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NASA Sues Apollo Astronaut To Return Moon Camera

pcman So what they did means nothing (395 comments)

These guys risk their lives to go into space and do what is asked of them. Now they are sued for keeping a memento that was going to be discarded anyway? He should sue NASA as he just found out how dangerous it really was and they risked his life. Good grief.

more than 3 years ago

Robotic Mold

pcman All hail mold...... (118 comments)

All is well and good until it develops AI and we bow before it. I figured technology would get us eventually but, and I must admit, yielding to our new mold masters was not what I had in mind. You will become one with the slime!!!

more than 5 years ago



Windows 7 Beta already on The Pirate Bay

pcman pcman writes  |  more than 5 years ago

pcman (658826) writes "Well it looks like Windows 7 Beta has made it's way to the masses a little early. A copy of Windows 7 Beta is now available on The Pirate Bays website. Microsoft is set to release the first beta of its upcoming operating system Windows 7 at some point this month, but ahead of that release the trial version has already — unsurprisingly — landed on BitTorrent sites. But oddly, Microsoft, which grumbles loudly and often about the "illegal" distribution of its software, remained pretty quiet on the whole affair."


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