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New SARS-Like Virus Infects Both Human and Animal Cells

peoples_champion Just in time for 12/21/12 (62 comments)

The world ending is near....

about 2 years ago

Judge Suggests Apple Is "Smoking Crack" With Witness List In Samsung Case

peoples_champion In other news.... (318 comments)

Apple has just put a patent on the term "smoking crack", people who use the term, and/or engage in the activity could now be charge with copyright infringement. This may prove to be the most serious blow to the crack consumers, and the illegal drugs industry at large........

more than 2 years ago

Schneier Calls US Stuxnet Cyberattack a 'Destabilizing and Dangerous' Action

peoples_champion It's certainly cheaper (351 comments)

It's definitely cheaper than say hmm.... invading Iran, kudos mr president, saving some gd ole benjamins in a time of financial downturn.

more than 2 years ago


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