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If Java Wasn't Cool 10 Years Ago, What About Now?

peccary Re: I hope not (511 comments)

People may challenge you on this - refer them to CLU.

about 5 months ago

If Java Wasn't Cool 10 Years Ago, What About Now?

peccary Re:All that packaging (511 comments)

I'm perplexed - with a low id# like 122034 I'd imagine you must be old enough to have been around when Java was still new. The JVM was developed in 1991, before Mosaic, and long before the notion of applets. The goal was portability across a wide range of hardware platforms. Had nothing to do with browsers.

about 5 months ago

Plaintiff In Tech Hiring Suit Asks Judge To Reject Settlement

peccary The class is too small. (215 comments)

EVERYONE who works in tech has been damaged by this conspiracy. I don't work at Google or Apple, but my compensation is very much influenced by what my employer believes I could reasonably expect to earn if I went to Google.

about 9 months ago

Administration Admits Obamacare Website Stinks

peccary I'm disappointed (516 comments)

From the signup page:
"All fields are required unless they're marked optional. Don't enter any letters with special characters, like accents, tildes, etc."

Still stuck in the 1980s.

about a year ago

What Are the Genuinely Useful Ideas In Programming?

peccary Re:After 30 years of programming (598 comments)

A big reason why estimates tend to be low is that when you make your best estimate, then you add 100% buffer for "all the little problems", your management insists that you must be goldbricking and surely that's not a reasonable estimate. So you learn to make your estimates "what you think your management will accept without busting your balls over", and then about half the time they're too low.

about a year ago

Administration Admits Obamacare Website Stinks

peccary Re:What does IT run on .. (516 comments)

No, the designers of HTTP were dumb - they totally ignored the state of the art of distributed applications design, and set the Internet back by at least a decade. In their defence, they really were trying to solve a dumb problem, and people abused it to do things it was never meant to do. It was meant to deliver mainly static content, not to be a glorified terminal service for remote applications, but that's what it's become.

about a year ago

Amazon Removes Yaoi Manga Titles From Kindle Store

peccary Re:Don't let One Distributor Control eBooks! (450 comments)

Wait a sec. "All books must support the curriculum?" Good heavens, we wouldn't want the kids reading for FUN.

more than 3 years ago

Is a US High-Speed Railway Economically Feasible?

peccary Re:Alternate solution (1139 comments)

You need to do a little more research on that claim. Roads are paid for partly by use taxes, but mostly from the general fund, which is personal and corporate income taxes.

more than 4 years ago

Do Static Source Code Analysis Tools Really Work?

peccary Re:Trends or Crutches? (345 comments)

Algol -> Cambridge Programming Language (CPL) -> Basic CPL -> B -> C

I think I recall Dennis Ritchie mentioning that the first C compiler was written in B (before rewriting it in C) but perhaps he said the language was based on B but the compiler was written in BCPL. There must be something written down on the interwebs about this.

more than 6 years ago


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