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We The People Petition Signature Requirement Bumped To 100,000

peeping_Thomist Re:IOW, we're making it harder get a response... (337 comments)

It's possible to have a democracy in which every decision is made by majority rule, but the majority is dissatisfied with the majority of the decisions. You just have to have a small percentage that wins all the time.

about 2 years ago

Pegasus and Mercury Circling the Drain

peeping_Thomist Re:More details here (217 comments)

From http://www.vandenbogaerde.net/pegasusmail/dh_upd1. html:

"I will probably never be able to describe just how horrible it has been to be me for the last three or four years, and I certainly will not insult you now by attempting to do so; suffice it to say that anything must be better than this dubious existence. [...] I will be shutting persephone down for an indeterminite period while I try to work out whether I have a future."

That sounds to me like the guy is borderline suicidal. It's sad.

about 8 years ago


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