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33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater

penguinoid Re:Easy Lesson Here: Don't Piss Off The Judge (396 comments)

The prosecuting and defending attorneys both seemed to agree that Danks' motive for the piracy of Fast and Furious 6 was “Street Cred.”

I know -- let's put him in jail, that'll teach him to not to do illegal things for street cred.

5 hours ago

Illinois University Restricts Access To Social Media, Online Political Content

penguinoid Re:Turn it around: (74 comments)

- Campus Christian Ministry decides to start spamming the entire campus with pro-life messages.
- Young Republicans club start spamming the entire campus with messages calling for the impeachment of Pres. Obama.
- ROTC program starts spamming the entire campus with messages encouraging students to sign up for military service.

Where's your unfettered free speech now?

In my spam folder?

6 hours ago

Google Wants To Test Driverless Cars In a Simulation

penguinoid Re:Adding Politics to Engineering Decisions (131 comments)

Sure, the car can then be push started, but that requires at least one other person

I know a cheap bastard that would only park his car on a hill. Want to know why?

6 hours ago

Google Wants To Test Driverless Cars In a Simulation

penguinoid Reality is limited by probability (+consequences) (131 comments)

In a simulation you can have people do all kinds of crazy shit you wouldn't see in thousands of on-the-road miles. You can simulate malfunctioning equipment that you wouldn't get without years of wear and tear. You can test modifications to the AI without real-world consequences. You can test the human-ai interaction on average drivers without liability problems. I could totally see a simulation being superior to reality for testing purposes.

But you could also have a broken simulation, which could make the whole thing near worthless.

6 hours ago

Researchers Made a Fake Social Network To Infiltrate China's Internet Censors

penguinoid Re:Of course (47 comments)

The abstract linked in the summary doesn't even suggest the paper contains a list of "what" is censored. It's more about "how" its supposed to be censored.

If the censor doesn't censor it, then it's not censored. The keywords tell you what the government wishes to censor, the algorithms tell you what the government does censor. If the two don't match, it means either the government is failing to censor stuff it wishes to censor, or is incidentally censoring stuff it doesn't want to censor.


What's After Big Data?

penguinoid Bigger data (81 comments)

After big data comes bigger data. Why, did you think otherwise?


NSA Agents Leak Tor Bugs To Developers

penguinoid Protecting their investment (111 comments)

Isn't TOR partially funded by the government? And also used by government agents? It would be really awkward if one of the "let's overthow this government that America doesn't like" movements hidden by TOR traced back to government agents.


Researchers Made a Fake Social Network To Infiltrate China's Internet Censors

penguinoid Of course (47 comments)

If you want random strangers to do your censoring for you, expect random strangers to know the details on what you want censored.


UK Police Warn Sharing James Foley Killing Video Is a Crime

penguinoid Re:haven't watched it... (367 comments)

Why would anyone actually want to watch it?

It's almost a duty to spread material that the government wishes to censor. Otherwise the government will start creating more and more thoughtcrimes.


Ask Slashdot: What Do You Wish You'd Known Starting Out As a Programmer?

penguinoid It's possible to care less (530 comments)

It's "could NOT care less", you stupid, American cretin...

It's technically correct because they could, in fact, care less. If they couldn't care less, then they wouldn't be posting about it now would they? (Though I do think the proper "could HARDLY care less" is both more accurate and more descriptive)

2 days ago

Calif. Court Rules Businesses Must Reimburse Cell Phone Bills

penguinoid Business attire (159 comments)

Next, they can rule that companies must pay some or all of the costs of satisfying their dress codes. Hopefully that is done in such a way as to discourage forcing people to wear a suit and tie.

2 days ago

Smartphone Kill Switch, Consumer Boon Or Way For Government To Brick Your Phone?

penguinoid Re:Why such paranoia ? (297 comments)

Your sarcasm aside, turn the idea around and convince me there is any situation short of an emergency where the big evil government would use this power even if they had it?

They don't even need to ever brick a phone. The knowledge that the government could, should they choose to, brick your or even everyone's phones would have a chilling effect. And that's assuming that the government requested backdoor only bricks your phone, as opposed to also having the capability to track your GPS and activate your microphone and camera. And if that's not the current step it's the next step.

2 days ago

Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

penguinoid Re:I love games, but ... (690 comments)

You seem just like me. I've mostly been playing browser based games for the novelty. And I absolutely loathe the morons who make a good 2D game into a terrible 3D game. I wouldn't complain if they didn't sacrifice functionality... but they usually do.

2 days ago

Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

penguinoid Would be awesome (690 comments)

Would also require that people be able to run most of the apps they want in Linux. Note that though this has long been a problem, the increase in web-based apps is slowly eroding the relevance of any specific OS. Even for games, though the quality of web-based games will always be inferior. And (nearly) everyone likes to play games.

2 days ago

Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead

penguinoid Re:How Many Birds (507 comments)

If you were to replace it megawatt for megawatt with another power source, I suspect you'll find that it's a negative number. (not all bird deaths are obvious, you also have to count pollution and habitat destruction).

2 days ago

Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead

penguinoid Re:god dammit. (507 comments)

So, you got a "birdie"?

2 days ago

Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead

penguinoid Business opportunity (507 comments)

Open a new Kentucky Fried Bird! Offers only the finest organic, free-range birds, with no added hormones or antibiotics and fed only their natural diet. Guaranteed to be extra-crispy!

3 days ago

Comcast Training Materials Leaked

penguinoid Discount please! (246 comments)

It would be news for nerds if someone would be kind enough to summarize what to say to get special discounts for internet service.

3 days ago

Google's Driverless Cars Capable of Exceeding Speed Limit

penguinoid Re:Complete, total, and utter (473 comments)

Obstructing traffic. If you're going too slow (even if it is the speed limit), then you could be obstructing traffic. This will be true all the time when there aren't extra lanes, and also if you are very slowly passing someone else who is going just below the legal speed limit.

If you don't believe me, try going the legal speed limit in places like bridges and tunnels where people aren't allowed to switch lanes, or passing someone who is going 0.001 mph below the speed limit.

3 days ago


penguinoid hasn't submitted any stories.



10 evolutionary commandments

penguinoid penguinoid writes  |  more than 8 years ago

So, what are the 10 commandments as evolution would have them?
1) I am the gene your God, who brought you out of the land of non-existance
2) Thou shalt have no other gods besides me.
3) Thou shalt not swear falsely in my name. (root word for testify is testicle)
4) Remember that your genes run in many things, to keep them alive.
5) Honour thy father and thy mother (for they share half your genes) that thy days may be long upon the land which the gene thy God giveth thee.
6) Thou shalt not use birth control
7) Thou shalt not commit adultery, unless you can get away with it.
8) Thou shalt not steal, unless you can get away with it.
9) Thou shalt not not bear false witness, unless you are bribed or it is advantageous to do so
10) Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours stuff. See rules 7 and 8.

Anyone care to improve on this?


Funny/Overrated murders karma

penguinoid penguinoid writes  |  more than 9 years ago

So I posted a joke to a story about estimating. Now it wasn't a particularly good joke, but evidentially quite a few people thought it was very funny, others didn't. Results:

* +11, Funny
* + 1, Insightful
* - 9, Overrated

* Karma:Exellent --> Karma:Good
* "Your IP has been temporarily blacklisted due to bad posting"

Now I have heard that +1, Funny and -1, Overrated will change karma by different amounts (specifically, funny will only add a little while overrated will take off a lot). If that is so, I really think that it should be changed in the following manner: Overrated should take off just as many points as the current positive attribute the post has. If the post is at or below the karma level it was posted at, remove a different amount of karma


The scientific view of religion

penguinoid penguinoid writes  |  more than 9 years ago

It seems my sig,
The scientific view of religion is not atheism. The scientific view is agnosticism and simplicity.
seems to have generated quite a bit of commentary. So I will explain, and feel free to post your views.

I regard atheism as the religious, totally unfounded belief that the set of all gods is { } (the empty set). This is not to be confused with agnosticism with leanings toward atheism, which starts with no preconceptions but tends to believe in atheism because of some rational reason. This might be based on science (especially Occam's Razor), or on the belief that several million scientists are probably right (which is not such a bad argument).

Likewise, I regard the term agnosticism to mean simply "no preconceptions as to the set of gods" and thus not a religion. I wouldn't require an agnostic to justify his views, because there aren't any to justify. (As opposed to the stronger version of agnosticism, who believe that the question of whether there is a god or not can never be answered, who could be asked to justify that belief.)

And yes, I pulled these definitions out of my ass.
And yes, I would have written my sig clearer if it did not have a 120 char limit.

And finally, I will mention that I am annoyed by people who think atheism does not count as religion and is therefore an acceptable point of view for schools/government without any further justification. Don't say atheism is not a religion. Call it a religion, or if you prefer, anti-religion. It is not neutral. It has its set of gods.

As for my own views, I am a confused person who grew up with a Bible in one hand, and an encyclopedia in the other. I see the Bible as a valuable guide on how to be a good person and as a history book (not necessarily completely accurate, but you can verify lots of the important events). Likewise, I try to figure out how the world works through the scientific method. However, I find the moral advice given by the theory of evolution to be disturbing.


Broken surge protector

penguinoid penguinoid writes  |  about 10 years ago

I left my computer rurring during a thunderstorm recently, and I think that my surge protector got blasted. Now, the surge protector shuts off randomly (about once a day). Is it normal for broken surge protectors to do that? Is it bad for the computer/OS to be shut off like that frequently (I have EXT3 and Debian 2.4.18)? Or should I just get off my arse and buy myself a new surge protector? Thanks!


Karma == Excellent

penguinoid penguinoid writes  |  more than 10 years ago

I have achieved Excellent karma, on my 139th post. One of my posts was modded up +5, down to +3, now up to +4, changing my karma down to good and back to excellent.

PS: It's my first time using Slashdot. Also, I have not posted AC since I signed up.

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