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The First 'Practical' Jetpack May Be On Sale In Two Years

pearl298 What happens when it quits? (127 comments)

The FAA has only one question: "What happens when it quits?"

For whatever reason there you are you are 200+ feet in the air with NOTHING holding you up!

Helicopters can autorotate (sorta) and save themselnes MOST of the time, but a jet pack?

In aviation they refer to this as a "once in a lifetime event".

about a year ago

BP and Three Executives Facing Criminal Charges Over Oil Spill

pearl298 Re:You can now pay fines for manslaughter? (238 comments)

Does this mean rich people can just kill the poor and pay fines now?

Taking a life illegally should at least warrant some jail time.

I agree, in tthe case of a corporation the equivalent would be to hand over all operations (below the executive suites) to a consortuim of competotors to run for the length of the sentence, under court supervision of course. Just like what would happen to you and me in the same situation!

Any profits for that period would go to "reasonably compensate" the consortium.

The evidence is that this arose out of corporate decision making so a corporate wide penalty would appear to be approprite.

about 2 years ago

GNOME 3: Beauty To the Bone?

pearl298 Re:found a GNOME replacement (647 comments)

It takes just a minute to make XFCE look and act pretty much like GNOME 1.

I really hope that you have uploaded this to someplace like SourceForge so the rest of us ignorant pesants can share it!

more than 2 years ago

White House Petition To Investigate Dodd For Bribery

pearl298 ASLO send this to your representative! (596 comments)

I also sent an email to my US Senators (McCain and Kyl - both supportes of PIPA) asking if Mr Dodd was referring to either of them!

more than 2 years ago

SOPA/PIPA Shelved after White House opposition!

pearl298 Alternet article (2 comments)

" Misguided efforts to combat online privacy have been threatening to stifle innovation, suppress free speech, and even, in some cases, undermine national security. As of yesterday, though, there’s a lot less to worry about."

more than 2 years ago

Dutch Court Forces ISPs To Block the Pirate Bay

pearl298 Re:So what is your point? (304 comments)

He is CERTAINLY NOT American!

He lives in the UK and I understand (from the BBC) that he is a UK citizen.

So do you HAVE a point or do you just want to quibble?

more than 2 years ago

Dutch Court Forces ISPs To Block the Pirate Bay

pearl298 So what is your point? (304 comments)

Last time I checked Australia was not part of the US!

We ALL know that CEOs NEVER break the law too - can you say ENRON, et al???

more than 2 years ago

Dutch Court Forces ISPs To Block the Pirate Bay

pearl298 Why not? (304 comments)

After all much of the USA watches a TV "news" network (aka FAUX NEWS) owned and controlled by a foreign (UK) criminal!

more than 2 years ago

New Mac OS Trojan Produces BitCoins

pearl298 Re:Crooks follow the money! (247 comments)

Stopped reading your post after I saw the "fiat" was in quotes. Hint: it shows off your I-want-the-gold-standard-back total-nutter credentials.

To the contrary, I used quotes to denote the technical use of the term "fiat" as used by the BitCoin promoters.

History shows that the price of Gold is one of the most manipulated forms of "currency"!
Take a close look at what FDR did to the price of gold during his "New Deal" and what is happening today.

As one analyst observes, paper has more value than Gold based on supply and demand. The "supply" of paper is far more constrained than Gold, but the demand for both for "utilitarian" purposes is declining. The only reason Gold sells for more than approx $1/oz (wild guess) is speculation and scare mongering.

The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that it is difficult to determine whether or not they are genuine - Abraham Lincoln

more than 2 years ago

New Mac OS Trojan Produces BitCoins

pearl298 Crooks follow the money! (247 comments)

While I admire the idealism of the BitCoin project, I have to remember a couple of essential functions provided by (evil!) Government control of "fiat" currency!

1) ANY "fiat" currency is intended first and foremost to "promote commerce" and the first need of any actual business that uses the currency is STABILITY. NO (evil!!) government would ever have allowed the "run up" and "crash" of BitCoins that we have seen over the past few months.

2) Governments chase/catch/punish crooks and swindlers - probably that is what they do the very best! Now that BitCoin actually has (had?) "significant" value it inevitably attracts "significant" crooks! But BirCoin HAS NO (EVIL!!!!) Government to catch the crooks!

One wonders at the sophistication of the crooks (e.g. Madoff) if BitCoins had risen to US$300/coin ($3K/30K or ???).

more than 2 years ago

Why So Many Crashes of Bee-Carrying Trucks?

pearl298 IT REALLY MUST BE A CONSPIRACY!!!! (255 comments)

Clearly an EVIL conspiracy of some sort - we just have to figure out what and who? AREA 51 is not far from there, could this be related to the UFO they have hidden???

more than 2 years ago

ACTA To Be Signed This Weekend

pearl298 Re:Petition created at (277 comments)

The Obama administration has made it possible to create petitions which, if they get sufficient signatures, will be responded to and potentially acted on. I've created one at which I encourage all to read and sign if they agree with it. We can defeat this!

I am signer number 2! Only 4998 more needed to get an official response! "SLASHDOTTING" might actually count for something at last!

more than 2 years ago

FCC To Test Opening White Spaces Up To Public

pearl298 Re:50km? (68 comments)

I would point out that there are far more mobile phones on these bands than routers! The difference is essentially one of proper spectrum management and number of channels available.

about 3 years ago

FCC To Test Opening White Spaces Up To Public

pearl298 Re:Moonloght (68 comments)

let me shed some moonlight on the subject

The site is set up so moonlight does not work, ONLY Genuine "Silverlight"!!

about 3 years ago

FCC To Test Opening White Spaces Up To Public

pearl298 Re:50km? (68 comments)

All you are doing with 5Ghz is adding a few channels!

2.4Ghz has only 11 overlapping channels in th e US - that is where the problem lies.

Hopefully a WAN implementation will define 10K channels and all will be well for a few months ... :-(

Personally I like the idea of infra red lasers - NO license, VERY directional and HUGE bandwidth!

Oh yes and a 50 mi+ range in Ham competition tests

about 3 years ago

FCC To Test Opening White Spaces Up To Public

pearl298 Windows users ONLY! (68 comments)

"The test facility at is non-responsive to Linux machines you gotta use Windows. This sort of blind spot on their part (and embrace of proprietary technologies) does not bode well for an effort to ensure inter-device compatibility!"
Not only that, but Mac users are ALSO excluded!
You need MS SIlverlight (!!!!) installed to use the FCC site!
That excludes some 20%+ of all Internet users as I read the numbers. Yes this is a GREAT "test"!

about 3 years ago

TEA Party Publishes Official Space Platform

pearl298 Re:BAD BAD GOVMINTS ... (31 comments)

In my experience the "inefficiency" is mostly due to the size of the organization than whether it is government or private. Trouble is government organizations tend to be huge.

more than 3 years ago

US House approves patent reform bill

pearl298 It's all about the money ... (2 comments)

200 reviews by halfwits won't change things! The US Patent system worked great when it was self funding and the USPTO could afford to hire competent experts - NOTHING can replace a competent examiner! This one was Reagan's brilliant "reform" BTW.

more than 3 years ago



Send your name to Mars

pearl298 pearl298 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

pearl298 writes "Send your name to mars

Promoting interest and participation in the Mars Science Laboratory,

Participant's names, country and zipcode/postal code will be included on a microchip which will fly with the laboratory to Mars in the Autumn of 2011!"


pearl298 has no journal entries.

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