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Fusion Reactor Concept Could Be Cheaper Than Coal

penandpaper 30 years out (315 comments)

tl;dr Fusion is still 30 years out... k thanks

about two weeks ago

Teaching College Is No Longer a Middle Class Job

penandpaper Re:Drone/automated weapons (538 comments)

Then lean to program and make your own unmanned drones to fight their unmanned drones! Come brother, we can all look up in the sky to see if our revolution succeeded by seeing their automatons falling from the sky! Or we find out it was a waste of time and back to business as usual. At least we can keep our pitchforks for hay as the FSM intended.

about 4 months ago

Teaching College Is No Longer a Middle Class Job

penandpaper Re:When will the left ever learn? (538 comments)

Obama-era take-over of the student loans business

I am sorry but one of the problems I have experienced personally was the deregulation of the student loan markets in 2005. By reducing the requirements of investors and insuring payoff to investors, it opened up the flood gaits for private investments to student loans.

The "Obama-era take-over" or the special loan consolidation of federal student loans was in response to the growing percent of defaulted loans and the total student loan debt. It wasn't a take over. It was a consolidation at low interest rates (not guaranteed mind you because congress later raised those rates). Funny thing is, the government still made money off those loan consolidations. It helped immensely for those that could do it. The absolute sad part about it though was the argument against it was that the investors wouldn't make enough money back. God forbid you don't get your double digit returns in your stock options.

Sure students hold some responsibility to the student loan problem but there is as much shit to go around to the colleges, governments, and private interests that have muddied the water.

But for you, the Apocalypse started when Obama was elected in 08. No need to critically think about anything because Obama dun did it and Obama hates Murica.

Seriously, fuck you.

about 4 months ago

Federal Prosecutors, In a Policy Shift, Cite Warrantless Wiretaps As Evidence

penandpaper Re:Can someone remind me? (321 comments)

While it is true that the original scope of the intelligence community were not to enforce the law, that role is increasingly becoming part of their previously secret budget. Or that budget just increases with the collaboration between the different alphabet soup agencies. A microscopic gap indeed. That gap is non-existent to foreigners especially if you are in certain regions of Pakistan and Yemen under a CIA drone.

about a year ago

Diablo 3 Expansion Announced: Reaper of Souls

penandpaper no (137 comments)


about a year ago

UK Government Destroys Guardian's Snowden Drives

penandpaper Break a HDD? Burn a book. (508 comments)

Good old fashioned book burning internet style. Less flame but just as fun.

about a year ago

Losing the Public Debate On Global Warming

penandpaper Re:CItation Needed (1181 comments)

Here are your citations! says warmer is better then colder. They have lots of facts that seem logical and scientifically sound. Like this bit:

We have determined that CO2 's influence, while significant at low concentrations in the atmosphere, is of minor impact as more and more is added to the atmosphere...

It must be true because that is what I have been saying all along without any research or experimentation. [end sarcasm]

Honestly, what is even more troubling to me is other potential problems that might be caused by co2 like the acidity of the oceans.

Yet, when I talk to a self-identified Conservative that denies global warming and I mention other potential risks of co2 (such as the aforementioned) the response is childish at best. We can agree humans are putting a lot of c02 in the atmosphere at unprecedented rates. Yet, global climate change is outside of our influence.

How many papers have been published and peer reviewed in journals that support the current consensus of the scientific community? Isn't it like 97-98% of all papers submitted in regards to global warming have verifiable data to reach the conclusion that we are indeed impacting the climate in a warming sort of way. How many for the deniers???

I will just leave with this quote from and let your head explode.

CO2 (carbon dioxide) is one of the drivers and while everyone agrees that CO2 does contribute to climate change as a greenhouse gas, the magnitude of CO2 's influence has not been settled within the overall scientific community, the political systems, the media or the population in general.

I like my coal smug cloud.

more than 2 years ago

Bring Back the 40-Hour Work Week

penandpaper Re:Meh (969 comments)

employer started demanding constant unpaid overtime

There is a difference between your employer demanding OT and you feel obligated/want to put in additional OT. Either because you have a vested interest in the project your working on or your the only one putting in the minimum when everyone else (including the founders/owners who are developers) put in OT.

Similar situation as you (4 years experience with undergrad). I love my job and the company/people I work with, however, I feel I do not carry my weight if I do not put in at least 45-50 hours a week. The job market is strong enough to easily relocate. But the OT is a small price to pay for who I work with, where I work, and what I work on.

I only have 4 years in the workforce and in that time I had a few bad places to work that had a direct effect on my health. I can only imagine after 20 years of crappy jobs you finally find one that is what you have been looking for. The only thing, OT is an unwritten rule. I already made the choice to go with OT to at least have the satisfaction and enjoyment of the work I do with the people I work with.

more than 2 years ago

LightSquared Satellite Disabled By Last Week's Solar Storm

penandpaper Re:Maybe the universe is telling them something.. (70 comments)

At least pissing on the coffin doesn't add to the fire/gasoline or dynamite being lit. One less thing to worry about as you fall to your death in a gruesome yet fiery box of death that explodes with the majesty of Halley's Comet. :)

more than 2 years ago

DARPA-Funded 'Cheetah' Breaks Speed Record For Legged Robots

penandpaper Missing head for identification. (96 comments)

First impression; headless robot chicken that dances. At 18mph, the waddling stopped and it looked like a headless goat zombie cyborg from hell. God help us all.

more than 2 years ago

DARPA Researches Avatar Surrogates

penandpaper Re:War as a video game (159 comments)

All of your base are belong to us.... err. i mean there is no cow level.

more than 2 years ago

GamePro Shutting Down After 22 Years

penandpaper In other news... (91 comments)

a new study came out that showed game enthusiasts read their iPad/Smart phone while visiting the throne room instead of a magazine or newspaper. This trend of ditching the traditional throne reading median has been gradual but appears to be all inclusive now.

more than 2 years ago

Could Crowd-Sourced Direct Democracy Work?

penandpaper Re:No, it would not work (594 comments)

Not a clue, and I'm happy to be quiet on such a topic. Unfortunately, many people in the same situation would not, and I dread to think what would happen if we listened to all of them. The number of people who know something about an esoteric subject is usually outnumbered by the number of people willing to interfere in things they know nothing about.

If maybe there were a way to determine your level of expertise on various subjects that either qualify or disqualify you from voting on certain matters. Such that, in regards to interstate grazing rights you would forfeit your vote to the people that have been determined to know precedents, rulings, rights, and other determining factors for such policy. However, say a policy of voting ethics, you would be able to cast your vote with other eligible voters that have passed pre-screening for voting on that matter. There by leaving the decisions to the people that know the ins-n-outs of the issue at hands.

I guess the trick would be to determine qualifications for voting on particular matters. If you had to answer questions about your depth of knowledge on the particular subject it would make the time to vote for A or B much more time consuming than just click-scribble-done. Which may or may not be a bad thing.

more than 2 years ago


penandpaper hasn't submitted any stories.



Democracy in the Digital Age

penandpaper penandpaper writes  |  more than 2 years ago

There is an inherit problem with democracy. Two wolves and a sheep voting on whats for dinner, inevitably leaves the sheep in a continual state of wanting. However the distribution means of information this characteristic of majority rule will be prevalent in any democratic society. Most obviously the cure is the American solution of representative democracy. This leads to other inherit problems. 5 wolves voting on what to eat for 100 sheep. What is the place of Democracy in the Digital/Information Age?

TODO: Points to address.
blogs. social networking. anonymous. information. digital psychology and its impacts on the political landscape. re-evaluation of individual liberty, at least in regards to the refinment and discussion ( how do you know someone's race,gender,orientation in text that does not explicitly state) an advocate of gay marriage may not be gay.

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