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The Significant Decline of Spam

pediddle Compare apples to apples -- what about Q4 2009? (263 comments)

This article is rediculous:

The large amounts of pre-Christmas spam are something of a tradition, but here too the outbreak was smaller than most of the large outbreaks this year.

What about the Christmas outbreak last year? Was it different?

I get the feeling the author is just spinning the numbers. Who knows, there could be no decline at all unless seasonal trends are fully accounted for.

more than 3 years ago

Why Lazy Functional Programming Languages Rule

pediddle Developer tools (439 comments)

I love Haskell -- maybe the most elegant language I've seen and my favorite underdog. But you've just pointed out the problem. All of the big efforts in the Haskell community are oriented around developer tools!

Compilers, source control, tools for other languages, build systems... and of course fancy libraries using advanced GHC extensions that are barely more understood than theory... all wonderfully powerful in case somebody... somewhere... wants to use them.

(A crappy 3D shooter that doesn't hold a candle to dozens of mainstream games each year doesn't count, I'm afraid.)

more than 6 years ago


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