 comments)

free vs. commercial, free with cheap hardware will win every time.

about a month and a half ago

Face Masks Provide Chinese With False Hope Against Pollution

pbjones a worldwide problem (156 comments)

from vision and personal experience, most people wearing masks don't wear them correctly. This includes nurses, builders and people trying to get protection from the rest of us. It's not not just Chinese, it's everywhere. Also, most masks just keep out dust, not fumes or virus, the good ones are more expensive.

about a month and a half ago

How much time do you spend gaming compared to 10 years ago?

pbjones about the same (270 comments)

monthly fees vs. old fashioned whole game purchases, it works out about the same.Hardware costs have decreased, I don't want(cough) high end graphics now and so a PC is cheaper than 10years ago, and the screens are bigger.

about 2 months ago

North Korea's Home-Grown Operating System Mimics OS X

pbjones Yawn (252 comments)

Gosh, an OS that mimics another GUI? Would never happen in the 'west'?

about 2 months ago

I think wearable computing will take off...

pbjones Been there, done that (254 comments)

Been wearing a computer for years, it's a watch. You can get GPS, video, calculators, and more crap to wear, so wearable computers have been around for decades.

about 3 months ago

Australian Dept. Store Chain's Website Crashes and Can't Get Back Up

pbjones Over blown (156 comments)

In An interview with Myers CEO, he said a small percentage of their sales are online, so they will not miss too much.

about 4 months ago

Nokia Design Guru Urges Apple To End Cable Chaos

pbjones Anti apple rubbish (791 comments)

Nokia had there own connectors for years, the B+N nook has it's own connector, it just one of those things. I think it's more important to have a single USB charger.

about 6 months ago

My favorite brand of snake oil is ...

pbjones Magnetic therapy (291 comments)

But it worked for Ironman.

about 6 months ago

Schneier: Metadata Equals Surveillance

pbjones Bad analogy (191 comments)

It's a bad example, you can see who you are following, metadata is blind, it does not know anything about the specific person, it just indicates patterns.

about 7 months ago

My favorite season:

pbjones Pepper (346 comments)

And a little salt

about 7 months ago


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