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Sony Introduces 'PSN Pass' To Fight Used Game Sales

pedalman Re:Translation (291 comments)

Bend over and say, "Aaahhhh!!", suckers. There, fixed it for you.

more than 3 years ago

The View From the Ground At an Indian Call Center

pedalman Re:Intense training? (214 comments)

When I was at Dell (RR5 & RR7), my average call times were always in the toilet. But I wasn't beat up too much about it because I usually handled my own escalations, and got the problem fixed the first time. Managers preferred that they didn't have to talk to pissed-off customers, so in return, they cast a blind eye at my call times. Still, I could only take two years of it. I finally had to bail out and work for a nearby community college. At that time, Dell was a great apprenticeship for me. But there was no way I could answer the phones any more.

more than 3 years ago

Why Developers Get Fired

pedalman Re:From My Simpleton Point of View (535 comments)

I agree that good metrics are the way to go, but be careful on what you measure, no tracking system is complete enough to follow all relevant parameters (and if it were, it will be such a pain to have it up to date that it would be useless). Metrics are useful to prove a point, but are not the point.

Obviously, you have never worked in a call center. :p

more than 5 years ago

Student Who Released Code From Assignments Accused of Cheating

pedalman Re:Teachers wrong here (333 comments)

Unfortunately, some universities have to squeeze out money from any place they can get it. Hence, the obsession to hoard such "assets". Unlike some universities who pull down most of their revenue from their football team and logo/trademark sales. That's right. I'm looking at you, UT of Austin.

more than 5 years ago

Smile! Urine Candid Camera!

pedalman Re:Not as bad as it sounds (370 comments)

Does this "Peter Wang" happen to know a urologist by the name of "Dick Chopp"?

more than 5 years ago

McAfee Sites Vulnerable To XSS Attack

pedalman What's the big deal? (84 comments)

An anonymous reader notes that this weekend, ReadWriteWeb discovered a security hole on several McAfee sites, which lets any attacker piggyback on the company's reputation and brand in order to distribute malware, Trojans, or anything else.

Isn't McAfee already considered to be malware? Perhaps they hate the idea of competition in the malware distribution business.

more than 5 years ago

Slashdot Mentioned In Virginia Terrorism Report

pedalman Yes, Virginia, (779 comments)

There is an Anonymous, AND a Slashdot.

more than 5 years ago

All 44 Blackboard Patent Claims Invalidated

pedalman Re:Hopefully this means my school will drop softwa (130 comments)

At our school, Blackboard was set up with the thought of, "Hey, let's start offering online course content. We'll buy Blackboard and it will be our silver bullet."


When students started buying computers with Vista, Blackboard would not play right with them. They had all kinds of issues. It won't even play right with Internet Explorer at our school. I'm just glad I'm not the Blackboard admin.

Note to my college administration:
Ever wonder why the University of Phoenix is so expensive? It's because they attempted to take the time to design their online program from the ground up. They also hired the staff to make it work. That takes a lot of money. They didn't take the cheap way out by buying Blackboard and saying, "Now we are an online school." F$%^tards!!!! You would have been better off by using Moodle or Double Choco Latte. At least you wouldn't have blown all that money. Dare I say that you are once again "trying to polish the turd"?

more than 6 years ago


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